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  1. v8 is out F/A-18D v8 Change Log Added F/A-18C Gun Sparks check first page
  2. oh yes you can load the FA-18c controls to the mod
  3. Hey mate you can install it with out JSGME but once you install it and fly and works well, once the game dose a update it will break the mod and would have to reinstall the mod. JSGME is a great way to install mods that need to go into the Main game files. because when you load up JSGME and load the mod into the game you can use it to uninstall the mod and it will replace the original files back in and will not break the game. If you install the mod just straight in main game files it needs to over right 2 dcs main files and could cause a issue but as i said with JSGME if you install the mod with it and it breaks your game just unload the mod and it will replace files back automatic. its just a good way to not break main files from DCS.
  4. hey Josh 109, nice job on the D. would i be able to have a copy of the update for the EFGD?

    1. josh-109


      updated D model should be listed on the 1st page/ post 7.5 the EFG im not aloud to link it out due to CJS rules about giving out there product Ive already asked and showed them what Ive done to make it its own aircraft with out replacing the C model

  5. Updated Mod to 7.5 F/A-18D v7.5 Change Log Added ADM-141A
  6. i wish CJS superbug team would ok for a release edit what ive done. just the same thing as ive done but just made it its own aircraft. but they wont i just want to fly everything hahaha
  7. ok ill keep that in mind atm still doing some work on them, atm the C model is have texture issues but all 3 models are in with pits just working out payloads and fuel tanks and i have sent cdpkobra a message asking if he could help out with the model edit again like he did with the D hornet to allow it function like the DCS C model. still working on the gunpod it works just how and with payload
  8. hey mate yes i could i still have it floating around but if i was to release it i would like to get the model updated. to fix the nose gear in the ground and have the C model to work on carrier
  9. Love this AI Mod!!!!!!! with the E-7A just wondering if you could make the eye brow an args as i would like to make skins for the RAAF E-7A's but only a couple of them had the eye brows and the rest do not. And just one more thing xD could you do a updated C-17 Mod? that just over rights the DCS C-17. Like the F-117 mod did?
  10. speed brake idk what the go with it but sounds i don't think so but not to sure if someone dose would be cool
  11. One day i was messing around and i put the Hornet cockpit in the VSN F-35's and with the C we can fold wings and drop hook but cant land/take off from carrier the B just fly's like a A would would yous be keen on that or nah hahaha keep in mind it fly's just like the hornet and same as how much fuel but you can put a fuel tank on but i hid it so u cant see it on the aircraft and yes nose gear does sit in the ground a bit.
  12. i would love for someone to fix it but i think the only people that can fix it is VSN mod team as i believe it is the Collision.edm file that needs to be fixed as to get the mod to work i have to use the DCS F/A-18C_Collision.edm file to get the aircraft on the ground and not fall in it.
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