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  1. Thanks. Tried without success. Colleague in work took my headset home. Headset works fine with his cable but not mine and vice versa, so have proved that the 6 month old v2 cable is faulty. Absolutely not caused by me, so it has just failed. Service call was escalted to highest level but they have refused to help in ayway so I have to purchase a new cable. Oh well, it's only money I suppose.
  2. Thanks both. Think someone in my work also has a G2, so will try and borrow their cable first.
  3. Headset = 3 months out of warranty. The v2 cable they shipped me in September only comes with a 90 day warranty, so HP are offering me NO support and wont replace the cable. Wouldnt have minded so much if the headset had had a hard life and been treated rough. Only use in sat down position a couple of times a week at most playing only DCS. Pretty cross right now!
  4. Thanks for the advice. I will call them tomorrow.
  5. Thanks again. I have found the emails and it was September 2021, so provided the cable does carry a warranty they will hopefully send me another. The v1 cable did work OK, but occassionally I had to pull the power and reset for the headset to be detected. The v2 is better because of the power button. After a couple of weeks of me having the v2 cable HP were emailing me every couple of days to send the v1 back. They were insistent to the point that I thought they would persue some form of legal action if I didnt.
  6. Thanks and yes, but I appreciate the thought. Thanks edmuss. I am in Bristol so not too close. I also think it is the cable. The new USB 3 PCI card arrived today but hasnt helped at all. When I purchased the G2 in January 2021 it came with the v1 cable. I have had the cable upgraded to the v2 by HP in the meantime. Unfortunately they were VERY insistent I send the original cable back (or they would charge me) so I dont have the original to test against. I will contact HP tomorrow and hope that the v2 cable is warrantied for 12 months and that they will send me another. Failing that bye bye DCS for a number of months (insert sad face here).
  7. Thanks again. I have pulled that cable and reseated it. Did try on my 3 year old Dell Precision 7510 as it has a mini display port and also USB 3, however after plugging the headset in and running the initial WMR setup it failed stating the laptop doesnt support USB3. Not sure why as this is incorrect and the USB3 port works fine (it has standard USB socket and also USB C. Tried both without uccess), but my guess is that the cable is somehow broken and not getting enough power from USB on either computer.
  8. Thanks SOH. Tried that and every other combination, but no joy.
  9. As per the title. My HP Reverb G2 worked one day and not the next. All I get is Windows mixed reality attempting to start and then a message on screen that states: CHECK YOUR USB CABLE. MAKE SURE THE USB CABLE IS PLUGGED IN TO THE SUPERSPEED USB3.0 PORT. ERROR CODE: 4-1. Absolutley gutted because my whole PC/HOTAS is dedicated to DCS and without the headset I cant really use it (I gave my track-ir away). The Reverb G2 is approx 15 months old and during this time I had the cable replaced with the V2. I am running WIndows 10. Am not aware of any software updates that would have occured to cause this. I have numerous different USB 3 ports and I have tried all of them as well as re-installing the lasest drivers, rescan for hardware changes in device manager etc. The device is visible in device manager as hollow lens sensor. I have unplugged power supplies, re-seated the cable in the headset, prayed etc but nothing has worked. The USB 3.0 ports appear to work fine with USB drives etc. I have taken the PC apart and reseated power supply cables and the cables to the MOBO. I have treated this headset like it's made of glass, and have annoyed the family by not even letting my teenage sons use it for VR. I also ensure that the cable is never trapped/bent and is well looked after. The only thing I have done recently is swapped to openxr and removed steamvr and windows mixed reality for steamvr (or whatever it's called). Fairly sure I have used the headset since then, and dont really see why this would cause a problem anyway. I have ordered a USB 3 PCI card to try just in case., but whilst waiting for delivery if you have any other suggestions they would be very gratefully received. If the headset/cable is faulty I beieve the UK warranty is only 12 months. Cany anyone confirm? Once upon a time people used to state that in the UK you got 24 months regarless even though manufacturers would state only 12. Any comments to confirm or deny as I may contact HP? Dont exactly have a spare £600 for a new headset, and even if I did after this experience not sure I would buy another G2 if this one is faulty. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks SOH. Just for the benefit of clarity can I confirm the shaders you are recommending are these: and NOT these: Sorry for all the questions and thanks once again.
  11. Thx. I will try that now over the Simplex mod. DO you have any issues with fpsVR at the moment? I am running STEAMVR v1.19.7 and fpsVR 1.21. My graphics can be buttery smooth, but when I turn on fps VR in game it turns in to a stutter fest, the GPU time turns purple and the CPU red. Turn it off and it;s fine.
  12. Thanks Topo and SOH. The thing I have been struggling the most when setting this up is the SteamVR settings. I will experiment some more tonight. SOH - which modified shaders are you currently using for performance? Passing Integrity check isnt an issue as I dont play online. Thanks
  13. Thanks SOH. So best practice is set resolution per eye at 100%, then adjust CRM accordingly to get acceptable frame times?
  14. Just replaced my 1080TI with an 3080TI. Seems to have made a massive difference, allowing me now to turn up the DCS settings to allow for a lot more detail. Previously with the 1080 I had to set everything to low to get any kind of stutter free gameplay. Would appreciate a sanity check on my SteamVR settings if possible, just to see if I have not configured something as well as I could. And if there are any suggestions for being able to push things further. The system exists only to play DCS. No other appliacations installed. Been through Speed of Heats excellent setup guide and have tuned Windows accordingly. Intel i7 8700K @ 5Ghz Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 Motherboard 32GB 3200Mhz RAM Nvidia 3080TI FE Windows 10 20H2 on Samsung 850 EVO plus SSD DCS on 500GB Samsung 970 M2. NVME Page file set to 32698 on C with no page file on the DCS drive. Is this correct? HP Reverb G2 headset I run OpenBeta and only play in single player (not brave enough to go online!). I am a little confused as to which Mods (shaders etc.) I can still use with the latest OpenBeta. The only 2 I have at the moment are the Simplex shaders and ReshadeVR. Using FPSVR I am mostly in the Orange. I have set SteamVR up as follows but despite reading SOH's thread at least 20 times, I am still a little confused as to how best set the resolution. I dont know if the Resolution per eye setting is supposed to be higher than I currently have it set (60% 2444 x 2388) or if the CRM should be changed. Which is more important to image clarity, or do they both effect in different ways? And is it better to have higher settings on STeamVR and maybe lower MSAA, or dial it down in Steam and up in DCS. DCS PD is set to 1.0. Any recommendations greatfully received.
  15. Although i've only watched it once, I thought Wags video stated that this would happen when initialised and then they would throttle up and settle to how they should be? I havent tried it myself yet though.
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