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  1. Hey y'all! I noticed that AI Tomcats taxi into shelters with their wings not swept back, collide with the walls, and the pilots eject. On startup it works. They spawn with swept wings and wait with sweeping them forward until they have taxied out. After landing however they don't sweep the wings so they are too wide. Tested with openBeta version 2.5.6 Steps to reproduce: Just let some Tomcats land at Al Dhafra airbase so they park somewhere in the southeast.
  2. If you are flying over water: It was reported several years ago. On land: that's rather new.
  3. I think I cannot follow you. Why wouldn't you need voice acting because of that? Examples: Neither the ATC voice nor the JTAC or the AWACS voice know the word "Reach" or any other you named. So what is the sim supposed to do when a plane with such a callsign is around and needs to be addressed on the radio?
  4. I wonder if synthetic voices would be better in that case. Sure they sound a bit more robotic, even though they improved a bit over the last few years. But that would make it a lot easier to add more lines or even let the player put more callsigns in.
  5. I also agree that improvements are necessary here. It is far from unplayable but lighting is kinda broken in DCSW. Just give us a slider in the menu so we can (for example) turn off shadows or the maximum number if illuminated objects, or the visibility distance on lights, or only have aircraft lights showing and not ones on the ground, or vice versa. Something like that. So everyone can decide what is acceptable performance wise and visually.
  6. The main problem probably is that all the voice actors have to do all the additional lines. Some of the voices are really really old, so the voice actors aren't even available anymore. So... unless they redo all the voices... not going to happen anytime soon. I'd love to have a wider choice of callsigns though.
  7. Is there any time horizon when this could finally be fixed? I know it is minor but... it instantly kills immersion when you notice it.
  8. Are these still working with the current version of the planes?
  9. Hey y'all! I am not a DCS Steam user myself, but I know a few guys that are, and after I told them about the new version of the C-101 they are eager to have it as well. In fact I would like to gift it to one or two of them ASAP. So... can we have it on Steam soon? Please ED and Aviodev? :) Oh, and Merry Christmas! :)
  10. Oh btw, is there not an IFR hood like in the L-39? I thought there was one but I cannot find it.
  11. Considering the size and the position of the air brake that's pretty much what I would expect it to do. No clue if it is really that way though.
  12. Yep, this works. :) So far I tested dumb bombs, rockets, and the gun. It is a light attack aircraft so don’t expect a lot of ordnance, but it can do some damage. And really easy to use, without even looking at the manual. Intuitive and fun. :)
  13. Just took her for a spin and she flies nicely so far. Both versions. Good job! :)
  14. Just flew the C101 EB and the CC with the AFM. Nice experience so far. :)
  15. Mine downloaded 11.5 GB relatively quick (dunno, 2 hours or so) and then spent another hour on the last 500MB. Now it is unpacking. Slowly.
  16. Me too. One of my favourite planes to fly right now.
  17. Hyped for the AFM, cannot wait to try it. Even with the SFM the plane was quite fun to fly, so I am looking forward to it a lot.
  18. I am very excited for 2.2+ so.... Is this issue fixed in the current builds?
  19. Aginor


    Cool, thanks! Also excited to see the I16 mentioned in the latest ED news. :)
  20. Absolutely agree. The trees looking nice made me shrug and say "yeah nice", but they being finally real objects was exciting and I instantly hopped into a heli to try out a few things. You can find such gameplay impacts for many effects. Seeing reflections on planes or being blinded by the sun should have an impact on spotting, clouds and fog and rain and snow and smoke as well.
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