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  1. What happened to the SR-71 mod? Was that not this forum? I recall the model was almost complete and I wanted to fly it. Also, I haven't seen any new campaigns or missions for this game in almost a year. What am I missing? Where's the beef? :)
  2. I haven't seen any new F-15 campaigns. I've been playing the 3 I have forever now and haven't seen a new one in about a year. I'm searching but just can't seem to find any. Any F-15 enthusiasts out there that can recommend some new/fresh missions/campaigns?
  3. What happened to the SR-71 Blackbird mod that was a work-in-progress. I've been away for awhile and now I come back and can't find it when I search. The model looked like it was 60-80% complete or so I thought. Is it available somewhere?
  4. I have a motherboard with 3 PCIX slots. I have 2 PCIX GeForce cards with SLI bridge and it's all that. But I have 1 slot that's empty and I was told to put a physics card in that slot. Do any of you use one? Does Lock On take advantage of it? If so, what kind do you recommend? How good is the performance increase?
  5. Thanks for the feedback Thanks for all the feedback. Yeah, I agree Top Gun was great, just not very realistic (by ANY stretch). And now that it's been brought out of the closet I have to burn my DVD of it. :cry: I've seen Stealth, and I also liked Fly Boys, but again I'm looking for something modern. So my list for now is: Speed and Angels The Hunters The Final Countdown If there's anything else let me know, but it sounds like all flight movies are black & white and old or gay. Oh yeah, I remember seening a movie at Blockbuster called "Into the Sun" with Michael Anthony Hall. I never watched it, but now it's like it's been erased from the past. Must have been bad. Thanks again and any other suggestions welcome.
  6. Can anyone recommend any hollywood film that have lots of good fighter jet footage? I've seen Top Gun and it's weak. I love Flight of the Intruder (my favorite). I've seen the stuff on Discovery like Red Flag (weak) but I'm not sure what else is out there? Where are the good flight movies? And I'm not talking WWII planes or fantasy stuff like Firefox. Any recommendations?
  7. While you may be right, I would find it very, VERY hard to believe that there aren't several (free for commercial use) models available. Moreoever, they've probably been available for 10 years.
  8. Dual The game has nothing to do with it. Your video card needs to support it. Then you can have 2, 3, 4, whatever. But realize that it's still 1 channel. So if you have 4 monitors it would be the case where each monitor displays 1/4 of the screen. For example, if you want to display your view in your HDTV and then have the map showing on the monitor, that won't happen. That would require 2 channels which the games doesn't support (to my knowledge).
  9. Why not visit a repository? Why not just download a model of the SR-71 and convert it to whatever format Lock-on uses? Maybe you just want to model it? That's cool too. By the way, what 3D modeler are you using and what format does Lock-on require for 3D models?
  10. Lock On Settings When I bought my Saitek X52 I had to go into the lock on settings and map most of the buttons and sliders. So you will likely have to do the same.
  11. Blue Angles Another incredible link! Although the caption is obviously wrong in the the water isn't coming from the lake. http://break.com/index/blue-angels-really-low-flyby.html
  12. I just thought I'd give something back! Enjoy! http://www.patricksaviation.com/videos/Guest/129/large/
  13. AT NIGHT?!?!?! OMG I can't imagine a night refueling! My problem is that I cannot stabilize the aircraft that well. Maybe I need to adjust the sensitivity of the joystick inputs? I mean, it wasn't that sloppy, but I found if I was off by 1-2 mph then that was it, they'd tell me to break off approach. Of course I've seen all of ironhand's videos, but perhaps I'll watch again. Thanks as usual!
  14. I consider myself to be a very proficient pilot. Certainly, I don't have the experience some of you veterans have, but I can fly a plane! I can land on carriers in most conditions. However, I attempted to refuel my F-15 with a KC-10 last night and it was a disaster. I tried for 30 minutes and eventually killed the entire crew in the KC-10 when I ran into the back of them. No matter how slight the movements I made, I couldn't do it. Is there a track to it? Can you autopilot refuel? Some missions I cannot complete because I suck at mid-air refueling. Help!
  15. Thanks for the video urze That really helped a lot. Thanks!
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