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  1. Would just like to add my support for this,as DD Fenrir has pointed out those colours used in the roundel and the tail marking are way too light....and the pics supplied by Ala13 ManOWar confirm this. Well done guys,this does require an adjustment,I totally agree here,here.
  2. ROFL......nothing to get exited here then,so we've got one bomb a 500lb GP Mk.V - ED documentation with a 30 min delay fuse,going back to sleep,wake me up when there's a serious change to the timings,until then zzzzz.
  3. Sorry old chap.....me no understand.
  4. Well done for finally nailing this.....it's a great feeling when you get it right,many of us have been through you're pain my friend.
  5. Agreed.....thank you very much ED,the new stack is much better
  6. Thanks very much for all your guides Chuck but especially the Mossie guide really looking forward to reading this,I really appreciate all those long hours you must have spent on this,your a gentleman Sir
  7. Just bumping this up again.............please ED is there a chance of this happening ?
  8. ED the British QF3.7 AA guns require a height/range finder and a predictor like the German KdO 40 so it can be linked into the guns in the same way the German KdO 40 height/range finder works.......please read through thread below,thank you. Whilst I appreciate this is not a bug....these two items are required for realism please.
  9. Agreed......in the mean time I had some time free this afternoon to just confirm if the guns are working correctly,the guns do work,I had 4 x Ju88's flying in at an altitude of 2000 meters/6561.68 feet and in trail formation. However,whilst the British guns do fire at oncoming Axis aircraft without any height/range finder or predictor being linked to them,the consistency of their firing is not great,certainly not as good as the German Flak with the KdO 40 linked to them.The British guns set up is also not very realistic on their own,they most certainly would have a predictor linked to them and would also require a height range finder to ascertain the target altitude.So in short we need a predictor created please ED......and a height finder would be nice too please.(I have now included this as a bug,although it's an absent piece of equipment vital to the British QF3.7 AA guns rather than a bug). Here my group of six QF 3.7 AA guns fire simultaneously at 4 oncoming Ju88's about to fly over the guns at about 2000 metres altitude. @mmarques No a radar will not work it only indicates where the threat is,a height/range finder works out the target aircraft height whilst a predictor is linked into the guns and will get the guns to fire and explode at the correct altitude whilst correcting the appropriate trajectory. Think of using a shot gun with clay pigeons,if you just shoot at the clay pigeon target by the time the shot has reached the target the target will have moved on,so you have to shoot ahead of the target,basically the height/range predictor works this calculation out and gets the guns to fire so the shells hit the target. These two videos explain everything far better than I can.
  10. My apologies,of course they are,yes the KdO 40 works a treat with the German Flak guns......I don't think we have a British height/range finder or a predictor created to date......I know this is not very realistic but you could just make the KdO 40 an allied range finder by switching the country it belongs too ? EDIT: No this does not work,the British guns require their own predictor. In essence what we need created is a Vickers No. 1 Mark III Predictor that was used with the QF 3.7,one of these.
  11. I think after a recent update you now need to place the KdO40 near your flak batteries in order for them to fire......the KdO 40 is a fire director/radar range finder and is also found within the WW2 Assets pack with the Flak guns.
  12. Fantastic outcome......well done btd and everyone else that helped to finally nail this bug
  13. This was great information and I am eternally grateful......however I have not been able to get anymore info on this VF-114 F-14A Tomcat......which is a great pity as this would make a great Gulf War skin.
  14. As at 21st November 2021 this bug still exists,it is very apparent when the view of the aircraft is zoomed out,there seems to be a sweet spot with the view distance......surely this can be corrected......please. There are some very beautiful skins out there that our kind skinners have spent hours creating to embellish the Fw190 D-9's future......only to be spoilt by this daft glitch. Of course we Dora customers are still waiting for the 'official template' that still has'nt materialised seven.....nearly eight years after it was released......this would be a start,but please fix this bug,sooner rather than later,if anything else. So another frustrating DCS issue that could be easily remedied.......we live in hope.
  15. After the latest update to the Open Beta version,a new appendage has been applied to the Mosquito......I have been trying to fathom out what it is.....any ideas anyone ?.......It's not the pitot tube because that's at the top of the tail.
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