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  1. This is for the mission where you fly through the valley/mountains and end up having to perform an emergency landing. Not being familiar with emergency procedures in the F/A-18, with the power out loosing FBW has resulted in me end up in a couple of unrecoverable spins turning towards the airfield. In normal conditions, I can land the aircraft without issue but and I'd be happy to keep attempting this emergency landing but there's no "checkpoint" before the landing. This means every time I die I have to fly through the valley all over again. I literally quit the game after this happened a few times in frustration. As an extra note - this might be a bug - on one of my retry take-offs at the beginning of this mission I ended up getting shot down with guns by one of the aicraft in the area shortly after take-off
  2. I think you're setting your expectations too low.
  3. I mean I'm fine with that, things happen. But what a disappointment this week turned out to be.
  4. There's the VRACG (the squadron I'm in and I recommend you join :P ) There's also AEF 161 and OCG. If there are any other major ones I'd be interested to know as well.
  5. AEF 161 is an Australasian community, we have a few Kiwis in 161 SQN, not sure if they're specifically from Rotorua though. You can check it out over at http://www.aef-hq.com.au/aef4/forum.php
  6. I'm trying touch and goes on the Instant Action mission(edited to remove the two other Mirages that take off) which has no externals at all and I've just tested flairing hard on landing contrary to what I was thinking at 14 AoA and what is indicated by the manual and this seems to help I'll need to do more touch and goes but yeah, surprised a flair is needed. I think Frederf's advice was sound.
  7. Hi Grandad, just been trying to figure out what I've been doing wrong here as well and I've just watched the in game track instead of Tacview and noticed when I hit the ground it's not actually my gear buckling but my exhaust catches on fire. Do you find in some cases this happens and in others it doesn't? I watched the track closely and the tail doesn't even seem to be impacting, is this what's happened to you?
  8. Hey All, Having some issues getting the M2000C down safely, I seem to be getting landings down over 50% of the time but the other times I seem to smash into the runway and wreck my landing gear/plane/pilot. I'm using approach mode, keeping the FPM on the runway as best I can and holding my throttle acceleration chevrons. This seems to keep my speed around 150 all the time. What I'm not sure about is how to handle things when you're close to the runway, how do I adjust my speed and the FPM? Watching my tracks in Tacview I'm noticing consistently on all my failed landings that my vertical speed spikes, I'm not sure how it could be a stall because when I compare my successful tracks my AoA and speed seem about the same. What could I be doing in error that's causing my increased VS and my catastrophic landings? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi Guys, I know one of the mods was going to post a guide on how to do this but I've just jimmied up something. I'm not sure if there are specific command line switches to make this easier and my batch is a bit rusty so this might not be as elegant but here you go: 1. In your DCS install folder make a folder called CUST_SRC 2. Inside this folder make the following: DCS.bat DCS_VR.bat dcs_variant_novr.txt dcs_variant_vr.txt DCS_UPDATE.bat 3. If it currently exists in your dcs install folder, copy the dcs_variant file to CUST_SRC, this applies for beta and alpha generally. 4. Edit DCS.bat to contain: set GAME_PATH="H:\Games\DCS World" echo "%GAME_PATH%" if exist %GAME_PATH%\dcs_variant.txt ( del %GAME_PATH%\dcs_variant.txt ) copy %GAME_PATH%\CUST_SRC\dcs_variant_novr.txt %GAME_PATH%\dcs_variant.txt cd %GAME_PATH% start bin\dcs_updater.exe 4.1. Change GAME_PATH to be your DCS install directory 5. Edit DCS_VR.bat to contain: set GAME_PATH="H:\Games\DCS World" echo "%GAME_PATH%" if exist %GAME_PATH%\dcs_variant.txt ( del %GAME_PATH%\dcs_variant.txt ) copy %GAME_PATH%\CUST_SRC\dcs_variant_vr.txt %GAME_PATH%\dcs_variant.txt cd %GAME_PATH% start bin\dcs_updater.exe 5.1. Edit GAME_PATH to be your DCS install directory **STEP 6 MAY BE OPTIONAL BUT I'M NOT SURE IF UPDATER LOOKS AT dcs_variant.txt** 6. Edit DCS_UPDATE.bat to contain: set GAME_PATH="H:\Games\DCS World" echo "%GAME_PATH%" if exist %GAME_PATH%\dcs_variant.txt ( del %GAME_PATH%\dcs_variant.txt ) if exist %GAME_PATH%\CUST_SRC\dcs_variant.txt ( copy %GAME_PATH%\CUST_SRC\dcs_variant.txt %GAME_PATH%\dcs_variant.txt ) cd %GAME_PATH% start bin\dcs_updater.exe update 6.1. Edit GAME_PATH to be your DCS install directory 7. Edit dcs_variant_vr.txt to contain the name of what you want the save to be. For release I entered releaseVR. Note that any . you enter will be truncated. If your folder had the existing dcs_variant I suggest opening that and naming it similar ie betaVR or alphaVR 8. Edit dcs_variant_novr.txt to contain the name of what you want the save to be. For release I entered releaseNOVR. Note that any . you enter will be truncated. If your folder had the existing dcs_variant I suggest opening that and naming it similar ie betaNOVR or alphaNOVR 9. OPTIONAL: Go to your user folder and open the Saved Games folder (usually C:\Users\username\Saved Games\ , find your DCS release branch and copy it twice renaming it to for example DCS.releaseVR and DCS.releaseNOVR this preserves your current settings and key bindings. I would suggest leaving your existing folder intact. Hope this helps, your key bindings and graphics settings remain separate as well. Any questions post in this thread.
  10. Same issue here but it includes small clusters of objects as well. Running VR but in certain situations like in Kutasi my FPS plummets. Running pretty much everything on low, looking at INDIVIDUAL CORE usage no core goes beyond about 60% and my gpu never goes beyond 40% usage. If this is directx calls like we keep hearing, I would of thought at least one of my cores should be at 100% usage being hung up making calls to my GPU or something along those lines; but basically my CPU are GPU are both just chilling out. Additionally my system memory and GPU memory are also not being fully utilised with GPU not going past about 3-4Gb. Temps are also perfectly fine with my CPU not going anywhere near past 50C and my GPU pretty much at idle temps. Also running DCS World off of an SSD so I don't imagine textures being read in is a problem either. Something is fundamentally wrong with the way the engine is rendering, if the rendering issues were resolved we VR people could probably crank pixel density up for readable cockpits and the like. Also, why are so many individual objects rendered? I'm no expert here but surely big clusters of objects could be created as a single object and rendered that way? Like whole towns etc, it would make more sense to me considering how poorly DirectX apparently performs in this regard. Sure we might have bigger map files but the performance would surely be better?
  11. Readability was a massive jump for me on 2.0, have you made sure the format of the options file is correct? (ie trailing , and all that) You're definitely still going to see things as imperfect due to VR's current resolution limit but things like the HUD, Instruments and TAD should go from illegible to clear or at least clear enough to be consistently legible
  12. Really stoked this has aided you guys. Running a 1080 here on a 3770k CPU had to tweak my settings a little from the default VR settings and it's definitely playable for me but I've not jumped in MP, just Instant Action and ramp start. Going back on shift for the next 4 days so hopefully some other chums can do some in depth testing to see if they can find some reasonable settings. I'm currently on 2.0 density and plan on testing 1.5 and some other settings to see how I go.
  13. Ok guys, after the latest patch failed to assist I had a look and discovered we can actually increase pixel density. I've tested and... THE A-10C HUD IS READABLE. How to: go to your steam install path for me this is C:\Games\Steam for many it will be C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam Enter the config directory Open steamvr.vrsettings in notepad or your preferred text editor(sublime etc not word) Under "steamvr" add "renderTargetMultiplier": 2.5 (with a multiplier of your choice) IMPORTANT: between each item there should be a , EXCEPT for the last one(so Python programmers beware) Mine looks like this for example: "steamvr" : { "allowReprojection" : true, "background" : "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ViveSetup\\Updater\\viveNight.png", "renderTargetMultiplier": 2.5 }, Notice my renderTargetMutliplier has no trailing , Beware this will affect all games so you may want to adjust or remove it between games. You may also need to tweak your graphics settings again. Finally... PROFIT
  14. I've checked my options.lua file and it's definitely got the density set as 2.5. I mean I could be expecting too much but I'm not seeing any improvements. Rift guys says when they increased it through their SDK they could read the HUD, I literally can't see any difference and it's still unreadable as before.
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