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  1. People, don't try to argue with the developers, AIM-120 and western things = OK buff, all russian things nerf! :D
  2. This thing maybe will be finished by 2025, mark my words!
  3. wake me up when 2025 ends
  4. Is incredible that the Pucara started long after the MIG-23 and now is in a more advance stage than the Russian MIG Reminds me a spanish refrain, "quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta" (do not bite off more than you can chew)
  5. MIG-23 release 2023, MIG-25 in 2025, I cant even think in the MIG-31 or 57 ufff!
  6. Amazing interview with the Czech pilot! thanks for the video!
  7. Yeah is slow, looks like Star Citizen will be finished first!
  8. Это версия МИГ-23МЛА, да, это перехватчик, неизвестно, когда он будет завершен, пока мы видели только часть внешней модели, а не кабину пилота.
  9. Находится в очереди работы RAZBAM, не знаю, в какой позиции
  10. Looks like the video thread guys dont like the discussion about MIG-23, I dont know what kind of fans they are.
  11. That's wrong, Cuba always had the same MIG-23 version of the former East Germany (several MIG-23 in Angola were brought from the USSR directly to Angola, other came from Cuba), even the MIG-29A in Cuba, is not the export version of Iraq and Serbia.
  12. The radar was really bad in the MIG-23, I remember when the pilots in Cuba who fought in Angola, told me that they never saw a sh** in the radar, that sometimes the target appeared and dissapeared inmediately, before they can lock or launch a R-23.
  13. It seems that the mig 23 has been left further behind in the row of projects, please someone wake me up when there is a pic of the finished cockpit.
  14. =LoneWolf= RuSh - JF-17 Blue team
  15. Sorry guys, I have to cancel due personal problems, one red MIG-29A is now available See u in the next match! RuSh
  16. I wonder how many people have ever read an ED manual, I mean, compared to the people who fly a DCS module. In my years flying simulators, the average of those I know come to ask first how to do this or that, or to watch videos on YouTube, than to read a manual. Many here have given extreme importance to this, in a digital world in which documentation can be done in a thousand ways, and not necessarily written. :book:
  17. Hi guys, I changed my original post to Blue Cmdr to balance the tournament RuSh
  18. Thanks to the 104th and the organizers, in particular Tiger for the event! Was awesome.
  19. Terrific! waiting for the release!
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