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  1. Bin absolut begeistert von der Qualität des Cockpit und Flugmodells
  2. I am much impressed of the quality of the cockpit [emoji1303]
  3. Till now they showed their new stuff on facebook only. If you can‘t see it, send me a PM and will send you a screenshot
  4. As far as we can see from the screenshot, I would say yes, the UFC has working displays.
  5. Here the link for the mini cockpit: https://www.facebook.com/313229709386612/posts/974760526566857/
  6. Und der nächste Paukenschlag von Winwing. Dieses Teil werde ich mir sowas von zulegen, darauf warte ich seit vielen Jahren: [emoji16][emoji2956][emoji3060] https://www.facebook.com/313229709386612/posts/974760526566857/
  7. Hi all Seems there will soon be a new Hornet UFC around the corner. Stay tuned and more products will follow during 2022: https://www.facebook.com/313229709386612/posts/972128623496714/
  8. Für diejenige, die es noch nicht gesehen haben: Es gibt bald ein UFC der F/A-18 von Winwing und es werden noch weitere Produkte veröffentlicht im Verlaufe des Jahres [emoji16][emoji2956][emoji1303]: https://www.facebook.com/313229709386612/posts/972128623496714/?d=n
  9. Weasel


    Nicht nur für Top Gun Fans eine interessante Lektüre https://shop.motorpresse.de/zeitschriften/luftfahrt/flugrevue/sonderhefte/print/flug-revue-inside-1-2022.html?force_sid=djuneaqrcp6cbfhq814uq2qvdn https://shop.keypublishing.com/products/top-gun?_pos=1&_sid=9853c70b2&_ss=r
  10. New animation at night looks awesome [emoji2956][emoji1303] https://imgur.com/W017Hwx
  11. From today Newsletter: An important and challenging feature of DCS: Supercarrier has been the development of night operations. Over the past year, we have been working on several aspects that will soon be released to Open Beta. These include new deck crew animations that utilize the new skeletal animation system, new animations that are specific to night operations and the inclusion of light wands. This will make deck operations at night much easier and more realistic.For the aircraft, deck crew and objects on the “roof” at night, we have improved lighting and shadows based on the deck and tower lights. We continue working on this feature to enhance performance and frame rates. Please note that deck shadows will be an option that you will need to switch on in the graphic options.On final approach, you’ll now need to contend with the “burble” effect. This disturbed air flow coming off the back of the carrier results in a brief partial loss of lift as you close in. This can make things much more of a challenge if you are in-prepared. We continue to tweak this effect and you can expect the first iteration shortly.
  12. Die F/A-18 Roadmap wurde heute auf den neuesten Stand gebracht:
  13. Thank you mate, thought there was a new roadmap [emoji6]
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