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  1. Im curious about this as well.The internet agrees that mach 2.4ish is the top speed for the A model. I dont think ive ever seen anything above mach 1.6 (but I usually only fly the B) Can any SMEs actually provide the realistic top speed and whats required to reach that Mach value? Then there is confusion about mach vs knots to measure top speed (at least in my head)
  2. I think the map is worth the money but I also think its the worst looking map in DCS (I fly VR but I also see the same issues in video) and I also don't believe the issues can be fixed with a reasonable amount of time and most issues will persist beyond EA as they are side effects of its design path. The map is large and in many cases looks great at high altitude but it suffers below 10k my primary issues are as follows 1) The textures are low quality and look like they have been painted on a cloth and pulled over a low poly mesh this actually works well higher up and for most places that aren't mountains. The mountains look bad close up very flat 2) Repeating textures cause straight lines or patterns to form boxes that then create rows. This is really ugly in VR it occurs in snow and terrain at lower altitudes. You get banding that is very distracting and unpleasant 3) Fake stuff like: fake roads, lakes, Rivers, river valleys and general terrain features. You'll fly along and go I can fly up that river channel and hide. You get down low and there is no river channel. You see a cliff face with a shadow that's baked in and does not match time of day. 4) Lots of straight lines where apparently the is an image seam that features a time of year shift. It looks like a fence that has grazing animals next to a plot of land that does not except its many many miles long and in lots of places The above are my main issues and I believe most of this is a side effect of using satellite imagery. Would I recommend this map? yes but its also the worst looking map in DCS but that doesn't mean its bad. I would rate 6.5/10 its going to have plenty of fans who will love it and for good reason but I suspect its also going to be the source of a lot of criticism for good reason as well. As for EA. I thought about that as I was flying over looking at the massive size and most of the above issues to me feel overwhelming to solve maybe in 3 to 4 years. SA is a barren landscape in real life and that is fine (take a look at PG) but when a lot of the interesting features have been faked and don't even exist that doesn't help. I suspect the heli community will pretty much reject SA in its entirety the thought of a heli mission on that map seems quite unappealing to me. ( although Im sure some sections would be quite entertaining)
  3. ED should have bought SRS and fully integrated it so it was no longer downloaded overlay.
  4. is it the same issue as this? In my experience the crew wont respond to an aircraft pulling up if a tomcat is occupying 1 of the 2 spots.
  5. The track I last posted is free of scripts its just a quick mission with 2 players a host and a client. The track is from the client side. The last time I remember tracks playing back correctly was with the a-10 before DCS world...as far as I know tracks have been broken for like a decade. Im just assuming they dont play them back but analyze them other ways... If you create a zip file from them you can open them up and see a folder structure. @Flappie were you able to get the track to function in a way that would help with this issue? Is there anything else I can provide to help with this?? Thanks.
  6. I would increase some graphics settings until you get closer to 80 to 90 % GPU utilization use higher textures and make sure DCS VR settings pixel density is set to 1. This will likley have little impact on your CPU issue but there is a slight chance it could unload it a bit. on the Plus side you'll get some VR clarity improvements. -Gun
  7. lots of probably good suggestions here but I didn't see the important thing mentioned. Dont watch the basket! There now its easy. you'll focus on the basket pod (near where the fuel line connects on the tanker) and keep tabs from time to time on the basket with your peripheral vision and notes for jester you'll never focus on the basket The plane will be trimmed (i dont use bomb mode) and you'll advance slow watching the pod on the tanker wing. Once you connect advance forward probably 1/3 the line length and you''ll focus 100% on keeping the pod on the taker wing in the same spot using a canopy reference point of your choice (normally the pod is near the upper right section of the canopy bow frame for me) you'll never take your eyes off this ref point or look at the basket or fuel gauge.
  8. Ive never observed the issue occurring with hornets. I see pairs of hornets hook up on SC all the time no issues. Throw a f14 in the mix and things go to hell real quick.
  9. Here is a new track very contrived. Short sweet. 1 f14 1 f18. F14 hooks up f18 can not until f14 launches. Online play. This is from the client machine not the host machine. @Flappie moving_ducks-20220331-200139.trk
  10. This is like a year+ old topic... but yep still relevant!
  11. I gave autopilot a try with FFB MSFFB2. All the stability augs are on. I can now switch up on Alt hold and heading hold switch and they stay put. I can now toggle up on autopilot sw and I get "set ref" Climb is trimmed to under 1000FPM plane is nice and level. I hit NWS button "set ref" goes out. plane drifts away and either slow climb or dive and makes no attempt to hold any altitude. Suggestions? Thanks -Gun
  12. its like a 5 min long track from through the inferno with like 4 planes stuck on the cat trying to hook up. any suggestions on what I could do different??? @Flappie
  13. @BIGNEWY@Flappie Hey guys any chance yet to review the track files?
  14. Thanks for the Reply guys. Those explanations make sense and for the time being if you are struggling with the IHADSS focal plane set the image to "both eyes" and I found that personally improved things quite a bit.
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