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  1. I just downloaded the lua, I don´t know anything about that stuff as mentioned before lol, it was just barely enough to make the keyboard...
  2. I think here you could find someone who knows what he´s doing concerning that dark magic, lol:
  3. Hi, sounds like the same problem I had at first and that Pac-man_ a few posts above had. I have no idea why, but for both Pac-man_ and me redownloading the .lua worked. Hope this helps with you too, otherwise I unfortuantely don´t know what to do. Good luck!
  4. I also had that problem when I tried to make this, and I also suspected it was due to naming, as I had encountered that before. I then redownloaded the whole set of .lua files and copied the AH64 one over again and then it worked. Yes, AH-64D_BLK_II.lua is correct. I´m sorry I can´t really help, I don´t know crap about all that stuff nowadays that I´m old, lol, it´s still a miracle to me that I managed to put this together..
  5. That´s a bummer. I just checked, it seems I also can´t create a 5x3 profile having only the XL. Sorry about that.
  6. Can´t you just make a new, empty profile and right-click, copy, then paste the individual keys from this one to your new one the way you want it? Or can´t you open XL-profiles in the software if you don´t have the XL? Haven´t checked that..
  7. Yes, you need DCS Interface, go to this forum thread for download link and instructions: Then you also need the export scripts for the aircraft you want to use, get them here: https://github.com/asherao/DCS-ExportScripts Looks complicated at first, but even I got it installed and running, so anybody can do it hehe. Let´s you do fantastic things with your Stream Deck In the meantime, if you need something quick, farther up in this thread is the old version that doesn´t use DCS Interface, but there the clr key does not work: I highly recommend doing the work for DCS Interface, there are great profiles for it !
  8. Nevermind, redownloaded the .lua and it works now. So, here I present my first selfmade (with icons by Wedge) Stream Deck profile for DCS Interface It contains two Keyboards, one for Pilot and one for CPG, as they are different devices. Have fun and thanks again Wedge for the Icons
  9. I made a version for Streamdeck Plugin so to get the clr button working (using Wedge´s icons, thank you again!) but it does not work at all... Maybe someone has an idea what´s wrong... edit: link to the .lua https://github.com/asherao/DCS-ExportScripts/blob/master/Scripts/DCS-ExportScript/ExportsModules/AH-64D_BLK_II.lua AH64 KU (DCS Interface) by WolfK33 and Wedge.streamDeckProfile
  10. I downloaded the .lua and edited my Keyboard Unit for Pilot and CPG. The only problem is that it doesn´t work lol. Nothing happens. Maybe somebody can take a look? edit: Nevermind, redownloaded the .lua and it works now AH64 KU (DCS Interface) by WolfK33 and Wedge.streamDeckProfile
  11. And here Ladies an Gentlemen he is, the aforementioned professional ! Thank you, Sir ! I hope someone finds a solution for "clr" not working. As I said, the elgato software accepts "lwin+2" just fine, but the game puts you in the Cpg-cockpit when you press it... But I think this will be obsolete soon anyways as soon as someone makes something "real" with that DCS-plugin. But I´m too dumb for that... Just made it as a makeshift solution.
  12. Absolutely. That should be absolute basic functionality. That's what acq sources are for after all hehe
  13. Exactly what I was thinking the whole time. For the Hind the system was/is ok so far, but here we have that bird with a million sensors and electronic thingies that can be shared between pilot and cpg back and forth and success depends on if I hit the right pixel with my TrackIr. I hope that all that is already planned by ED and we´re only seeing the very first very basic version. I even hope that the CPG gets some kind of SOP, as in, even if I don´t tell him to he looks at our next WP or wherever a real CPG would look, and tell me if there is something without having been told to instead of studying the playmate of the month... ED, please make your AI a bit more...Jester-ish. Aaand, while we´re at it (again, I´m pretty sure and hope ED have planned this already), when he finds a target right now, but only one so there isn´t a list, it would be nice to know what he found. "There are [targets/enemies/whatever] at the waypoint/ahead/wherever." "Target lased and stored as T03. It´s a SA-15"... etc.. edit: I would pay for a Heatblur-made AI-addon for the Hind and Apache. Including jokes and wiseass remarks about landings etc lol. So far nothing in DCS for me beats flying in the Tomcat with Jester and actually talking to him with Vaicom AIRIO
  14. v2: Corrected forgotten modifiers. clr does not work, only "2" is received instead of lwin+2, no idea why
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