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  1. After discovered the pixel density option I think most of the people will look for 1080 Ti or Titan based on pascal chips (e.g. myself). Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Hi folks, I have a weird problem with my Hotas Warthog setup. Without touching the SCX and SCY buttons the throttle sends command as it's being used. Please check the video link below and let me know your opinion.:joystick: Thanks. http://youtu.be/e5HTG-ON-78
  3. Great news. I think it's time to get back to my cockpit. :thumbup:
  4. My condolences to you dear Polish friends. Also I should inform you Turkish administration announced that the day of Lech Kaczynksk funeral is going to be national mourning here. RIP who died at the plane crash.
  5. People I thank you very much for your kind wishes. I'm sorry that I saw the messages little bit delayed. ED game me a big birthday gift with FC2.0 also :) Good luck and good flights!
  6. Hi Herig, Copy Lock-On and Hyperlobby folders to under C:\Users\Public\ After that run the HL and set new LO folder. That's all :)
  7. That's great news indeed. I'd to return to my cockpit:thumbup:
  8. Great shots Ross! Thank you very much 4 sharing.:thumbup:
  9. From now on it'll serve in museum :)
  10. CHINA, TURKEY DEVELOP ADVANCED ROCKET WASHINGTON [MENL] -- China and Turkey have developed and marketed an advanced rocket. Industry sources said Ankara and Beijing have completed development of the B-611 rocket. The sources said the B-611 marked a secret Chinese-Turkish project meant to supply artillery-based rockets to both countries as well as client states, particularly in the Middle East. "We also have to consider a gray area, in which a couple of Chinese companies are now marketing artillery rockets that border on the edge of short-range ballistic missiles," Richard Fischer, a leading U.S. expert on China's military, said. "The B-611 was developed in cooperation with Turkey, the WS-2." The WS-2 was termed a Chinese rocket with a range of up to 180 kilometers. Sources said the WS-2 was a variant of the Soviet-origin Frog-7. The brother of the B-611, the WS2 rocket: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agoX9KXZ50Y
  11. Hi Raven... I updated your code at our website. Regards. www.lockontr.com www.lockonstats.com
  12. Turkey exports military stuff since 1995. If I remember correct they exported huge amount SHORAD system on Feneks to Netherland last time. Our products mostly goes to Azerbycan, Georgia, Eygpt, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Netherland, Pakistan, South Korea etc.
  13. That's correct. Yes, however in Turkey we call it Tufan-90 (Storm-90)
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