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  1. In an hour of work I've made a mission that has a carrier with CAP harriers, AI and player A4s making attacks on the landing force at San Carlos Bay. A whole battle at Goose Green with Super Tucanos attacking the brits. All in less than ideal weather conditions. Our group had a wonderful time playing on this map, with an excellent feel for the Falkland's and the missions. On the Royal Navy side we had Harriers scrambled and looking for an incoming raid, had a dogfight, then flew as ARA on a hair-raising low-level attack on the bay. No one complained of performance issues. Well done Razbam! Los
  2. The curves are a good idea. Otherwise It is just something to get used to, as real pilots do. Different controllers have different feels. BTW in real aircraft controls feel different. Its just a thing real pilots deal with and so can you. Apart from real airframes I have multiple PCs and flight rigs at my place, (Warthog on one virpil on another), just fly through it.
  3. Wed ight Helo Ops with the point control crowd. Lead is a retired UH-1 pilot
  4. If Belarus invades Ukraine it could change the availability as sanctions kick in. Better to order sooner rather than later.
  5. Sometimes whole battles are fought without tanks being involved. Who knew?
  6. The Hornet itself IMO doesn't confer on you any special abilities to fly the Apache and certainly is not required. Well I guess both airframes require you to mash buttons in a particular order so there is that. The 64 is fun!
  7. A few tips with George. Make sure you master the command interface and understand what everything does. Sorry for the obvious point here but many issues with this bird are operator headspace and timing (player errors) not some flaw with the bird. EG. You don't want to be moving forward at 70 knots and then mean to do a long press to gain altitude but hit a short press instead and crash into a tree) Make sure you give the pilot him enough height clearance. If you say 40' and there's a tree at 41 feet, he's going to run into it (Which is stupid..fix that ED!) So think through your commands since you are essentially the commander of that bird and you should be thinking through your directions anyway. (read: Pull finger out before issuing commands) Most Important: if you he is in a hover and you want him to lose say 100', don't just mash the down command 5 times in a row. He will try to loose all 100' at once and get you into VRS. He is good at loosing 10-30 feet at a time ( bird weight, weather etc. factors impact this) As a pilot the selecting targets and giving commands can be think without additional practice. The AI seems to be better with missiles than guns of rockets but that could be still me with eth parameters and also understanding everyone's constraints. SO take your time with flying and giving orders and be deliberate and avoid haste (eg issue stand off) to work him onto targets. Live CPGs understand the difficulty of acquiring stuff with a pilot struggling to hover. Maybe the AI has the same issue?
  8. IT's possible you opened someone else's mission and they had it in there. The pilot ground mod is a static infantry object pilot for designers to use in ground missions. I believe this is it:
  9. There is a push button on the weapon MFD to set it to fixed.
  10. It’s covered in their in game tutorial as well.
  11. We integrate CA into our mission regularly. We might be doing a combat assault so we use CTLD to spawn troops to lift at a FARP. Once troops are deposited we use CA (simply and quickly I might add) to move them around to assault positions. We always have a tactical commander present. Sometimes if we need TACP or some someone gets shot down they jump into a ground unit and guide us on to targets. From what it does we are happy to have it. If you want real ground combat...well that's why god created Steel beasts or Arma. (Coincidently once I remapped my CA controls to be similar to Steel beasts, it made things easier). It is nice to have some control over ground forces when we need it, after all there no point to air operation except to make sure there are boots on the target. This is not to take away from criticisms that ED appear to have put minimal effort into CA other than make the models look nice. The interface could be easier, and how the units function on the ground, and how they interact with the terrain to create effective ground combat simulation leaves work still to be done. But I'm certainly happy to have it.
  12. That's your basic Cockpit visual recon, its a general feature in DCS:
  13. Here ya go first flight actual 9500-hour helo pilot at the helm:
  14. “Anyone else seeing this” Yes we are encountering this tacan offset issue as well. It makes things extra difficult as you can imagine. In the video above we could see the tacan but the signal location remained stationary at the position of cv start at the beginning of the mission even as the cv itself continued steaming south.
  15. It's a nice ride even in its early state. We are incorporating it into our operations. Thanks for the great work.
  16. Either way, our squadron we were doing some case III-ish stuff anyway with our Lot-ATC controller. Just...because we are gluttons for punishment.
  17. “ my thought was how long or is it possible to consider yourself a "pilot"? “ I am a real pilot and a sim pilot. When you get down from flying something that can get you killed if you aren’t being diligent and professional, then you will understand the gulf between sim and real. Also there is this telling statement: "I need to go fly tonight to chill out and clear my mind" In real flying you are not "chilling out and clearing your mind", you are always thinking, always calculating, parsing and assessing all kinds of data, and always on guard. (at least anyone that wants to stay alive) There is a part of your mind that enjoys what's going on, and oohs and ahhs are appreciated after the fact. Hopefully one enjoys this intense thinking and concentration and balances it with the big picture of the experience. The The more dangerous the flying activity the ...just more... everything is. Clear mind and chill out in real flying is a hazard.
  18. Los

    A-29 Super Tucano

    You keep painting them, we'll keep flying them....
  19. We discuss short and soft field takeoffs
  20. Los

    Gong Downtown?

    Here are two custom screens/Themes/Music for the VSN_F105Thus and Wild Weasel VSN_F105 Custom Menu Screen and music theme (digitalcombatsimulator.com) VSN_F105 Custom Menu Screen and music theme THUD Pilot (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
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