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  1. @IronMike I just quickly wanted to drop in after reading this thread and tip my hat at you, good sir. The patience and contenance of an angel seems to be required at times, the struggle to keep discussion on a civilized level is a constant one. Quite frankly, it seems to me the most passionate communities can be the most difficult to handle, often being very emotionally invested in their hobbies. I fully appriciate the transparent and well laid-out development decisions I've been reading about in this and other threads in this subforum. As others in this and other threads, I hold the F-14 as well as several other modules in DCS very dearly in my heart, for the crowning archivements that they embody in the rich history of flight simming for decades to come. Stay strong and always keep in mind: Great enjoyment and contentness by nature don't lead to the loudest feedback. You and your team made and will make dreams come true, and that is what most of us are all here for!
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