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  1. Hey Les, Yes you can use second PC , run an instance of Helios on it and connect to main PC. However if you want to display view ports on it ( ie the MFD) it gets a bit more complicated. The view port has to be rendered on main PC regardless, be it on visible screen area or rendered on the side. Then this pre-rendered picture needs to be streamed to the target PC somehow. In any case I don't see this to have any measurable impact on overall performance. Good luck!
  2. Did you notice a significant impact on performance with this solution?
  3. great software , thank you. I made a tablet into a kneeboard and your app adds quite a bit of functionality to my setup. for A-10, do you have plans to add the rest of the radio stack (including encryption)? TACAN / ILS ? that would be simply great! could you add feature that disables a specific panels (i.e. if I have physical UFC and don't need that)?
  4. I think your issue might have been that you assigned the instrument monitor to Nvidia surround as well. my setup below. Both of the projectors are merged into single monitor with Nvidia surround and curved with FE. Instrument monitor is a standalone. I created two profiles. Flat for desktop and a "3d" where the two separate viewports are merged to form surround picture.
  5. Did you check that your OLED is properly configured in your sketch? Can you display a hardcoded test text? I would test the screen is working before trying to troubleshoot DCS connectivity
  6. Looks like 5" from Alibaba (not AliExpress). I would expect it to present itself to windows with a proper resolution. Warranty claim perhaps ?
  7. K40 with its 30W tube will cut and engrave acrylic just fine. I started with that machine and it made a good amount of usable parts. do plan to spend some material on learning. I am not sure however how the current versions of this machine are equipped from the factory. 10 years back I had to replace the controller on my right out of the box
  8. I'd say a larger screen is the way to go even if it costs some FPS. I have 49" ultrawide (basically pair of 27" 1440P screens combined) on my desktop workstation. 3070 should be able to pull it off reasonably well.
  9. I'm building ARC164 for the UHF, and a fantasy ARC210 for AM, FM and ILS. if we are lucky and that radio get's added to the sim I will reconsider. ARC210 is really pretty device. I'd say definitely build one. I'm building a pair of those, although my attention right now is elsewhere.
  10. Helios causes no FPS hit that I can measure. It's the increase in screen area that does require more pixels to be calculated.
  11. Wow. Now that is entirely next level of building. Looking forward to more progress
  12. when you hear the piston hitting the covers it means you are overdriving it. yes, I find the small shaker leaves a lot to be desired as far as power.
  13. I really like that combined radio device. Well done. Eventually I want to have TACAN and ILS as dedicated devices but for the time being I'm also working to code those into my ARC210
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