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  1. I am really glad that you managed to progress. I am pretty sure that apache crushes is a random AI issue. Due to previous DCS building issues we altered a bit the mission and there is no need to land for a second time on the same building. You are free to land within 500m distance from it. We added also a message. Just find a nice flat spot a go if it.
  2. Yeap, the one that looks like a motocycle's thottle. Please check again and let me know. Kind regards Petritis.
  3. Hey, Smokey43, we are really sorry that you are facing issues regarding mission 15. I just tested mission 15 and it seems to work fine to me, the apaches are engaging ground targets and them we are ordered to land to the briefed area. Could you please provide some more info regarding this, ex. the last message you receive. The campaign is tested after every major DCS update, and issues that make a mission unplayable are fixed and sent to ED in order to be included in the next update. It is true that the NVG is an issue, but unfortunately it is not within our reach. King regards Petritis.
  4. Hey MAXsenna, we are really sorry for the late response, things are back to normal now and we are back on track. I just test mission 11 and could not reproduce this issue, once i was told to set the GOV switch to EMER, and reduced the throttle to 0, I proceed to autotoration and land somewhere on one of the runways. Tested it two times and worked fine as you can see in the picture below. I run my setup free of mods also. At first, in the early days we had the trigger to work near the green smoke, but later we changed it since it was very challenging for many to both work the autorotation and try to land near the green smoke. I am really sorry that you are facing this issue and more sorry for the late response.
  5. The AWACS provide you three letters, in this case Echo Foxtrot Bravo. You then need to open the matrix code and then you find the correct letter. In this case is BRAVO. You then use the F10 menu-> F4(AWACS check in )-> and the choose the letter in this case. F2.
  6. Hey flyingtom , I am sorry to see that you are facing issues with the campaign. I will try to take thing one by one. Regarding the morale: Morale is calculated taking in account many variations. For example not all vehicles count the same. Regarding mission 7, after the debriefing the red circle appears on F10 map. And later once you insert the given code you will find in the coordinates an enemy soldier. We did this in order to be more visible, to the players. On. Mission 8 did you receive the order to shoot the plane, if that is the case we will have to check it and let you know. About the HARMs you are free to use whatever load out you like, for example gpu12s work quite well on SAMs. You can use the AFAC in order to get their coordinates. Again, I am really sorry for the late response.
  7. Since you are in the intercept mission, the only available aircrafts are yours and your wingman's. Once you are in cockpit you will receive info regarding what to do.
  8. Hey hreich, after you land in the debriefing you will receive the coordinates for your next target. In this case is 42 21 09 42 30 54. You need to match the circle with the given coordinates. You can also enable in the F10 map the Mark Label (in the top of the map), in this way you will easily identify the target as it will be labeled as "Strike". Once you proceed to the next mission, enter and submit the new mission code. Once you do that in the F10 map you will be able to see the target. In this case it will be in the above coordinates. It will be an AK74 Ins. Let me know if this helps elp
  9. Hey! The correct Freq for carrier is 124.400 on COM2. The preset for this is button 1. Once you select the correct frequency press RCtrl+\ and select the carrier. Hope this helps.
  10. Hey Kiseki_Yu, first we would like to thank you for your purchase. Are you using the correct frequency and radio in order to contact JTAC? JTAC frequency is 305.00. I i will give it a go also, just to make sure that nothing is broken and let you know.
  11. Hey, at some point during the mission you will be asked to fly over Senaki airport. After that you will get the option to skip refuel.
  12. Try this forum: Hey, RePhil! It seems that for someone reason after the latest update the C-130 decided to change its position. But the good news is that the mission is still playable. Just land in front of the AH-64s and the trigger will work. You will not need to download again the campaign. Thanks for your purchase and the heads up regarding this issue
  13. Hey Timster76! First of all we would like to thank toy for your purchase. Could you please give me the code you used in order to try to reproduce this issue? It is rather strange that they are not attacking the targets.
  14. Hey, ataribaby, thanks for the heads up we will check it and let you know.
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