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  1. This is exactly the reason I suggested that Eagle should do a variant discount based on how much code they share. As I expect the people willing to buy both would increase with the discount.
  2. Interest and what is accessible does. The commonality increases the odds. If that is the case then the usmc d sounds interesting
  3. If done right, they will be stealthy and really deadly. I would add the J-20 for the modern scenarios
  4. Any chance of an ai B-2, F-22 or F-35. I don't expect to have them flyable but ai would still be cool.
  5. When we get the dynamic campaign, will the user be able set an order of battle or place units on the map, or will everything be automated? I hope we can get some input besides coalitions. I'd love to have an option where we can select aircraft and vehicle types place them on the map and set supply rules. As well as give each side time limits. For example I would love to do a campaign where we fight operation overlord with a modern units vs WW II ones.
  6. This is on my list of ways to improve buildings. I would also want to have hollow buildings with windows so troops can shoot out from them.
  7. A Battle of Britain campaign would be awesome
  8. The scud is a ballistic missile but I want some for both sides for all eras possible
  9. I think it would be awesome to add have Volgagrad both modern and WWII on the map
  10. One of the reasons I suggested using the Kneeboard, is that there is a lot going on with the keyboard as it is. All that matters is we have them, there is a common key
  11. the true DCS world Korea is way over due. We need to add some Red military assets to the World War II asset pack and some Korean war assets to DCS core or bunfle them with the map. Vietnam will be awesome- I think you can probably guess I would love to fly over North Vietnam an in F-4 with the New Jersey shelling SAMs sights I'd love the baltic, if the balkans and agian are done right they could also be WWII maps
  12. Phantoms and Tomcat vs Mirages and MiGs in the gulf will be awesome
  13. This is my attitude about the Phantom and MiG-21. I want the classic Vietnam and later cold war variants. Then later get the Super Phantom 2ks.
  14. The MIdway will awesome. As would the Kittyhawks. If I had my way the F-8 would come with a Vietnam Essex, the A-6 would come with the Kittyhawks, the F-4 and A-7 would have the Midway or Enterprise. Though I would also like other members of the Gulf of Tonkin Yacht club
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