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  1. lol, how can you communicate ground crew to remove the chocks?
  2. I vaguely remember some dudes in Russian forums were experimenting with Mig-29 and thrust vectoring nozzles. Can't seem to find that post.
  3. yes, it sounds as thousands ants singing Christmas carol Edit: Looked at patch notes and I quote: MiG-21: Distortion of engine sound when in cockpit.
  4. I find it useful in Mi-24/Mi-8 specially with vertical take off/landings and hovers, so would be interested to know if such option would be available for AH-64D? (Obviously, if this machine is installed with advance autopilot system like Kh-50 then such may not be needed. )
  5. Put her for some good use in gunner cockpit
  6. This is how a typical hind pilot looks like. One eye to keep pilot and gunner's reticles overlapping for 9K114, while other is for speed gauge/meter. Even AI Mi-24 (both V and P variants) don't hover to shoot 9K114. They keep their speed below 150 km/hr. Mi-28 is a different animal though.
  7. Another problem is mandatory overlapping of pilot's and operator's (AI) crosshairs to get launch authorization, you need to be in a high altitude than you'd prefer, and pitch down the nose to overlap those crosshairs . This incurs speed and every damn hostile eye is staring at you. If there is no such prerequisite then hovering and shooting would be safe. Was this overlapping crosairs a prerequisite in real Mi-24P? What was ATGM launch doctrine?
  8. Is it possible to do it? Human as pilot, and AI gunner/operator is aiming ATGMs while helicopter is in hover away from AAA range? Because currently, the reticles of human pilot and AI gunner must be overlapping to fire ATGMs..and this means helicopter is in motion. I presume this is not the case if gunner/operator is human. Never tried this scenario yet.
  9. I noticed that the bombay and racks in Tu-22M are done remarkably well compared to other bombers. Each bomb can be seen dropping from the rack and rack is empty once all bombs are gone. Nice work by ED. However, it would be nice if these doors can be opened by player in a mod for Tu-22M. Is it possible to do it? In current Tu-22M mod, it is just not possible to open the bombay doors, and bombs from rack drop one at a time.
  10. A bit late to the party since I found this thread when I was missing this functionality for airports/airfields. Wish, this file can be excluded from IC check
  11. After being traumatized by Wonder Woman 1984 and a twisted vision of morality and consent shoved on viewers, I believe we need a Hint video
  12. This is awesome. Thanks Imagine it evolved into AC-130 gunship at some point after a few years.
  13. created a new server. Got client tainted for this file: bazar/shaders/common/states11.hlsl No mods installed here.
  14. I spend 6 hours yesterday to learn ACLS landing after work since I'm too lazy to land manually and avoid harangue from Jester. I did everything right but ended up in water most of the time. Pulled my hairs out of frustrating and went to sleep. Today I noticed this thread and imagine my surprise with Pickachu face. Thanks IronMike for acknowledging. Now I can enjoy my beauty sleep
  15. 1. Load the aircraft with S-24 rockets. 2. Select the rockets via selector 3. Crash. If it wasn't reported before then here it is.
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