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  1. Printed the files up last night on resin printer and the alum tube 25mm OD fitted like a glove. Terry did you resize the latest .stl files? For Aussies I got the tube from Bunnings for $7aud. Thanks for the files Terry. Appreciate your efforts and ingenuity while I wait the couple of months for my Virpil to arrive.
  2. Mine is just mounted directly on top of the reverb with 3M dual lock tape. It was originally temporary and I was going to 3d print a right angle mount but it's working fine so still use it. Trying to mount on the curved fabric with tapes and velcros was pointless as they just wouldn't hold for very long.
  3. Mine is from batch 2 and has poor mura/DSE but I rarely notice it so doesnt really affect me. Although I might call support in case there has been an improvement but as its a function generally of LCDs and panels I am not expecting much. TVs have been suffering it for years and only really high end panels through cherry picking/binning seem to diminish it. :cry::huh:
  4. Doing a test now and its a nice improvement. Not accicentally jettison my weapons anymore ...lol. Seems stable and very useable. Liking it so far. Thanks again Kariyann. Nice job on the name and logo too :)
  5. The only time I have seen similar is when floor is set to the wrong height, except I have gotten the opposite, as in I am stuck at floorboard height. But it has only happened when using controllers in the steam home....never seen it in DCS. I usually do a floor reset before going into any games. There should be a reset floor button in the advanced steam menu (this is seperate to the steamVR menu quick calibrate and is done from inside steam room in VR) . Unless its in the Open VR advanced menu.....I will check. The other thing to try is do a room scale setup or vice versa seated/standing set up (I always calibrate while standing if possible), opposite to what you originally set up and see if that makes a difference. Are you using controllers in game or just mouse? I dont think its a DCS issue......do you have the beta and release version installed to try the other version to the issue?
  6. I have it running now and I think its quite promising. It is better than I thought it would be and Kariyann71 has done a stellar job helping me through my issues......which were finger trouble. So I thank him for his help and efforts on this project. I had not installed all the components as I thought some were obsolete versions of the same software.....my screwup. The instructions on github for the driver installation locations was also a bit confusing. Now its running I find it is easy to use for startup procedures and using the UFC for excellent immersion. Kariyann is going to make some more refinements so I am looking forward to testing those as they become available. Its early alpha but works as advertised already so can only get better. ;)
  7. Thats a bit of a shame with the Cosmos. After using the Vive Pro, very happily, for 8 months I was expecting a good high end product from HTC. It could also just be early day teething problems too.....they all have had some issue or two. I too ended up going the reverb route as I got sick of waiting for the Cosmos and Valve wont sell us the Index. But one issue is, now when I look up at vapour trails on tankers and C17s at 10 to 15k alt etc I seem to get double vision or quadripple vision with the vapour trails instead of just one white line........oh....hang on.....thats the individual engine trails......sorry my bad!!! :megalol::pilotfly::joystick::doh: Most of the issues with the Reverb are quite minor and most of the reviews tend to be over picky in the earlydays. Yes there is Mura in monotone scenes but its very lightweight to wear and comfortable with no godrays. Stickon ceiling hooks fix the heavier cable issue. Shimming the mask back an extra 4mm with a bit of velcro or stick on foam door trim will improve the sweet spot back to similar to most other headsets. I think you will be happy....plus HP support is on the ball unlike tales of HTC support. Just an fyi re sales and support......I ordered mine on a Wed morning and was in sim flying by lunchtime on Fri......and it had to be delivered to rural Qld. Any issues just pm me for settings etc. P.S. Doing room scale wont be an issue with the Reverb's mediocre controllers as you already have Lighthouse and Vive controllers which can be run very well together in about 90% of games using an app (OpenVR SpaceCalibrator)that allows compatability. Unless of course you sold them?
  8. Thanks Kariyanne. I got it running easily. It seems straightforward enough and simple to set up. I am using the HP Reverb. I get the red and green cubes and they turn on and off and on in game as they are supposed to but unfortunately I get no mouse or cursor. I tried Beta and stable DCS release version. Checked Leap motion calibration was ok. Checked Leap visual to see hands ok. So I experimented with the following to no avail: Start DCS first and DCleap second. Start DCleap first then DCS second. Changed the DCLeap resolution. Changed different mouse on/off settings, controller on/off settings etc in DCS VR settings. Checked Leap Motion calibration was ok. Removed all JGME mods. But still no mouse cursor except when I actually move the real mouse. Any thoughts or ideas. :)
  9. You wont regret it but it may be time to upgrade your computer to Amiga 500.....it is the 21st century afterall!:megalol::music_whistling::joystick:
  10. You can also map the move camera control to your joystick or throttle and have it there when you need it. In aircraft controls map "Cockpit camera move forward" or "Cockpit camera move back" to a switch or button. I use the paddle or pinkie switch and trim hat buttons on mine for up, down, forward and back. Just set the paddle swicth or button of choice as a modifier or switch. Then using the modifier, program and set the other ones on the POV trim hat switch to up, down, forward, back, left, right, centre etc.. You can save a new position to default by Ralt+Numpad 0 or map that as well. You can use any switch you want as a modifier (it works like a shift key) if it interferes or conflicts with an aircraft function. Sorry if you probably knew most of that but some folk might not be aware.......or like me forget.
  11. I agree that going just for a simple mouse pointer solution is a better idea for now. It's all we really need to get control. My leap has been sitting here getting no love at all at the moment. I'd love to beta test it when your ready :)
  12. Good Lordi people....its 2019....why isn't gyro stabilisation implemented in these spyglasses.....or was this part of the WWII pack....lol. J/K Thanks, nice add ED :) ;)
  13. The answer is actually 42. No one knows the question?:cry::helpsmilie:
  14. Nice concept adapting it for VR. I set up the wiimote system about 5 years ago and it worked very well on my 42" monitor. The difference I used was the remote fixed on a stand above and behind me and an old wireless mouse IR leds and switches fashioned into a golf glove on my hand for inputs on the screen. But then along came Oculus rift and never used it again. Of course now we have MilesD's Point ctrl being developed to provide full complex VR funtionality. The other use we can thank the nintendo wii sensors for is the birth of the current generation of the quadcopter and consumer drone industry. It all stemmed from the humble wii micro controller. Without the need for expensive proprietry corporate flight controllers, normal folk could source and progam all the functions for stable three and four prop quad copters. A couple of guys even started making their own flight controllers and selling them.....DJI!!!
  15. Ah.....ok. Thanks I hadn't come across that issue. Probably because I dont usually manually move the mouse much except when centering and use my head movements after that for pointing and clicking. Moving to pointctrl soon so this may become an issue manually moving mouse with hands.
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