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  1. I could only find one "video" of an alleged Shilka engaging a Su-25, and it's obviously a fake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZNhLNOGfyA
  2. Did you set the afterburner cutoff switch to off by any chance?
  3. Any news or maybe a workaround for this issue? We tried out multicrew today after a little break from the Gazelle and couldn't get the TV Slewing to work correctly as well.
  4. elcoo

    Neuer PC

    Kreisch hat völlig recht, ohne GPU bringt dir der PC für DCS herzlich wenig. Wenn der Rechner nicht viel teurer werden soll würde ich eher Empfehlen eine günstigere CPU (z.B. i5 8600K) zu verwenden und stattdessen mehr Geld in die Grafikkarte zu investieren. Unter einer Nvidia 1070 oder einer Vega 56 (Dank Cryptomining derzeit hoffnungslos überteuert) solltest du für VR nicht einsteigen. An deiner Stelle würde ich derzeit noch etwas abwarten bis Nvidia hoffentlich bald seine neuen GPUs released - momentan kauft man sich nämlich 2 Jahre alte Karten zum selben Preis wie damals. Edit: War zu langsam :P
  5. Hello, first of all, I'm very excited that we got the multicrew update today, great job! :) I tried it with a buddy and he had a very hard time aiming. The picture on his viviane screen was shaking very hard. He sent me this video of it: [ame] [/ame] He's aiming using a Saitek x52, if that makes a difference... Just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this or if it's a known issue.
  6. This problem still exists with the newest update. Any news about it?
  7. But the changes are not in todays update log for 1.5 :(
  8. Eine Möglichkeit wäre es Bereiche der Achsen in Tasten umzuwandeln. Das geht z.B. mit GlovePie (http://www.heise.de/download/product/glovepie-40061) Dann hast du zwar keine echte analoge Eingabemöglichkeit, aber 2-3 Stufen sind damit bestimmt machbar.
  9. It says in the changelog, that multicrew and mistral missiles have been added. :smilewink:
  10. I think this is the same issue as described here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=165198 And here by me: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=172067 I can confirm it affects the sliders more than the joystick itself.
  11. This is great news! Your progress on this module has been much faster than I would have expected. I'm looking forward to some fun co-op flying!
  12. I posted a thread with this issue yesterday, Chichco gave me a link to this thread. Me and a friend are encountering this problem as well. Even though it is by far not as noticeable with my X52 Pro, it gets very obvious with his Thrustmaster Hotas X. In fact it's gamebreaking for him as well. My guess is, that this issue actually affects every system and controller, but it's only noticeable when the update rate from the device is relatively low. I probably wouldn't have noticed it, if I didn't intentionally try to twist my stick as fast as possible and have a look at the ingame axis position.
  13. Yes, that's exactly what we encountered! I searched the forums for that iisue but it was hard to find, as I didn't know what keywords to search for. BTW, I was now able to reproduce the bug on my system as well, by twisting the joystick to its limits very fast.
  14. Hi, a friend of mine has a weird problem using any joystick with DCS. The joystick axes get stuck at an offcenter position when he quickly recenters the joystick. When he moves the joystick again after that, it will reposition correctly - so it doesn't get decalibrated. Still this is a big issue, because it often leads to a stuck aileron or elevator. We tried it with different controllers (thrustmaster flight hotas x and Xbox 360 gamepad) - it's the same for both controllers on every axis. The axis position shows correctly in the windows gamecontroller settings and other games, apart from DCS, so we are certain it is not a hardware issue. There were no other controllers plugged in, that could interfere with the controls. We only used one controller at a time for testing. The update rate on the hotas flight controller seemed to be much slower than with the xbox controller. This seemed to increase the effect drastically. It looks like DCS stops to update the axis position as soon as the joystick reaches the center position and shows the last known position instead. We also tried resetting the input settings, by deleting the input configuration folder. We used DCS version on a Windows 10 64 bit system. I was not able to reproduce the bug on my Computer using a X52 Pro flight stick. Anyone with an idea what could cause this and how we could fix it? :huh: Thanks in advance!
  15. The video is set to private, we can't watch it ;)
  16. Hello, my pc had a disk failure, so I'll have to reinstall windows on a new disk. Will I be able to reactivate all my modules without using up activations on the same hardware (apart from the disk obviously)?
  17. I'm using a Saitek X52 Pro, no seperate pedals yet, with a 16 curve on every axis (apart from collective) With a little training I was able to control the Gazelle just fine, even though not as smoothly as with the Huey yet. I think the main problem is with the cyclic. The trim button does not affect it as far as I know, so you'll always have to twist the stick a little. I tend to cramp my hands after a while because of that :P I'd love to see a feature as with the Huey, where you could enable the trim button for the cyclic in the special settings. I know it's not 100% realistic, but it would be a nice option for users without seperate pedals.
  18. Did you try the weapons training mission? When it tells you to set the mode to "pilote" the heli turns with the camera as soon as it hits the gimbal limit.
  19. Hi, to run combined arms you'll have to download both DCS World ( http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/ ) and the CA module ( http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/modules/dcs_combined_arms/ ) Then you start up DCS world and from there on you can play combined arms and all other modules you might have.
  20. The sight in your screenshot was a placeholder and was removed months ago. You now have to bring down the pilot sight (Shift-M, if i remember correctly) activate it with the switch behind it and turn up the brightness with the knob on it's left side.
  21. Bei meinem X-52 hatte ich das Problem auch manchmal. Ich habe festgestellt, dass es an einem Wackelkontakt am Stecker der in den Joystick geht lag. Wenn der Kontakt kurz abbrach während ich den Joystick eingeschlagen habe hat er seine Kalibrierung verstellt. Check mal ob das Kabel richtig sitzt, bzw. ob der Joystick blinkt wenn du etwas am Stecker rüttelst. Ich meine dieses PS2 Kabel, das den Schubregler mit dem Joystick verbindet...
  22. Also check your cards temperature. If its over 85°C it will clock down automatically to prevent damage. This can happen if the cooler or the fan has an issue.
  23. Hi, try starting a mission with an F-15c. The game will ask you to insert the CD-Key of the F-15. Go into your Steam Library, right click on DCS World, select "View CD Keys" or something like that. Copy the key and paste it into the activation dialog. The mission will start, and you have your F-15c :thumbup:
  24. Wenn du keine Pedale hast kannst du in den Optionen die Trimmung für die Ruderachse aktivieren. :thumbup:
  25. If I remember correctly you can disable it with "ALT-H"
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