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  1. Hi all - current PTT issue with the UH-1H module is acknowledged and will be addressed in next plugin update. Thanks
  2. New callsigns acknowledged, will be supported in next plugin update. Thanks
  3. Aspect Switch commands are included in AIRIO build update Add to profile with FINISH steps.
  4. Hey @LT just to note that you're not on latest build there i.e. , should auto-update normally (not expected to make a difference for this case though) Your recipients counter on the PTT tab looks abnormally high with 945, could point to corrupt mission file maybe. Suggest to test with another one. Also perhaps try again with a stock profile using Config tab/Export button and import .vap in VA. Grtz
  5. Check on the PTT tab whether the radio device is active (powered) or greyed out. The Mosquito is in Early Access state and things are expect to evolve still on ED side.
  6. Can you try again with build from the website thanks
  7. Addressed in AIRIO build update on the website thanks
  8. New profile commands must be added as stated in the install notes. Refer to user manual pages 4 and 49.
  9. Plugin 2.5.26 and AIRIO 2.5.11 files can now be downloaded from the website https://www.vaicompro.com/downloads.html
  10. Hi all Upcoming plugin and AIRIO update is now scheduled for around November 15th. All the best, Hollywood
  11. Hi all While the creativity is appreciated, be mindful please that such workarounds are not supported and can lead to state conflicts/stability issues on your system. Having available either the standard wheel or AIRIO is by design. All functions of the standard wheel are available using the Jester..Options function. Use of it should only be needed in exceptional cases: AIRIO is intended to use live dialog instead. Thanks, Hollywood
  12. Just to inform everyone that AIRIO update will be scheduled once new functions have stabilized and moved into DCS release version. All the best
  13. All, The IC issues should be resolved with latest DCS update. If still an MP snag is seen please report here. Let's appreciate that openbeta is there to gather community feedback and that ED has listened and responded swiftly. Thanks for your support.
  14. Hi all, Just to make everyone aware that in latest DCS openbeta release VAICOM PRO no longer passes integrity check (IC) for Multiplayer. Also other legitimate mods such as DiCE appear to have been affected by this change. This has been flagged to ED in above thread, feel free to add your support by liking my post in order to have this addressed/reverted by ED team. Many thanks, Hollywood
  15. Hi, VAICOM PRO dev here. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/329-vaicom/ https://www.vaicompro.com/ Confirmed VAICOM PRO plugin currently no longer passes IC in DCS .12852 open beta. cockpit/scripts/device_init.lua referenced. Only becomes apparent once entering a slot: before green shields are shown. No such issues in DCS stable version .10869 Thanks, Hollywood
  16. Confirmed there is currently a snag with the keywords editor when creating a new alias for some keywords. Will be fixed in next update.
  17. The Hind will be added to the list of supported modules in next plugin update. In the meantime you can try using Easy Comms on with the Auto-import new modules option enabled (Config tab).
  18. This will be looked into for next AIRIO update thanks.
  19. Next AIRIO update will be addressing these thanks.
  20. Confirmed export of these keywords is not handled properly in VSPX mode currently. We'll have a fix in next update, thanks for flagging.
  21. DiCE is not on the list of compatible apps and has been know to cause conflicts so tread carefully. When testing, always disable all mods. @=Panther= enable Auto Switch. Thanks
  22. JTAC check in issue confirmed, thanks for flagging. Hotfix in build update
  23. Check VoIP Control slider on MP tab and restart VA.
  24. No worries. Yes because the features in VOIP Control column can be active in SP mode also, e.g. for offline SRS testing.
  25. Broadcast Parallel is the recommended setting when you don't use MP. Have a look and send me PM if you get stuck.
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