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  1. Hud is on ACL and the VDI is on ILS. There is a large difference between the two. ACL seems to bring you in very low much to the annoyance of the LSO. So low that you often touch down between rampstrike and 1 wire.
  2. Hi there, Noticed with F14 after latest patch yesterday (unsure if if was there prior) that if you put the hud on ILS and VDI on ACLS the two do not match. ILS matches with meatball and ACLS brings you in a lot shallower (lower). Both localiser match. only glide has the discrepancy. Landing with ACLS and all automatics in, the f14 will just miss a ramp strike and will touch down between the ramp and 1 wire. Ver.
  3. Since patch, AI after catapult from supercarrier will pull huge amounts of alpha on take off. So much so that a heavy hornet will crash into the sea every time. F 14b will also pull huge alpha but has the power to manage to not crash. I jumped into a hornet with a heavier weight than the AI and can take off of the carrier just fine, while the AI next to me just noses up and slowly sinks until it hits the water. Version Update 21.07.2021 Only tested with Super carrier, hornets and F-14b
  4. ok great, will give it a go and let you know {EDIT} Unfortunately it appears it didn't work. Tried with two different helicopters and unfortunately same. Checked by jumping on Official TTI servers and it works there.
  5. Thanks for the missions, they are great, but i have one problem @deadlyfishes and most likely my error somewhere I have your TTI mission (latest version) and am having problems with CSAR. I have activited CSAR in the LUA and csar missions spawn correctly and do all that is required when a helicopter is close. But the ADF frequency from a CSAR pilot does not seem to register (as in there is no signal if you tune it in). I have played around with it a lot and cant get it to work. I jumped into the official TTI servers online and can tune the CSAR frequencies there. So that means it works in the game and i can tune frequencies. That just leaves me making the mission and doing something wrong there. For the helicopters i have followed naming instructions. So am scratching my head where i have botched it up. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I agree. There is no option like the UH1H where you can choose solo. Not as far as i can see. I too would love to know how i can change seats in multiplayer.
  7. I have the exact same problem using TWS AUTO. if i can't move elevation, i try everything (lock blank space, use ACM modes Auto Ack modes, etc) then after a while the elevation will go to -99 and stay there. No controller binding conflict, and keyboard commands cannot rectify the problem instead of using axis. I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with AUTO mode in TWS.
  8. in relation to this previous thread. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=283992 I have noticed that on the carrier doing a FULL align, the CCIP fall line is constantly wrong, even to the point where it is horizontal at target. Playing around with alignment it seems that using STD HDG when aligning does NOT cause this issue and the fall line is correct after the quick align. Full alignment is done on carrier with wheel chocks in place until alignment is complete. Picture is to confirm alignment with chocks in. Unfortunately track file de-syncs and picture of hud no available. Version is
  9. @bignewy There may be a problem with alignment on the carrier causing the issue. I would kindly ask to check doing a cold start full align on a moving carrier versus a hot start or ground start. Ground start seems to not cause problems. Also having extremely poor results post patch where prior on a moving carrier there was no issue.
  10. since update, i am getting a "TAINTED CLIENT" due to changing the viewporthandling.lua to move my kneeboard from bottom right of screen to top left of screen. I have 2 small monitors running my MFD's and can't read the kneeboard in the default position. It never used to cause tainted client. But does now in the latest patch. Any workarounds people know about ? Cheers
  11. @Ductch_baron Thank you very much. Indeed it was the virpil airbase mod. I would never have thought that. Disabled the mod and all fine. I will get rid off it properly. Thank you very much.
  12. Hi there, Since update, I am receiving the following errors with tainted client for multiplayer. Only started happening since latest open beta patch. textures/su-27_detail I am not running any mods with relation to the su27. Any ideas where this file is to delete and reload ? I have tried Satezillas tool and have done a clean and repair. But it still happens. Doesn't happen on every server, only sometimes. Any help appreciated. :helpsmilie:
  13. I can confirm same. You know, sometimes it just gets hard to pluck the enthusiasm when its always an uphill struggle
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