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  1. I know the F-105 is proabbly impossible due to the avionics. However, I don't believe any version of the F-84 had radar, so the biggest issue would be the flight model.
  2. Only if we get a Beka valley MP mission we have most of the elements either on the table or in the works Syria/ Israel border MiG-21 Bis -----in the works------ MiG-23 F-4 Kfir Now add the F-16A , F-15A and possibly Mirage III(add the Mirage III even if they weren't used in that operation)
  3. I know they are working on the south Atlantic but I suspect the cold war asset pack will be next.
  4. The 1943 battle would be out of the I-16's time line, but ideally we would get assets for both Operation Barba Rosa and operation Citadel. there was combat in both periods in South West Russia and Northren Ukraine. As for the cold war asset pack- I know Razbam is working on the South Atlantic right now. I don't have any complaints there-it builds the eco system I am always going on about. However, do you know what will they do after the South Atlantic?
  5. As I said earlier who exactly builds given asset or map is irrelvent, however I do expect them to build something workable for the different modules. The ultimate test for whether an eco system works is can you build a multiplayer mission with the historical mode on using factions/nations that are likely to operate in a given theater.
  6. I really don't give a fine flying flip who does it. I'd just like to see it. With the F4U coming out, I expect to see the WWII asset pack to get some ships that served in both theaters, followed by PTO specific assets. I also expect the F6F will be the next Pacific asset after the f4U. I really think if Octopus G has the resources that it would be a smart move to work on a Kursk or Spanish civil war map. I believe Razbam has mentioned a Cold War asset pack. I don't know their schedule or if that is still being planned
  7. The problem with doing it that way, is the fact it would limit what you could do with that base, I think it would be a good idea to have waypoints for different landing instructions as well as alternative base. A real life example late in World War II when the allies were preping for a possible invasion of Japan, Iwo Jima and the Marianas. The USAAF operated B-29s out of the Marianas and Iwo Jima was a fighter base that also served as an alternate base for damaged B-29s.
  8. I really don't want another desert map but I'll probably buy the right one(who am I kidding I have everything), I would like to see Eagle and the other developers work on other theaters. IMHO ED needs to think about a PVP ecosystem for each modules. That would involve the following Theater associated with the module An opfor ai assets for the theater I get it will be a while before we get a Vietnam map, the jungle will make our CPUs melt. So I'm assuming Eagle and the other developers have been focused on desert because the maps are less resource intensive. Out of the new maps that have been announced I am happier about the Kola Peninsula map. While I am not sure if how much of the map, if any will be Sweden, I see it as a home for the Viggen. So I'm hoping to see some more cold war assets Next Like @Rudel_chw I really want a Korean map as well as Red for assets for the Korean war. We have the F-86, F-51, MiG-15 and the F4U is coming out we have a passable line up. Also as I keep stating we need something for the I-16 as it is an ignored module. Now back to the issue of Desert Maps, if we get another one, let's say an Iran/Iraq map could ED at least introduce some technology which connects all the Mid East maps?
  9. SharpeXB is a gigantic waste of time Tackview plus all the other requests would be awesome.
  10. The Kentucky would be an awesome mod. I know if we got an Iowas class module I would hope someone did a Kentucky mod. I figure if the Navy had built a new class of battleships to replace the Iowas something like that except vls tubes to replace turret 3.
  11. I know great mod support is one the things I like about Bethesda. Mods make things better. Ideally I want to see ED and the other developers add every possible but until then Mods will have to be a place holder I got him on ignore too.
  12. If a unit has been placed on the map before the historical filter is turned on its still there
  13. Tacview isn't a default feature in DCS but it should be --part of the trac system ACMI view
  14. How about the same time as multicore. Multicore is about 9 months late so Eagle needs to focus on that. Still I think it would be awesome if Eagle worked on a deal with the folks doing TacView and incorporated into DCS core.
  15. I don't really care how they do it, just give me a way to filter out mods when designing a mission. Though ideally I'd want the following The ability to select a stand in asset An option for an install and update link- in other words a built in mod manager
  16. I think Eagle needs to hold off on another desert map until they can link all the Middle East maps together. Right now here is my map wishlist. In any order Fulda gap anything Europe and old war- two variants an early variant for the F-86 and MiG-15 and a later variant for everything else (some ocean for carrier ops would be nice) Korea -1950s and possibly modern Solomon islands for the F4U WW II Caucus for the I-16 Kursk/ Ukraine for the I-16, (any new Red AF module would be welcome) Italy - WW II Vietnam- 3 or 4 eras here 1950s for the F4U ( Dien Bien Phu), 1960s map, late 1970s map for the China Vietnam war, and modern for the Flanker Spain for the I-16
  17. I am with you. Dcs the digital combat simulator not desert combat simulator. I want Korea next.
  18. I know about that which is why something to mark or filter mods wouldn't be too difficult
  19. If it's part of dcs core then modders dont need to rename everything
  20. It would be nice to see a mod get marked with a mod tag. For example something like this (mod) HMS Hermes This way as new assets get added we can tell if we have mod or official DCS asset
  21. Something like that would be awesome, though I have advocated breaking the sections up. For example if the historical mode is off and we're selecting the Iowas we might see the following each <section></section> should be read as a different drop down <type>battleship</type> <class>Iowa</class>- we'd see all the battleship classes available then in this case select Iowa <subclass></sublcass> not used ---fitting I am listing all possible fittings I can think of-- <fitting>WWII</fitting> <fitting>Korea</fitting> <fitting>Vietnam</fitting> <fitting>1980s</fitting> ---The ship and fitting could be swapped even if the differnce between ship A and B is a livery I think they should be listed here though that would require altering the code for liveries a bit and adding a ship tag-- <ship>Iowa(bb-61)</ship> <ship>New Jersey(bb-62)</ship> <ship>Missouri (BB-62)</ship> <ship>Wisconsin (BB-63)</ship> ---optional, if Eagle changes the code so mod builders could add what if ships we might have the following added--- <ship>Mod- Illinois(BB-64)<ship> <ship>Mod- Kentucky (BB-65)<ship> <sublcass>Mod- Kentuky guided missile battleship(mod)<subclass> <ship>Mod-Kentucky (BBg-1)<ship> <ship>Mod-Illinois(BBg-2)<ship> Something combining both styles of drop downs could work better
  22. I think the Syria and Sinai maps could be a good place to work on that tech
  23. With the Sinai map coming out it looks like we'll have two adjacent maps. (Syria and the Sinai) if this is the case it would be awesome to have give DCS some way to merge the map while flying or in the mission editor. I know it will be huge for DCS but it would be a good feature
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