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  1. Sorry, as well as the files I deleted above, I also deleted some from the Mi-8 folder. I didn't include that in the description above as the bug also affected the Mi-24P. I believe it was all the files in this location - DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\Mi-8MTV2\Cockpit\Scripts\Devices_specs\Radio
  2. As I posted on Reddit, there seems to be issues with NDB tuning on some airbases. I haven't done a detailed examination of this, but there is an obvious test case - Kobuleti. I have a few theories about what is causing this as I have managed to fix it on my install. Basically, I couldn't get a signal from Kobuleti. I made a new mission, put an Mi-8 and Mi-24P into it, flew near the airport and couldn't get either of the two NDBs. I would imagine most of my old missions I made had this problem (I'm not going to test 40). I've now fixed my DCS and new missions work correctly when tuning to these frequencies. To fix my DCS, I deleted a bunch of DCS files and ran an integrity check via Steam. I deleted and redownloaded all the following (from DCSWorld\Mods\terrains): AirfieldsCfgs\ AirfieldsTaxiways\ Kneeboard\ l10n\ misc\ MissionGenerator\ shadingOptions\ Theme\ Beacons.lua Caucasus.MapCoords.lua Radio.lua terrain.cfg.lua So it's fixed! - No. It's not. If I join multiplayer servers, many of them have the same issue. The old missions I made also have this problem and there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it. Recreation I've attached two mission files that demonstrate a broken and a working version of this. Test - NDB Helos and Helos 2. Helos has the broken NDB and Helos 2 has a fixed version. I hope this helps you recreate the problem. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help with this. The cause? I think it's an issue with old installs of the game. I installed my copy of DCS World February 2014. I think Steam failed to update some of the necessary files or I may have edited file and they weren't fixed with new updates to the game. It may be a Steam only issue. I'm definitely not the only person this affects as I've had other players in multiplayer servers confirm this is an issue (having them fail to tune to Kobuleti but able to tune to other local stations). Solution? Is there any way to fix my old missions? I don't want to have to recreate them. TEST - NDB Helos - v0point004.miz TEST - NDB Helos 2 - v0point001.miz
  3. Run one as the server and spectate the client from it.
  4. Noticed a significant fps drop in multiplayer on my regular server (30fps ground to 45 air). It's probably AI related. Quick Missions with no AI run as normal (60 ground to 100fps in air). EDIT disabling TacView doubled my frame rate. I'm now getting 70 on the ground and hitting over 100 in the air. DCS is playable again!
  5. So looks like the 8 will double in range when they patch this
  6. :( EDIT Checked my Pocket Guide and it must be different to yours. My p79 is talking about the GAU-12 Gun pod.- Created 2/18/2020 Also, my point wasn't about the manual. It just seems to be something ignored. SECOND EDIT Do you end all your posts with '..'? Is that intentional? It feels like '...' and makes it seem like whatever you posted should have been obvious and it was a waste of your time to answer it. THIRD EDIT Now I feel bad about posting the sad face. Thank you for posting - sorry I took it the wrong way.
  7. Sensor Up to slew mavs doesn't work on the right MFD - only the left. Is this well known? I thought I was an idiot trying to get Mavs working. It seemed they sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. It makes sense with the Sensor commands on the Harrier, but I don't remember seeing this anywhere in YouTube guides, Chuck's guides, or anywhere else. Is this why there are so many posts saying they cant get them working?
  8. Wonderful. I'll need to test this out! How about other airframes? Any other similar nice touches I might have missed?
  9. Ahh, it was the roadmap I looked at. Thank you for the information.
  10. This was marked as added in November 2019, but I can't find any references on how to do it. Can anyone link or explain? Is this also possible in the F-16?
  11. Watching a video about an emergency landing in a P-51, the pilot explains the gun ports whistle at high AOA. Do we have this sound in game? Are there any similar touches that be seen on any modules? I found that really interesting.
  12. You imagined a perfect flight, but in reality you went for a swim.
  13. Wonderful! I'll have to take a look later today (it was a 2.3kb patch for me).
  14. I found the 51 easiest to take off, then the German planes (none of which where really hard once I learned to dance on the pedals), then the Spit was the hardest.
  15. Amazed there are no replies to this. Try it! I wish I could answer.
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