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  1. Hi there, I love the Mi-8, a lot. I want to use it as a main platform, also for training. Current real world Mi-8 MTV1s or Mi-17/171/AMTs etc got upgraded with western avionics allowing her to evolve in all aerospaces both in VFR and IFR. DCS's MTV2 is an old military workhorse, with only ARK/ARC ( NDB ) and Doppler. That would be awesome to add : - HSI with VOR1/ILS needles - VOR 2 - RMI - DME in NM So that would open ways for IFR training with western Jeppessen charts, while still working with a complex and interesting medium twin turboshaft helicopter. I'm aware there is no point to see this added to current Mi-8 ( even though, the addition of the GNS430 could raise the question ), but what about allowing external virtual instruments ? I don't know what really is Helios, but for X-Plane for instance, you got Air Manager which is an iOS app where you can select Instruments on a library of hundreds and build your own cockpit. They are all functional and work with any aircraft ( even if it didn't features it in vanilla version ) cause it's talking directly with its dataref codes. I realize there is very little chance that this may be possible on DCS, but still worth asking ? Cheers, Hueyman
  2. Up ? Would love this too. Did some successful tries with the Mi-8 by editing a .lua file to adjust mirror so it looks down at the load. But the Huey don't even have a Mirror location now
  3. Err.. I’m really not knowledgable about Jet Fighters but what I do know is that our Rafale National DO have a Martin Maker seat with 29° incline.
  4. Hi Devs ! Before the Hind get's forgotten to Doom lands when Apache is out, could this be fixed ? Cheers !
  5. Exactly that. ED, please draw the sling line
  6. A big update like 4/6 months ago I'd say made the whole world displayed on the mirrors, all modules mirrors ! The only thing which is not is... The sling line !! Very useful for proper mirror ref sling ops. Please devs, it's the last thing required for us helo craners ! Please make the reflection of that sling rope in the mirror displayed
  7. Yup, many little things to improve on older BST models, hope they’ll do it. BTW, one of the rotor blade is .. smaller for some reason 3D artist sometime should do like mechanics : check a wrench ( funky animation here ) hasn’t been left here before shipping final product
  8. Of course subject to tastes etc but why making a whole new model ( cause it is ) to make a UH-1N or Y ? The Huey I assume we all fell in love initially are model 204/205 ( UH-1B,C EFGH .. ). If you want something more modern, we’d rather go the Blackhawk/Seahawk route cause the Huey, being HU-1A or latest Bell 212/UH-1N are just better engines and avionics upgrades ( basically ) over the same old airframe, with more or less same modest performance of the good old but draggy two bladed teetering rotor.
  9. Maybe asking on the Russian forum may help ?
  10. This should be tuned I a bit. If you take a real life example ( SA365 Dauphin for instance ), you would never want to drift the tires sideways or you risk dynamic rollover. Even with little weight on it, rubber against concrete is not a very sliding combo
  11. We appreciate your helpful and comprehensive attitude BIGNEWY, I definitely understand bugs can be much more tedious to cope than it sounds.. Still I'm curious what have caused this feature to break, especially only on the Mi-8 ( and now Mi-24 ), as the Huey is still fine. Of course if it was the F-18 A2A radar or TGP that would be broken, it would be fixed in two weeks due to the customer base pressure.... unfortunately us rotorheads are a minority. Hope the older fleet won't be forgotten ( Huey and Mi-8 ) in the advantage of Blackshark 3, Apache and other killing machines. DCS has proven to be an excellent platform for anything that flies, civilian ops included. But for some reasons, blowing things up got the mass up and running, and that's what sells most !
  12. Hello Rato ! I follow your quest and it's really great so far ! Unfortunately I cannot help you in any way, but seeing as you seem to know a lot in this topic, do you think it would be possible to have a longer sling lenght : 150ft longline ? In the external load industry, we often use longer lenghts for various reasons, and this doesn't remove any precision. DCS can be an amazing tool for VRLL ( Vertical Reference Long Line ) but we need longer lenghts. Also, the ideal would be to have electrical release hook at the end of the sling, that we would just have attached all the time to the heli ( in settings ) so we would need to bring the hook to the load precisely. Let me know Hueyman
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