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    Dcs, tried il-2 with no success.
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    rc helicopter and planes, running and kayaking (but to be honest mainly dcs at the moment)
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  1. Clear the Web browser cache. That worked for me.
  2. For anyone still looking at this: On my server PC I can't access the server GUI through Chrome (just get server not responding, however it is up and running). I can access it with my gaming PC with Chrome. I Used Microsoft Edge on my server PC and I was able to access the server GUI. Clearing Chrome Cache solved the issue.
  3. The bug seems to be back. At 7 seconds all ground units disappear. T99 v5 Byron Intel .miz
  4. Did you get it fixed, I've just changed from quest 2 to a G2, it's a nicer image but I have the cockpit stutter which is awful.
  5. Thanks for your reply, I better install OVGME then. Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
  6. Cheers, it does seem to work with unofficial mods. Or am I missing something?
  7. Does the module manager in dcs work like OVGME? I figured it did as I click on a mod and it's then not there when I reload. And when I click on it again it comes back. Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
  8. Agree, the overall atmosphere has been captured perfectly. Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
  9. Hi, Have a look at RAF Air, we have a heli night every Monday, we're a small friendly group that will be transitioning to the Apache and have started some training using Apache tactics. http://www.rafairuk-dcs.co.uk/ Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
  10. Great idea, so much cheaper than a button box. I have it setup now as the weapons station in the hind.
  11. It's very rewarding doing those for the first time, after some practise you forget how hard these were. Agree with the detail, it looks so good sometimes, I still love multiplayer formation flying, being at the back and looking past the gunner and in to your mates cockpit takes some beating. Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
  12. I was surprised too, but then I remembered episode 7, he has a 30mm m230 hanging round his neck, ready to go on manoeuvres! I'd love to see a YouTube channel 'Mike flys DCS' personally I think he's probably an A10 man. Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
  13. Makes you realise how far DCS has come. Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
  14. We had a multiplayer mission also with no targets. No scripts. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wcws825cz6rzitu/Tacview-20210921-200131-DCS-T99-210921-Faux-Fulda.zip.acmi?dl=0 This has happened to us a couple of times before. Faux Fulda.miz
  15. Our multiplayer group ask each Sqn to plan their own flight. They return a miz which we then copy and paste their flights in to the main mission miz. After the last update we have noticed that the copy and paste is not capturing all of the information, such as liveries and callsigns. These are not copied correctly. Is anyone else experiencing this? Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
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