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  1. I haven't been able to put much time towards this project lately - been studying for my checkride! There are a couple of slight adjustments that I want to make to the models and from there, I gotta figure out how to get LockOn to switch between LODs. Thanks for the encouragement and wish me luck!
  2. *sets Transponder to 7500* -just kidding ;) It looks very good! Keep us informed :thumbup: Anyways, thanks to Alfa - I have some screenshots for you guys to check out. Right now I am working on getting all 3 LODs to work in LockOn. I won't be releasing the model until that time because I don't want to release an incomplete project. Anyways, here are the screens:
  3. Hi Guys! I never received any official "yes or no" after submitting the model. What I was told was that the model looked very good and would be passed on to ED's 3D artists (to add the finishing touches, I would presume). As for the lack of final renders in this thread, well that is because technically the model submitted couldn't be the end product due to the way models are animated in LockOn (in this case, the retarding fins opening up). However, with some copying/cloning and reworking of the fins pivot points, this model could be very feasable. Like I said, no official word has been returned to me as a definite "yes or no" so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will see it sometime soon!
  4. Small update: Hey guys, sorry I've been MIA for a bit. At the moment, I am working out a couple of small details on the skin that ED requested be adjusted. As for polys on the LODs, so far there have been no complaints although the dialogue has been minimal - I am guessing they are very busy with BS. No official word yet on whether or not the model will be accepted.
  5. Thanks! ;) Here are 3 wireframe views - the 3rd render helps to show off the difference quite well. As you can see, there are more sections in the LOD-1 model and it also has more sides (32 if I remember correctly). The LOD-2 model has less sections and fewer sides (16 I think it is), hence a blockier look.
  6. Thanks! Update: I have finished cutting away some polys from the LOD-1 model and I have finished making the LOD-2 model. Here are a couple of side-by-side renders to show the difference between the models: LOD-1 is 1155 polys. LOD-2 is 614 polys. The texture is 512x512. :thumbup:
  7. Thanks! Double thanks! Probably not too bad - but I would need a side profile of the tank (from a scale drawing). Also, I'd have to make a new texture/skin for it. I'll look into it after finishing this model. Finally, I would need measurements to scale the model to its appropriate dimensions. Gotta luv the A-10!!! :joystick: Unfortunantly no. To the best of my knowledge, ED has not and is not planning on releasing the MAX->LOD converter that would be required for the model to be incorporated into the game. Thanks!
  8. OK - finished the texture! Here is a render of what it might look like. All that is left is to make the LOD-2 model and then send it to ED for consideration. :thumbup:
  9. Added some more markings to the texture - still working on it! Alfa, I will post that "how-to" as soon as I have some more time.
  10. You almost gave me a heart attack. I went back to check the exact count and it was around 3600!!! I knew something was not correct, checked it again... the model had been converted to an editable mesh when I UVW mapped it. I converted it back to editable poly - what it originally was - and it is a total of 1283 right now (huge difference!). Also, I found a couple of places where I can cut out some polys that were extra - which will decrease that number by about 150. So I estimate the final LOD-1 to be at 1150 or so. So in other words, yes it will have LODs, but right now I have only made LOD-1 and have to get everything correct on it before making LOD-2 (which will be pretty easy). One thing is for sure, it will look great on the F-15 if ED accepts it! Sure! I will make another post later tonight in the 3D models section. I would post it here but it is too many steps and details for this thread. How's your 3D modeling going? If you need any help or have any questions you can also PM me anytime! :thumbup: Thanks for your support!
  11. How'd I get volun-told for that? jk. In all honesty, I have some skinning projects that I'd like to finish after I finish the F-15 fuel tank - including one that I think will be very substantial for the Lomac environment! So that's pretty much a no-go for the MiG-29, sorry :( . I started on the skin - got all of the panel lines and about 80% of the markings in place (everything else you see is temporary). The rivets on the back will get a little more attention too. Here's a render:
  12. Thanks! Next week is Finals, so atleast it will be over soon!
  13. Thanks! I haven't heard from ED yet. Like I said, they know about the project and are most likely waiting until I submit the final model to them in order to make a decision. I don't have a final poly count yet, but it's around 1500 for the LOD-1 model - so that shouldn't be too resource hungry. I'll be making an LOD-2 model as well, which will be pretty easy to do compared to the LOD-1.
  14. here's a quick update. i've been extremely busy working 2 jobs and taking summer classes... so not a lot of progress, but it's almost done! here is a render of the UVW map applied to the fuel tank. i am working on the skin now. :thumbup:
  15. Update! -modified tank shape -added fuel hoses -scaled and placed suspension lugs perspective and left viewports: to do list: -cut out fuel cap shapes and indent them inwards -make and place textures -submit model to ED :thumbup:
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