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  1. I would definitely be interested in this app, and willing to pay for IAPs.
  2. From my real world experience, I can tell you that on GPS approaches you only use the needles for lateral navigation. Your "glidepath" would come from following specific step down procedures from an approach plate that is specific to each airports runway. The only way I know of a gps approach getting a glideslope like an ILS is if the aircraft is equipped for WAAS and the approach supports it. Pretty sure this is not built into the sim though.
  3. I have a few tips that I think would be really cool to add to the app. If these things came in, it would be the ultmate app for me on my iPad. A) Be able to load in our own PDFs like approach plates, taxiway diagrams, and even the sims manual to reference. B) Would be sweet to have a place to type info from the JTAC instead of grabbing paper and pencil to keep info handy. An even cooler idea would be a screen where we could write with our fingers, much like a scratch pad! C) I cannot tell from the video, but one of the handy things I have seen in another iPad app is the ability to use the radio keys (F1-F12 and ESC) to control. This would make using the radio menu much simpler. Either way, I really look forward to seeing this on the AppStore!
  4. Yes, I have a feeling that this and the upcoming modules to DCS will redefine flight simulation:thumbup:
  5. I believe that there is such a site, but just speculating, you will not be able to buy the download from that 1C website. You may be able to buy a disc, wrather the download is rumored to be available off of the digitalcombatsimulator.com website. Did that help?
  6. Yea, somehow they are also going to have to work out a microwave also...
  7. IIRC, it is actually RAC, an ancronym for Razor And shaving Cream. It is a new unit developed by a team of engineers designed specifically to allow airmen to land, sleep, wake, and fight without ever being outside the cockpit. It is in testing runs though, and word on the streets is that it is being upgrades to include a toothbrush and floss:)
  8. yea, I am just going ot buy it this time. I can look over the pdf manual till the hardcopy gets here!
  9. M looking 4 F, 20, wants to play all night, and loves to read books. (manuals) Just wants a good time. Call 555-KA50 :D:D:D:D:D:D
  10. A function that allows tracks to not only be paused, but also rewinded while in game play. This makes video making so easy, and also if you miss something in training, or want to see how it was done again, you do not have to restart the track! It might also be fun to be able to semi-costomize your pilot character, as in race, gender, and eye color:)
  11. I thinknthat for dcs it is all going to come down to personal preference for GPU's. If you want to do best though, a better cpu would be the route to go. Although I am not a DFA tester, I hear and bet the general rule of thumb is that it will be a lot like lockon, just beefed up!
  12. Even I missed this stuff. This is nice to hear, i bet it is a big help to the pit builders. Heck, I bet it is nice for movie making. On that note, if I wanted, could I take out the abris and the shval tv so I just have the "no cockpit view"?
  13. You may be very correct about that. I guess all I was sure about was that an A-10 can deploy LGB's. Thanks for the correction!
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