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  1. Don't know if it's old or new, but in the mission editor the helis (KA50, Mi8, UH1 and SA342) can't start from any ship except carriers. In addition, textures on the "Moskva" cruiser are missing
  2. After some initial adjustement I i've learnt to control this helicopter as good as with the others, i can't say i'm dissatisfied with the result. What has always bothered me, it's a sensation of "low res" of the flight model, like the tables from which is formed contain a small amount of values. this translates imo in unrealistic transition phases. Another impression i've got after flying it for some hours, is that the collective variation effects on pitch/roll/yaw are way too linear and inconsistent. Under this respect, helis like the Hip, or especially the Huey, have a very recognizable reaction to, for ex., an abrupt increase in torque. This fm instead, seems almost to be "missing" that part. Try putting the heli at a slight roll angle, then quickly (or slowly) increase collective. I mean, what happens doesn't seem realistic to me, it remembers me of the behavior of old DOS flightsims. I'm not saying that the true gazelle can't be like this at all, but the impression that the fm is missing some data in that department is heavy.
  3. is it possible? perhaps through tweaking the loadout inis?
  4. I've been trying to remap my controls after a reinstall, and i am now unable to save "modifiers" keys, in particular those of the Saitek X52 Pro. The keys are saved when first assigning them in the controls section of the options, yet they are not retained after exiting DCS and starting it again. At that stage, all the commands which were assigned with a modifier are listed in red background in the options and they do not work. Already tried: Repairing DCSW several times. Completely delete the input folders and let the program rebuild them. The hotas is connected always to the same USB port. This issue was not present before reinstalling the sim.
  5. You gave me the idea that solved my problem. I've had the presumption of backing up the content under the "Saved games" directory in Windows 7, and then apply it to the Windows 10 install so to keep my settings and things. Of course it was a purely delusive thought, that made me think that it could work. Deleting all the content under "saved games" and let DCS build a new one made it work. Now, control remapping it is. thanks for your answers.
  6. Last week I updated from W7 to W10 64 pro. After installing all the relevant drivers and prerequisites, went to update and repair the existing installation of DCSW, that was sitting on my SSD. I've had some problems in obtaining a new password but in the end managed to enter the program, also activated the mods i have (besides the campaigns, for which i haven't been asked a key so far). Anyway, after completing these steps I am able to launch DCS world and get to the main screen; but from there, nothing else works, the program just sits there frozen on the loading screen. I've already performed two repairs, no dice. Any suggestion?
  7. i've played this mission already two times without success, then came here and see about "having to land on southern side Podkova". gonna give it a try. all in all, this campaign would have been great, with no more than 10 minutes of added work. but no; it's the mi-8 and one should not expect same standards as the campaigns for a-10, mirage and so on.
  8. there are no numbers in the qfe little window right of the baro altimeter, it is black. the qfe rotary moves two clock-like rotary indexes on the altimeter and adjusts qfe, but there's no way to tell the current qfe selection. did i miss something on cockpit setup, i seem to remember that this device was working in older versions. edit: nevermind, i found out the reason. the qfe was set so low by default that it was out of scale. this happens in the spring tension campaign, solved by turning the rotary until numbers appear
  9. on the campaign selection screen, description for "Fortress Mozdok" is in Spanish, when English is selected by default
  10. ok, I've been able to reproduce the problem only if my second monitor is used, in particular I was streaming videos while playing. in normal conditions, ssaa works as intended. thx for the answer.
  11. nope. only 1.5 ssaa. got latest drivers and all. no vr headset, trackir or similar. will post screenshot as soon as i can.
  12. was working wonderfully until the last two updates. now, it does not work (AA simply not applied) and creates artifacts (ghostlike shadow of the plane following it in external view, unexplainable darkening of certain bands of the screen)
  13. Mission 6 ("Assignment in flight") has been broken by a bug that causes the players aircraft to spawn into another su-25, damaging and destroying both in a few seconds.
  14. 1.53.53108 here and can't take off a single time.
  15. it's actually something common to pretty much all conventional helis. Not that I have been able to do that in DCS with the Huey and the Eight.
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