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  1. On the contrary I found last night the aircraft to be much more twitchy and unstable in the hover, taking off was a PITA and transitioning to a hover was much more all over the place. It was like I was starting all over again. I do concur it feels heavier now in certain flight regimes, if I try and evade a missile in the hover its much slower to react to input, but I am not sure if thats the SCAS fighting me or a change to the FM overall. Its not even that my stick is cheap, I have a Virpil CM2 with a 200mm extension. The only thing that changed is the patch yesterday.
  2. nineline mentioned in another thread that Syria has a known memory leak which they are working on. Could be this given that Caucasus doesnt do the same?
  3. Something to be aware of with these devices is how they number their buttons etc. There are physical buttons, and logical buttons. Physical buttons are the raw data that the device sees when you press something. Logical is what it sends to Windows, and is the button number which will show up in DCS when you press something. These do not always match up! On the main software screen click the axis button on the left to take you to the Axis screen. Find the next new blank line under your existing axis and double click it. For the first encoder Under "Joystick Logical (output)" set it to Dial next to Axis Name. If you want to setup both encoder dials then the second one needs to be set to "Slider" in this pull down menu, when you repeat this entire guide for the second Encoder. "Axis Source (Input)" Select Virtual for Type and set Smoothing to x8. "Button to Axis" - This section is where you say which buttons you want to control the axis with. For example 61, 62, 63 for Encoder 1 (E1 -as printed on the throttle) and 64, 65 & 66 for E2. These numbers are the physical buttons, NOT LOGICAL. To work out which button number you need to use for Up, Down and Button RESET, open the VPC Config tool (button bottom of the main window). Then rotate the dial and make a note of the number that turns blue. Set the Up, Down and reset values to the button numbers you established from the step above. In the latest software version from 0% to 100% on the virtual axis is based on a value of 60000. If you want each notch on the Virtual Axis to be 5% set the step value to "3000" and if you want it to be 10% set it to be 6000. Set "Reset Value" to 30000" which will set it to 50% when you depress the encoder, if you want the reset to be 0% set it to 0, if you want to 100% set this to 60000. Leave everything else as it is as default. Press Save at the bottom. Hit the big green button at the top "Save VPC Device" and let the software save the profile to your throttle. When the software reloads press "VPC Joy Tester" at the bottom of the main window and test the Axis is working properly.
  4. You need to set the encoder as a virtual axis. https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/7764-encoder-to-virtual-axis/
  5. There is also a mod called scratchpad which allows you to click on the map, and shows the co-ordinates in a popup window which is persistent from the F10 to the cockpit. For me it saves grabbing a pen and writing them down on paper, then typing them into the aircraft.
  6. There is also the remove before flight tag on the lower left in the pilot seat. And the lapel strap on the seat belt near the head rest also moves about (no pilot body visible). Nice dash board shimmy as well when in cruise.
  7. I noticed last night that George will not list any search radars for SAM sites. I was targeting a large SAM cluster last night and the search radar would have been a humans CPGs first target to take out the threat, but George was just blind to it. I got lucky and took out a AAA target right next to the radar and the splash damage did enough to stop the radar.
  8. Lamps.lua has all the ones I was after and its now up and running how I expected.
  9. Make sure NVS is turned off, then used Sight Select to switch to TADS.
  10. Hello all, not sure where this belongs so posting in here as its the best place I can tell at the moment. I am running a VPC LED Tool on my machine, which grabs certain exported arguments and allows me to set triggers and LED states based on certain events in cockpit. For example, A/S turns my stick LED green/red depending on safe/armed, I have also programmed my Master Caution reset button to flash when its triggered and then return to green when reset. The way VPC LED works is that there it has the standard telemetry available for every DCS module, that it looks for. Then a second module dependant LUA file for each aircraft specific data. In this case the AH64 has Master Caution as I mentioned above, but not Master Warning. There are a few others missing which I would like as well like Tail Wheel lock. How/Where do I find the list of all exported cockpit arguments for the AH64 please, so I can add them to the LUA to programme the LEDS from Thanks
  11. Thanks, been looking for a replacement for my old out of date reference chart! And having not flown the A10C-II much recently coming back to changed Coolie commands for HMCS and the CMS updatesI was a touch confused last night.
  12. This just went live so thought I would post for you all to see.
  13. Funnily enough I noticed whilst flying on the Hoggit server last night that my 120s seemed short legged compared to how I remember them (been playing the A10 II a lot recently). So it may be a recent thing with the new 120 flight model etc? For context, I was hot, nose on with 2x SU27, TWS, fired on the closest one at 14nm, notched about 20 degrees, switched target and fired on the second one no more than ten seconds later at about 11/12nm, notched a slight bit more till the missiles were both pitbull then turned cold. Both showed lost, and when checking on them in F7 they had both bled out of energy a mile or so short and had given up. The Su27 both remained HOT the entire time, and we had a closing speed at launch ~1000-1200kts. There is no way based on the parameters above they should have fell short...
  14. The same bug is on the A10C 2 as well. Hopefully sorted soon but like Ziptie said, just quickly SSS right/left to the FLIR and bump the TDC.
  15. You're welcome. Took me ages to find it in flight, only got it by accident!
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