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  1. I'm not grasping how to set the AB. It's off in the F16. I'll get within about an inch to full mill and it jumps to full AB. It doesn't seem to matter what the % is that I set in simapppro. yes, I've calibrated both RX and RY and AB.
  2. Hello everyone, Been a while since I've had everything set up. When I hit the button for PTT I'm getting the Viacom static sound, But I'm also getting a clunking sound upon release. Both the push and release are assigned in the Viacom profile. Any ideas?
  3. stthompson put up the link to it Mower. That's the thread you were referring to. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/329-vaicom/
  4. Does this work for manually spawning units back that have been spawned with F10 menu and then destroyed?
  5. Thank you sir! Worked as expected! :smilewink:
  6. Hey everyone, I tried looking up this issue, but was unable to find anything regarding it. When I assign the ptt in Viacom. Upon release of the ptt I get a thud sound. I've assigned the same key to press and release as required by the program. Can someone please help me with this?
  7. I know thread is a few months old. But I'm having trouble getting the AB script to run. I've up loaded the script I'm using (Airboss New.Lua) with the name changes I made. I put in the CVN-71, named it CVN-71 in game and in the script. I have moose running, and it's working. Here are some pics. Any help is greatly appreciated. Airboss New.lua
  8. I sent you a PM. Didn't see this until a week after you posted it. Sorry. Still looking for this grip.
  9. As the title says, I'm looking to buy a Virpil VFX grip. I'm in the USA.
  10. Did a review of the throttle on my channel .
  11. (FIXED)Haven't been able to find an answer to this, but the updater will launch, but it disables all the menu options. So, I can't go into settings and select build, or do anything really. Any one else have this issue in the past? I went in a deleted the skatezilla folder in app data/Local and re-ran the program and let it re-build the folder. Work's great now.
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