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  1. Ya I definitely feel like they are trying to blow me off. Are you thinking about returning yours too?
  2. So Varjo keeps ignoring my return emails. Getting close to a credit card chargeback.
  3. Just tried my Index at 90 Hz and even 80 Hz. Both were WAY smoother than Aero at supposed 90 FPS/Hz.
  4. I've sent the diagnostic data. I also made a video of what I'm seeing through the headset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgdDZdyge3g It's almost as if the headset was running at like 45 frames per second instead of 90. I've also tried different USB 3.1 ports on the motherboard, turning off eye-tracking, different Displayports on my RTX 3090. Nothing seems to fix it. Reminding: My Valve Index on the exact same system using the same ports runs 144 Hz with 200% super sampling completely butter smooth. I'm curious for other Aero users, if you go into Varjo Base and slowly look around, is the image really smooth or does it stutter like in my video above?
  5. Problem is I'm super sensitive to any kind of stutter/frame pacing issues, stuff that most people probably wouldn't notice. It's almost like the Aero is trying to do Asynchronous Reprojection and failing at it, even though I have that garbage turned off. Plus I'm coming from a buttery smooth 144 Hz Index experience, so 90 Hz with some slight stutter/shimmering will be quite noticeable. One thing I forgot to do is turn off foveated rendering to see if that helps at all.
  6. So this is my quick run-down of Pros/Cons versus the Index: 1. Clarity: Obviously the Aero blows the Index away here. Although with the Aero I really cannot see individual pixels, I can still see vertical rows of the pixel structure. So not perfect. 2. God rays: Pretty bad on the Index, none on the Aero. 3. Distortion: Holy smokes a lot of barrel distortion in the Aero. Maybe not as noticeable in flight sims, but really bad in standing/FPS games like Alyx. The Index has a little bit of warping, but almost unnoticeable compared to the Aero's distortion. 4. Smoothness. The Index blows the Aero away here. 144 Hz on the Index and it's smooth as glass. The Aero at only 90 Hz starts at a deficit, and yet there is still some stuttering that I cannot solve. Even in the Varjo Base software, not even in SteamVR I get this stutter. It's super annoying, and if I cannot get it solved with Varjo support, I'm afraid it's heading back. NO way should a RTX 3090 running a VR headset with basically nothing going on in a loading room be stuttering. And I've tried just about every combination of Varjo Base settings to no avail. 5. Fan: Pro is that it helps keep your face a little cooler but con is it's definitely audible with the Aero. 6. Colors: Aero wrecks the Index here. I've always thought the Index looked washed out, but ya the Aero colors pop quite a bit more. 7. Contrast/blacks: Both suck. Non FALD LCD sucks. Grey blacks and poor contrast on both. Really need a OLED. I'll also be looking into the new Panasonic MeganeX. 8. Comfort. Both to me seems to be about equal. 9. Sound. I use IEM on both, so tie. 10. IPD adjustment: Aero's automatic is cool if you have different people trying the headset. But if you are basically the only one that uses it, kind of a waste. You can manually set the IDP in the software, but every time you turn on the head-set, it moves the lenses. Kind of pointless, as it just wears out those motors more for no reason. I prefer the set-it and forget-it slider of the Index. 11. Field of View: Horizontal; they are about the same. Both leave some to be desired. Vertical, the Index crushes the Aero. When I first put on the Aero, I was kinda taken-aback by how small the "view portal" of the world is. 12. Chromatic aberrations. I really really hate you. Aero has a ton of it. Index just a small bit. Basically as much as the god rays in the Index piss me off, the Chromatic Aberrations in the Aero take their place. 13. Usability. With the Aero, you have to manually unplug the headset to turn it off. You also have to manually unplug your base stations to turn them off. There is no Bluetooth communication between the Aero and the base stations for power management like there is on the Index. The Index also powers itself off after you close down SteamVR. I know, super advanced! So I am pretty torn. There are a lot of tradeoffs with the Aero. In order to get that great clarity, good colors and no god-rays, you have to put up with narrower FOV, Chromatic Aberrations everywhere, only 90 Hz (and with stutter for me, TBD), the same poor blacks and contrast as every other LCD HMD, and barrel distortion out the Wazhoo. For $2,000. I think I am on the fence on returning the Aero, using the Index a bit more until the MeganeX comes out. If I cannot get the stuttering resolved, it's 100% going back. Too me that is too distracting.
  7. I haven't used my Aero since last night and I'm sitting at my desk and the Aero fan keeps turning on and off. This is with the Varjo Base and SteamVR software not running. There is a orange on indicator on the side, but when the fan is running there is a green light seen through the bottom of the vent ports and the LCD panels are on. Only way I can find to completely turn off the Aero is to unplug it. Seems quite the oversight. Update from Varjo: "Thank you so much for reaching out. The Aero doesn't have a power button so in order to shut it down you need to either unplug it from the adapter or pull the power from the adapter. Please let us know if you have any other questions, Thank you, Hannah/Varjo Support"
  8. Ordered the Varjo Aero early this morning. Hopefully I am not too far down the list!
  9. Why is the price point ridiculous? It's only $149. That price for a low-volume, niche, highly functional device doesn't raise any flags for me.
  10. Uhh, because the Warthog HOTAS came out ten years ago: https://www.simhq.com/_technology3/technology_174a.html DCS A-10C was their first modern jet sim after the highly successful Blackshark.
  11. Good god man, that keyboard from 1987? :smilewink:
  12. Ya but at what resolution? Up-scaling can look very bad.
  13. IMO after purchasing the Index and returning it, it's the most over-rated VR headset out there. Easily lost out to my modified Vive Pro with Odyssey+ OLED panels and Gear lenses. As a 8KX backer, I have one coming in July with the foveated rendering add-on. I also have the G2 Reverb on pre-order. So I will be battling these two against my modified Vive Pro. I think the low 75 Hz of the 8KX may bother me; IMO I would say the G2 Reverb may have a slight lead based off of specs for my usage.
  14. I've had a RTX Titan since it came out. The only way the extra VRAM helps is if your current card is maxed out.
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