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  1. They are working (3009, 3010,..) in my SD profile. I set the value change to 0.1 and -0.1. But I can read out the whole AM (2002) or FM frequency (2004) "only" The Problem is when you look up the ID for the AM or FM 1st frequency it has a limit from 0 to 1 and a value change of 0.1 so thats 10 possibilities. But you can change the frequency from 03 to 15 in the A-10 so thats 12 possibilities, after 1 circle the value changes. For example: When you start the aircraft: AM 3X.XX is 0.30 and if you circle till 15X.XX and then 3X.XX again the 1st value is 0.50 and so on.... @skypickle You can try my profile if you want. Its for the SD XL DCS A-10C II + Export.streamDeckProfile
  2. If anyone needs the kneeboard bookmarks Munkwolf made it possible
  3. Thank you for your time & work! Is there any chance to make the kneeboard bookmarks keybinds available for the A-10C_2?
  4. Push +1, Please ED, give us the bookmarks, I´m sure these are only a few lines in the code. You can make bookmarks with a click with the mouse, only the keybindings are missing
  5. ...and click the green Code button next to the About box. then click Download Zip.... I must have been absolutely blind.. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for your work and I have a few questions Maybe its because I´m old and slow, but is there somewhere a link to download the whole package on github? Any chance to make it compatible with the winwing export? -> No lights on the gear handle in the A-10C_2 Last one, I found the fuel quantity counters (90.91.92) for the A-10C_2 but how can I calculate the whole lbs to make an output for the StreamDeck? And maybe something I have found in the lua file regarding the IFF Antenna Switch. I had to change it in the A-10_2.lua from [706] = "%1d", -- IFF - antenna switch to [706] = "%0.2f", -- IFF - antenna switch to make it work with the StreamDeck, because its a 3way switch
  7. Spent the last two days learning and programming the default.lua´s and today I found this amzing piece of code Thank you, you saved me a lot of time!
  8. I made a Button Box with a LeoBodnar. I can set it up without any problems in the DCS Setup Page. But where do I find the specific lua file for this box? There is no lua file in the DCS/Mods/... (and so on) Input or Joystick folder. I only found a button box lua.diff file in the DCS saved games folder
  9. I upgraded my Nvidia Drivers to 466.55 (came out today) and my 2nd mission crashes are gone
  10. Hallo zusammen, VR und ich sind leider nicht kompatibel , aus diesem Grund verkaufe ich meine wirklich wenig benutzte (eigentlich neue) Oculus Rift S inkl. Originalverpackung und Versand in D und AT um € 295,- Schöne Grüße aus Wien Stefan
  11. *** VERKAUFT *** Hallo, da ich kaum mehr fliege, verkaufe ich schweren Herzens meinen VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle Wenig benutzt, Zustand wie neu, Kaufdatum Mai 2020, funktioniert einwandfrei Hoffe ich mach jemandem eine Freunde mit der Rarität Schöne Grüße aus Wien Stefan
  12. VERKAUFT *** VERKAUFT *** Hallo zusammen, nachdem ich meinen Virpil CM2 Throttle bekommen habe (ja, es gibt ihn wirklich :D ), verkaufe ich meinen ersten VIRPIL Mongoost-50 Throttle. Wenig benutzt (vielen Dank an meinen Nachwuchs :D ) und funktioniert einwandfrei. Versand aus Wien PM bei Interesse *** VERKAUFT ***
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