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  1. no, i dont think im going to buy a game that i will be able to play in 2 weeks anyways, but thanks for the help. oh and just for the recond in case anyone tries this in the future, i tried using my lock on 1.0 cd and that didnt work, so it has to be the FC cd.
  2. hi, sry if this is a double post but i was unable to find anything of use with with search. anyway i just got back home from university for the break and decided to pull out the old joystick and play some lomac. problem is that i left my lock on cd in my residence so of course starforce wont let me play. is there anyway to get around this? i have FC if that makes any difference, thanks in advance.
  3. Im enlisted in the 75th squad within the 9th airforce and I can vouch that we've got a great group of guys. For a starting sqaud we're quite active and it can only get better from here. If anyone is looking to better their skills in the F15, we have a great training program run by shots who is very well versed in the eagle. So drop by our site and check it out. S!
  4. Ya i saw that link, thanks for posting that because it will help people with LOPE loadouts. Personally when i see someone with a ridiculous loadout i get mad, but what can i do about it? nothing. so the best way to deal with this is just to make your own loadouts as realistic as possible so that you have a fun time playing. The honor system, although far from perfect, is our best and only means of controlling these loadouts and i think that after 3-4 years its still working fairly good. If i were to see someone with an extra rockeye, mk82, mk84, or maverick i couldnt care less, as long as extra weapons are used in moderation i think its perfectly fine. On the other hand, i think that adding extra weapons to an SU27, SU33, MIG29 or F15 that add a huge tactical advantage is wrong and if someone is going to do this they should use it in single player only. This whole thing basically started becasue after installing the 1.12a fps tweak i started using 2 extra mavericks than i normally would have. meaning my loadout was: 1. jammer pod 2. 2xrockeye 3. 3xMaverick K 4. 1xMaverick D 5. 1xrockeye or 1xmk84 *mirrored with AIM9* since i have recently found that the 3xMavericks are not possible in real life as well as the mavericks on pylons 4 and 8, i dont use them anymore, but how much of an issue is having 2 extra rockeyes? Im pretty sure that a great majority of people wouldnt see a problem with this at all since 2 extra cluster bombs doesnt give you much of a tactical advantage. the only difference in this loadout from my previous one was that i would only carry 1 rockeye on pylons 2 and 10 instead of 2. If you saw this loadout on a HL server (disregarding the mavericks although as far as i know the 3xMavericks are still widely used in HL) would you call it an illigal loadout and record the pilots name to inform server admins? or would you be ok with it and go about moving mud like you were before? another quick question, Is it possible to have server enforced loadouts?
  5. Recently we have been having a couple problems within our squad that are about certain loadouts in lockon. Now i haven’t been playing on hyperlobby too much lately so im noobed as far as what the community is currently accepting in the HL servers as “legit”. Basically if you download the 1.12a FPS tweak you'll find that you can add a couple new weapons in your loadout. Specifically you can add 2 rockeye with an MER in the 2nd outermost pylons on each wing. Now i don’t know what an A-10 can hold in real life, but is this realistic. if its not realistic, would it be considered cheating to use this loadout in a HL server? I know that people use BL775 and CBU97s in HL and these aren’t stock with lomac but they are accepted in the community. On the other hand, i cant stand it when i see someone who has used LOPE to put 12+ Maverick D's on their loadout but where does the "realism" end? There is a new loadout mod (as you all have probably seen) that is considered to be more realistic. im currently using this mod but the problem is that there is a potential to add something like 12 rockeye in a single loadout. If this is realistic then cool, but if not is it considered cheating to use it in HL? I think (unless there already is) we should have some kind of sticky thread, which clearly states the allowed mods/loadouts allowed in hyperlobby servers to keep peoples’ games consistent. Not everyone who plays on Hyperlobby will visit these forums regularly but if we can keep as many people the same as possible, then i think it would improve the realism in this already great sim.
  6. i agree with you man. get rid of starforce. It sucks and im really sorry to hear about your computer. I have never had this prob myself but i would most likely have a shit fit if ALL my info on my hard drive was lost (not to mention that my dad would prolly kill me). But yes, if any devs are reading this, i would like to ask you not to put starforce on blackshark due to the fact that it can really mess up some peoples comps even when they bought the game. I would rather call into Russia (or where ever ED is located) and verify my purchase by phone if need be. maybe if enough people post this same request, ED will consider a change. Thanks.
  7. Hi, another hardware question. on www.anandtech.com a bunch of mobos are tested to see which ones work with conroe. of the ones tested only one is SLI compatable. its the ASUS P5N32-SLI SE shown here http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2797&p=6. My prob is that the link they provide to www.tigerdirect.com to buy that specific mobo isnt for the "SE" version of the mobo, its for the "Deluxe" version. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1785945&CatId=0. Now is there a diff between these two models and if there is, will the "Deluxe" version be able to support conroe? thanks in advance.
  8. Just a quick question for all you computer geniuses. If i were to spend $350.00CDN on a WD Raptor 150gig 10,000RPM hard drive, would I get a better bang for my buck than if i were to buy 2x160gig (320gig total) 7,200RPM hard drives at a cheaper price, about $115.00CDN each and put them in RADI0? I mean does RAID0 mean that they will effectively work as a single hard with 14,400RPM? Also ive been reading about people putting hard drives in RAID1 (which I beleive to be mirroring) and they do this becasue people say that if a hard drive fails in RAID0 then your screwed. Whats the chance that one of my hard drives will fail? is there the same chance and a single hard drive will fail becasue i have never had this problem in my life. Also, is it hard to set up RAID0 or is it just plugging wires into the drive and the computer knows what to do? I will make sure i get a RAID compatable mobo but is there anythign else i need? And last of all, is there a certain brand that i should stay away from when looking at hard drives? ive really only looked at WD, seagate and maxor and they seem fine as far as customer reviews go but im not sure. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. I cant beleive not many people like this one...THE HOG. I just love flying in low and hunting out the targets on the ground. Nothing beats a nice rocket strafe run or a perfectly placed mk84. As far as A2A i like the Mig29S, i like the fact that you can turn that thing so hard at low speeds. Only prob is the small payload but you just have to make sure you get the enemy in one shot!
  10. Theres a couple problems that you'll want to fix... 1. I would suggest using Hyperlobby as its a much more reliable way to host and join games (personally ive had many problems with the ubi site) http://hyperfighter.sk/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=5 2. You'll want to make sure that people who are joining your game have the same version. Many people will have flaming cliffs and are using the version 1.12a and they will not be able to connect to your game server. 3. Becasue your behind a router, you probably wont be able to host any games. To do so you're going to have to open the ports in your router (which i dont know how to do but try googling it) and then people will be able to connect. Hope this helps EDIT: Sorry, i forgot to write that the ip you'll wanna to use for direct connecting is your modems IP and not your routers IP. the only way i know to find this is click start, the run, the type in "cmd", a window will pop up and in the window type "ipconfig" wait a second and your get a bunch of ip numebrs. the one you want to use will be near the bottom and is labeled "IP Address" it should also be the same IP as the number labeled "Default Gateway". So if youre creating a game in lockon rather than on hyperlobby or ubi, make your IP address "all interfaces" and leave your port at 10308 (or whatever it is by default). Also, just a hint, make your server connection speed at 128/128 and make sure peple who connect have they're speed set at 128/128 as well, this tends to make a server more stable (in my experience anyways). Now when the people connecting to the server put in the IP make sure they use the one that i just told you how to get. If your router has its ports opne then this will work fine.
  11. ok, ive been looking everywhere and i cant find a solid release date on this chip. Some sites are saying July 2006 but does anyone know an exact date? Im banking that it'll be out this month becasue thats when im ordering all my computer parts :unsure:
  12. Thanks for the quick replies. I was just looking at other PSUs and the enermax ones seem to be more expensive than most. Obviously this is becasue of quality and name but would i be able to cut down price a little bit by getting a 535WATT PSU instead of 600? This is the first computer ive built so im not sure about how much power different components wll suck up and whatnot. Also, i was toying around with the idea of putting 2 74gig raptors in RAID0 but the problem is that i dunno if RAID0 need a special mobo, what kind of conenctors it uses, if it needs a controller, other software and all the other stuff. If anyone knows what need to be done to put the RAID0 in i would appritiate it becasue if it isnt too much of hassle for me then i may consider putting the RAID0 in (btw it is the RIAD0 i want becasue thats the one which effectively doubles your harddrive speed by slpitting the files and putting half on one HD and half on the other). Thanks.
  13. I haven't been on these forums for awhile but i know that you guys are trustworthy so i would just like some advice on a new computer that im building for university. I want to keep the price at around $3000.00CDN ($2700.00USD) just for the record. Heres what i have so far: Case: Thermaltake Tsunami PSU: Untra X-Finity 600-watt Moniter: Samsung 19" LCD 8ms 1280x1024 CPU: Intel Conroe E6700 Motherboard: no clue becasue i havent seen too many models for the conroe yet GFX Card: BFG Nvidia 7900GTX OC Sound Card: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy SE RAM: OCZ Duel Channel Gold DDR2 PC-5400 (2x1024mb) Hard Drive: Western Digital Raptor 150GB @ 10,000RPM Optical Drive 1: LiteOn 16x Dual Layer DVD+/- RW Optical Drive 2: LiteOn 52x CD-ROM Floppy Drive: Panasonic 3.5 Floppy Drive Speakers: Logitech X230 2.1 32Watt Mouse: Logitech G5 Corded Keyboard: Logitech BX1 OS: Windows 64bit (please let me know if there are any known issues with this OS please) If i forgot anything please tell me (minus the printer casue im just gonna take mine from home) and if you have any suggestions please let me know. Also if anyone can contrast nVidia and ATI cards that would be great becasue im not sure what to look for exactly but my friend told me the the 7900 is a good card. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks alot guys, i think i will go with the 3200 because im not sure im goin to have alot of time while in university to be tweaking with my comp (aside from parties and or course...homework;))
  15. Ive recently been looking at RAM, and im wondering what the differences are between a couple things: DDR vs DDR2, PC3200(2-3-2-5) vs PC4000(3-4-3-8), and OCZ Gold vs OCZ Platinum RAM. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.
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