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  1. Wrcknbckr thank you! I knew I was probably doing something really dumb. For some reason I was fixated on the RATO switch and didn't even consider it might be the wrong one. Ha ha!! Very much appreciated mate. Knowing me it would have taken another week before I figured that out. Minimum!
  2. Hi Art-J and MAXsenna. Thanks for the prompt replies. Art-J, here's a link to the mission: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fgd7dbk91lv3z9/Mig-21Bis Practice Syria.miz?dl=0 Simply start the mission and choose the "Mig-21bis Runway Hot" spot. After reading your post I also tried it on the Caucasus map. It also doesn't work there. Here's a video showing the issue: Maybe I am doing something wrong? If so I'm happy to be corrected. MAXsenna: Thanks for the pointer but I don't think I am having the same issue as referenced in that post. The post refers to not opening the cover over the button which the video shows is something that I am doing. Any additional assistance or corrections to what I am doing are very welcome. Have a great day! PS. I have just tried with a quick mission and the bug happens there too, and I tried deleting the User\Save Games\DCS.openbeta folder in case there was something there to cause it. Same issue.
  3. Hi Just started flying the Mig-21 again. I'm using Open Beta version and flying a custom single player mission with a jet set to runway hot. On my first flight I noticed that the drag chute does not disconnect. I have opened the cover. I have also tried pressing the button with my mouse and using the hot-key. Even tried re-assigning the hot-key to another button, holding the button down for a few seconds and so on. As it stands the only way I can disconnect the drag chute is to light up the afterburner. Anyone else having this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Have a great day!
  4. Note that I've edited the first post with this information and a little more Flew a number of 1v1 again tonight. Sometimes I got a M indicator on my RWR with tone and sometimes not. The missile was approximately at my 10 o-clock about 30° above relative to my aircraft when hit. Tacview again confirmed it was an R-77. Interestingly I did get an RWR warning on one where the R-77 hit me from below my (again relative to my F-18). I'm wondering whether another comment on a different post that this R-77 can change to IR guidance when terminal is what's actually going on?
  5. Is there meant to be an audio warning too? The reason I ask is that mine is silent in the terminal phase if the enemy aircraft turns out. I don't remember seeing an M last night but I could be mistaken. I will check again tonight.
  6. Oh I had no idea this is the case. I was under the impression that it was radar guidance all the way in. If it converts to IR then that would explain it. Yes of course you're welcome to ask. The reason is that part of the fun I get out of the simulator is learning first how the various opposing weapon systems work and then whether I can find a way to defeat it. I have got very used to the R-27 and 27ER and can get down to the merge every time using simple notches and cranks and one or two AIM-120s at 20 then 14NM which forces his nose out beyond the tracking angle. I never turn out beyond radar angles so could probably do the same with the AIM-7 but haven't tried so might be wrong. With regard the R-77 the first challenge was to learn to defend against it when fired at about 11NM. This was simple. Just turn away and let it run out of juice. The second and more interesting problem to solve is how to defeat it without getting into a situation where the enemy is about 16NM behind you and pointing at you. Given how easily the DCS AIM-120 is evaded this can happen from time to time and makes turning back dangerous. Having a way to even the odds and defend against the R-77 just as the enemy Mig-29S is defeating the AIM-120 would also be satisfying. In short: It's a difficult problem to solve and uncovering any weakness in the DCS interpretation of the R-77 will be both fun and satisfying, assuming one exists. Regarding winning a merge against the Mig-29S, if you're fighting the enemy AI it's not that hard. Fight with a hard nose down turn in while spiralling down immediately after merging. This is where you burn energy for angles. He will counter with the same manoeuvre (AI is very predictable). The F-18 wins or matches the the angle fight at this stage depending on how well you fly it (I'm speaking DCS not RW). Once you get to the deck manage your energy for a max continuous rate turn at anything from 280-320 KIAS on the deck. The enemy fails to gain angles and soon gives up and turns out a bit for a zoom climb. At this point you just continue around the corner and then bank up in one hard pull. This will give you sufficient parameters for an AIM-9 launch (any variant though the X happens very quickly) and he's dead. I've obviously ignored keeping eyes on him for an R-73 launch so you can counter immediately with tons of flares but assume you are already aware of that and other similar considerations. This tends to work even if you mess up and hit the deck such that the enemy has up to about a 30° angle advantage. It's not so simple against a human pilot as they're not predictable like the AI is (and I'm admittedly not wonderful vs well practiced people, though I tend to hold my own a little under half the time). If they are good at energy management you're in trouble. If not and you are then you're going to win most times.
  7. Yoshua this happens to me too. If it happens it is always after jumping into a second aircraft, never on the first. It happens probably one time in six or so. As a work-around fixing it is simple: Turn the radar OFF on the right panel (not MFD SIL), wait 5 seconds, then turn the radar on. Your radar elevation will now likely be all the way UP or DOWN. Simply re-center and the radar works again as expected. I suspect the issue is the same as the issue regarding the radar sometimes not getting any returns when you change aircraft slots from one client F-18 to another. I have put detailed steps to reproduce the issue and a guess as to what's going wrong in the code in that report so won't elaborate here. Hope that helps
  8. I have seen this too. You can also reproduce this in the following way: 1. Create two client F-18 flights, each activating an enemy when it spawns. 2. Enter the first flight and kill the enemy 3. Go menu -> choose slot and choose the second flight 4. Notice that sometimes the radar on the second client F-18 will have no returns even though the new enemy has spawned in I suspect that this has something to do with the radar code not being properly connected to the game object space data. In the mean time a workaround exists that has worked great for me in both the multiplayer scenarios as well as the scenario shown above: 1. Turn the radar OFF (switch on the right panel, not SIL on the MFD). 2. Wait 5 seconds 3. Turn the radar ON The above gets the radar working again though sometimes it comes back on with radar elevation set all the way up or all the way down and I need to re-centre it. I assume that the radar code is disconnected from the game state when you turn it off, and reconnected when you turn it on. This would explain why the workaround gets it up and running again. Of course my assumptions about why could all be wrong. I am just guessing at the reasons for the failure. Hope this is useful.
  9. To reproduce: Setup a 1v1 Mig-29S (excellent) with R-77 vs an F-18 with AIM-120 at 40NM Converge and fire an AIM-120 at about 14NM Notice that the Mig launches an R-77 at about 11NM then turns out to defend against the AIM-120 Notice that once turned away the lock and launch tones stop and the RWR is silent Wait a few more seconds and notice your aircraft explode. Until then manoeuvre as if to beam a stealth missile Watch the track in Tacview: Notice that the missile continued to track as you manoeuvred even when the RWR was silent This bug makes that missile defence vs the R-77 near impossible as you can't tell if or when it stops tracking. My assumption is that as a radar guided missile during it's terminal phase it would be blasting out a radar signal which the RWR should see and report. Hope this is useful. Kind Regards! EDIT: After trying this again a few times the next evening I found that I was getting RWR indications for the R-77 sometimes but not all the time. Sometimes it worked just fine, and sometimes I just exploded with no indication of the missile launch. It did seem like the silent missile was more likely after re-spawning into a second or third jet in the same mission. For context I have a simple mission with four F-18s set as client (in the air) and four opposing Mig-29s. Each client spawns one -29 when GROUP ALIVE is true. This lets me do four 1v1s before re-starting the mission. It might be the late spawning aircraft that's not working properly. There is a second bug that only happens when I re-spawn (only sometimes) where the radar gets no returns at all until I turn it off and on again. Maybe a similar problem?
  10. Thanks for the response Zarbas. That's all very sound advice and much appreciated. I will keep trying to fight the R-77 using various such manoeuvres and Tacview until I either find a weakness or decide to give up. As mentioned the problem is not defending against the missile. Turning out quickly enough means the missile quickly runs out of energy. The specific problem I am trying to solve (and it may indeed be a problem without a solution) is how to force a merge against a Mig-29 armed with the DCS interpretation of the R-77 missile. To do this I am hoping a way exists that can be discovered, learned, and mastered. Might not be possible but if a way exists I hope to find it. Again, thanks for the response. Much appreciated. On a side note, does the F-18 RWR recognise and report the R-77? I get a lock tone, and then the tracking tone from the fighter when it's fired. However if I force the opponent to turn out and defend against my own missile then in the last few moments before the missile hits the RWR is silent, however Tacview shows that the missile is still tracking. Essentially it appears that the radar emissions from the R-77 are not detected by the F-18 RWR.
  11. Yes that's what I thought and what I've been trying. Beaming missiles like the R-27 makes this work every time even without chaff or forcing the opponent to change heading with a counter shot. But the R-77 gets me every time whether I'm beaming 90° level, 90° nose high, 90° nose low, using chaff, not using chaff. Effectively I can't get the lock to break and the only option remaining is to drag away. This is only a problem because the enemy can cause the AIM-120 lock to break with as little as a jink and a few chaff. This puts me at a serious disadvantage. Now I'm at 16NM dragging out and that's way too close to turn back in (12 NM after reversing direction) if I have no way of fighting the R-77. And so I'm at a loss. Thanks for replying. Very much appreciated! PS, on an interesting side note, I've shot down a couple of R-77s now by turning in and shooting a 120 in maddog mode. To my surprise (I only realised while watching the Tacview) the 120 acquired the R-77 and killed it.
  12. I've been practicing a series of 1 v 1 engagements starting at 40nm mainly to get my switchology into muscle memory and the timelines worked out (love you Tacview!) and have hit a little stumbling block. I've noticed that if I have an R-77 launched against the F-18 then nothing I do seems to be able to affect the lock. Chaff seems completely ineffective. I can literally dump them all in a single program at 0.25 second intervals and it's as if no chaff was ever launched. Right now it feels like the only option against that missile is to 1) Assume it was fired the second you reach 11NM (I use the Rift and I can't see the smoke from the launch at that distance). 2) Turn out cold and run immediately. Essentially unless I'm mistaken it's almost impossible to force a merge against an opponent armed with the R-77. I feel I'm missing something here and my ignorance is holding me at a big disadvanage. Any advice will be appreciated... EDIT: I kept typing flare when I meant chaff. Tired after multiple merge failures... fixed now
  13. I just read this. I have been waiting for a TGP for the F-18 for ages! My number one overriding concern however, and it's important, is this: AT LAST!!! I LOVE YOU ED!!!!! SkateZilla please consider forwarding this very specific concern to the devs (perhaps via a bug report). Might just make someone's day who's not expecting it :)
  14. I've noticed the roll axis in the flight model is very sensitive and not very stable when level in this flight model, almost like it's balanced on a pinhead. The flight model is new so this may be tuned out as it matures. It's also possible that this roll instability is a feature of the real aircraft, who knows? It was apparently done in collaboration with a real Mig-29 pilot so maybe it's a result of a design trade-off to make it a better dog-fighter. But that's all wild speculation so doesn't really matter anyway. You would get a much closer match to reality if you simply extended you flight stick so it came up from the floor changing the arc of movement as you move your hand around. As for me I just use the attitude hold when established on a flight path and turn the AP off again when I need to manoeuvre. Both functions are bound to my HOTAS. If the roll sensitivity ends up tuned out then YAY. If not, well I use the autopilot a lot in the F-18 too so I already have a solution that matches my general flying habits :)
  15. For anyone with the Warthog and the detent installed the following settings work great for only engaging the afterburner once lifting the throttle over the detent but giving full military power when up against it: Axis Tune: Deadzone 0 Saturation X 83 Saturation Y 100 Curvature 0 Slider [Checked] Invert [unchecked] User Curve [unchecked] Depending on your individual throttle you may need to change the saturation X up or down by one or two points. The down side is that it creates a small dead zone at the beginning of the throttles movement but it's hardly noticable once in the pit.
  16. Thank you! This works perfectly. Very much appreciated :)
  17. Hi When I turn on ground power and throw all four ground power switches I seem to be able to turn everything on except the UFC. I need to use the radios on either ground or battery power because I fly with an online wing which requires ATC communications and that we request startup prior to engine start. We use UniversRadio which takes it's frequencies from the radio settings, and those I need to select using the UFC radio controls. Any idea how to get the UFC up on ground power? For context I have tried both with and without battery power. Many thanks in advance A
  18. Thanks everyone. Going to try that out see if I can get her to depart reliably :)
  19. Does anyone know how to intentionally induce a sustained flat spin in the Hornet? I know you are not supposed to do this but it’s an awesome sim and I would love to know and practice both getting into one and the recovery. Also I would be even happier if some knows how to also get into an inverted spin :) Many thanks in advance A
  20. I noticed this earlier tonight then it happened again once just before I was going to finish for the night. After that I decided to repeatedly try until it reproduced. Attached is a working track. When coming in for a landing, sometimes the jet's simulation just stops dead and the hornet just hangs there the second it touches the deck. The rest of the sim is still running but the plane is now motionless relative to the carrier. I had to do a few attempts to reproduce it. It seems to happen if you land badly such that you should damage the jet (so perhaps an exception in the crash handling code?). I have attached a track file that shows it happening. Note that once it happens once you can't land on the carrier again (even after reloading the mission) without restarting DCS completely. Hope this is helpful. A FM_CRASH_ON_LANDING.trk
  21. Fantastic! Pressing U works perfectly :) Thank you very much mate.
  22. First Thank you ED! I have been doing repeated carrier landings in the Hornet all night and haven't enjoyed a flight sim this much in a long time. Everything you guys have been doing is paying off and even in this early state the experience is just exceptional. To the question. At the moment I only get to take-off from the carrier if I set my aircraft to "start on the runway" on the carrier. If I start on the "ramp" then I can't seem to connect my launch bar to the catapult. I this just how it is at the moment or is there a method to go from chilling on the deck to getting the aircraft on the trap and the screens to come up? Any help would be hugely appreciated. A UPDATE: In case anyone else is interested, just put the front wheel at the catapult with the launch bar down, press U, and it will hook you up and raise the shield. Thanks Mugenjin for the answer :)
  23. I may be wrong but it feels to me like the Harrier has two flight models. One for slow flight and one for flight at speed and that it interpolates between them depending on the airspeed. What's more the "fast" flight model feels and behaves a lot like the older DCS SFM. Again, I may be incorrect but I suspect that the Harrier flight model is still very much in Alpha at the moment with possibly the slow flight / hover part being more developed than the fast flight part. As for not being able to raise the nose at 270 kts that sounds very suspicious to me. Unless you have a control surface failure that's way above the speed you would need to pull up with only gentle stick pressure.
  24. Hi YoYo At present the system isn't correctly implemented. So instead of using a broken (not implemented) system I suggest just turning off INS drift in the settings. This will keep waypoints in their correct position and will behave as if you have a GPS on-board keeping the INS aligned and correcting drift. Its the best we can do until whoever needs to do whatever decides to do it.
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