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  1. Hello Boys, Reservoirs Elite Still up ;) http://www.reservoirselite.com/ sse you asap
  2. :pilotfly: Im was just floating around when i realise, i miss you guys . made a jump here and found back some old friends ;) Those FC2 killed myself as simpilot. No Hl anymore, that was a stop for me! anyway, did you find any lobby to share again together again ? wish you the best , and who knoes may we will fly again together ;) Cheers n never forget ... PaP is smelling your Ass6 :doh:
  3. after few tweak, changing lod , range etc ... it didnt improve a lot my fps, OK , mission wasnt so heavy , i just went from 15 to 30-80 when i decide to lower water and shadow (active planar) on basic gfx option!!!
  4. -bunker shadow dont fit well the bunker door, and effect is wrong btw, it is not because you are on darkness you ll see exterior landscape dark ;) -score in multi are wrong , dont count or count twice if you put two missle on opponent. -audio option will be helpfull to set volume -esc dont work to exit chat it is only lill things after 1-2 session , game is runing well, i just have got low fps , i have to set gfx at medium to run it smoothly !!
  5. nice AS ... i changed some but still at 1 fps erk.... still working on it
  6. i ve got a creative XiFi sound blaster XtremMusic , it simply rocks :) Hannibal is right about XP n Vista, i order back my XPS720 with XP after few week testing it under vista
  7. should be visual of his trail....... cloud or smoke lol
  8. i ve got hudge improve with my SLI on , but i still have got cloud flash problem. so i m flying SLI off . btw ntune soft manage badly the af AND aa, i have to set it correctly in general, coz it does not work properly when i put my setting in profile page lol XPS 720, XP 32b, q6600,mobo nF680Sli, 1To,4GB ddr2 800mhz, SLI 2x8800 GTX 169.21, creative Xfi xtreM Music
  9. Forgetted to show ya the moving LAN PIT ;) and the not moving one :] XPS 720, XP 32b, q6600,mobo nF680Sli, 1To,4GB ddr2 800mhz, SLI 2x8800 GTX 169.21, creative Xfi xtreM Music,Razer Lachesis
  10. im IN too ;) and a =RvE= 2 elements will pop up soon ;)
  11. it is back. btw i ve got one trouble with a files inside.... antivirus poped up and gave a virus alert frim f 15 walmis addon... dunno if it is real virus or not coz first time it happend i ignore warnng then , 1 hour lata my pc die i had to reformat all ..... dunno realy if it is because of this or not, but watch out anyway cheers
  12. fixed , the patch 1.12 xwas not installed properly i did it agian it work now NP ty
  13. Hello guys i need yer help. I reinstall my system and routeur, i ve got the same setting then before and my lock dont let me connect anymore and i can not host. FW ok port open, i m lost, any idea, before i reinstal the game
  14. I ve got a 2 x 8800gtx SLI. But you have to know SLI dont work in lock on. WIth one card my Lock on fly NP,you just u have to know some little bug with the 8's serie,but i dont know if it is the same fo the gts card. shadow >>> all planar coz at full it provide some artefacts around the plane. cheers
  15. les chevaliers du ciel. for me the best one, because full 80 % shot from the air (top gun was at 80% from ground) http://www.actualite-de-stars.com/video/clovis-cornillac/yakk75UxyTLcHD1VE.html speed and angel documentary http://www.speedandangels.com/ and red flag http://www.fighterpilotfilm.com/
  16. my sound is ****ed up with vista, we solve it in installing ALCHEMY sound blaster softawre, who run any apllication with 3d and nice soundeffect, so it basicly override vista BUT and i ve got tearing pROblem too, but may be it is only 8800gtx trouble with lock on http://www.nhancer.com/?dat=d_enhancements#VSync
  17. vista bug solution >>>> XP. rah ill hzave to install it back
  18. i was under Xp all was GOOD but i changed my system to much more performance one, priblem is it come with this vista stuff :(
  19. i just have got a new system with a 8800gtx + physix but even when i force vertical sync i still have got breaking canopy frame, i fixed it before with this option on my x850Pro, wont work with this new card ???? any ideas guys
  20. i did disable uac yep. it seem it stuck when i move my mouse during the close lol, i know how to dodge it now rofl lol at vista
  21. still have got some bug, for example when i left game sometime game dont close properly, and i have to ctrl alt supr to say Lock on shut up, any clue, ty by advance.
  22. ok i found how to reinstall lock on NP, i just deleted the key in registry, but my SOUND PROBLEM still up ....bee still flying i ve got a Live box so it is an external routeur, i ve got a great sound card but lock on still can not follow and vis versa ....
  23. i just have got a new pc , and when i run lock on now i ve got a sound like a bee flying around and this even in menu screen !!! vista 32 with and SB Xfi Xtrem . anyone fixed it ??? ty by advance ho btw i try so much i delete manually FC, now after installing lock on1.00 when i put FC cd on reader it say star or uninstall but you can click everywhere, nothing happend :(((( any help , may i have to delete some key on registry
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