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  1. but you said that in one of the wolfpack missions, you had to fix something of the rescue on watter if I don't remember bad. So in case we are going to land on watter can we exit the mission before arriving the parachute into water if we asked for a water rescue? Still our pilot wouldn't be dead I guess.
  2. I broke the engine because the stupid cool problem with the P51 in just 10 seconds, and I had to ditch into water. Reported, they said that 30 minutes wait.. end mission, a draw. Repeat. Maybe is not working right the rescue on sea? Thanks
  3. So we will need to wait until they release the new cooling system, because right now enter a fight with an AI that always climbs and slow down, it is impossible.. so everytime waiting for them to go down while we fly horizontally. Another plane in the hangar. And then, there are other warbirds that it is incredible difficult to break the engine as the P47.
  4. if the map is great, and good price. why not? Even we set fictional missions with units and places that never had any war.
  5. what I have seen is that sometimes switching fast between ch1 and 2 makes the voice comes again. Sometimes....
  6. Japo32

    Mission 2

    Another problem I have found is that when I set the channel2, yes, the frequency changes to 130mhz, but I don't hear control, so a lot of orders and missing. If I change sometimes between channel1 and channel2 then sometimes I can hear control.
  7. Well. in my case I need the menus because sometimes I forget what was the word to say something.... but specially the F10 menu commands that are part of multiple single player campaigns.
  8. This is only related with options menu, that I think is one of the most important ones to work with VR. That doesn't mean that anyone that has "no problem with menus" works perfectly well in other commands, or any with issues in menus don't work at all with other commands. For that I would need to checkout all the commands for each aircraft. BUT I think that if it is not working good with the menus options, then there is a good chance that don't work with other commands perfectly well. For example, the F14 don't have any problem with menus, but have a lot with airio commands.
  9. In my case I won't buy any other addon for Vaicom until work is done to fix multiple bugs the program has. When that occurs and I see active support here back in forums from him, I sure will support it again.
  10. yes, the sabre has only Tx1 assigned as it only has one radio ptt. The TX5 is not necesary to press for me to be recognized to any other modules. All, even the bad menu operations, works good with voice commands as "inbound" or "rearm" usually.
  11. I will reply in this email making changes to it, as I re-test with new indications. I will do the reset VoiceAttack and DCS switching between modules: 4. AJS37 Viggen - Still the same problem. Voice commands to move between menus are seen, but not command anything. Only keypress or mouse selection. Tested to be in the right frequency with overlay of SRS to see if was tunned correctly. Also tested without SRS to see any difference (not at all). Also checked that only menus are shown and can be selected (but not commanded with voice as said) if VOIP Control is set to "dynamic switching". "TX Link" the menu don't show once called. no beep heared from vaicom, and even deselecting "disable menus" becasue it shows an ·listening suspended, and "Broadcast Parallel" shows the menus but any voice command to select any option is not allowed because an "listening suspended" problem. 11. F86F - Same problem. Because there is a difference here between me and you, will post the options that I have set in Vaicom: I made a reset of LUA code in reset options to see if there is any difference but nothing. Again, I made a mission with the plane ready for takeoff in kobuleti with channel 1 set to 262mhz, but the takeoff quick mission also will set the right frequency on the radio. in "DxLink" or "Broadcasts Parallel" still the same problem as I have the problem of "listening suspended" with those options. The "disable menus" options will make appear the menus, but in the press of the PTT, but won't be allowed to choose any option by voice as it disappears once PTT is again pressed, or with "dynamic Switching" it just makes also the menus disappear without any option choosen 22. Mi24 - Same problem. Just made a mission with the mi24 on air with the right radios already set, and the menus don't appear. The "disable menus" makes the same behaviour as with the Sabre. It will appear with ptt push, but will disappear once the command is given, so if there are nest commands, there will be a problem as I cannot choose it. At least in can be selected with mouse... but why we should have vaicom on, in this cases? not going to test more modules as it is time consumming and I have seen with those 3 that still I have the same problem as previously. If there is a difference between me and you, then there has to be a configuration option different. for that reason I put my config selections to try to find the culprit of those issues. Thanks!
  12. Hello! Because I am tired of waiting for a fix from @Hollywood_315on the multiple issues that Vaicom has, I have decided to share a list of the aircrafts that works for me Vaicom or not. And that way it can help others to try to find solutions and new people to share if it is working for his module propertly or not. For testing I just call the "show options" and "menu item #" to see if the manus appear or not, because that maybe is the most important command to work in Vaicom (all can be processed through menus with voice at least. For testing I am loading two quick Caucacus missions. One on ground with engines running and other free flight. I have seen that there is a problem on some aircrafts when flying. All are with complex communications, but if one of them doesn't work also will put if it works with simple communications. 1. A10c I&II - No problem 2. A4E-C - Works on Ground but not on Air (menus don't show up). With Simple Comms, no problem. (I just put this one that is a free one and it is known Vaicom don't support mods) 3. AH64 Apache - On Ground (OK - QMission=HotStart) - On Air (sometimes when takeoff from quick mission on ground. On Mission editor airborned start NO WORK (menu don't show up) with Easy Comms = All works ok. 4. AJS37 Viggen - No problem With Menus, but they don't do anything. They have to be selected with mouse to interact. This problem even with Easy Comms on. 5. AV8BNA Harrier - No Problem With Menus 6. BF 109 K4 - No Problem with Menus 7. C101 - No Problem with Menus 8. F14 - No Problem with Menus (have several problems with AIRIO module). Here the list of all the problems with Airio: 9. F16 - No Problem with menus 10. F5-E - No problem with menus 11. F86F - On Ground Don't work (The menu appears but disappears inmediatelly) - On Air, the menu appears, but once selected an option that has other options nested, it disappears as on ground, so no possible selection. Works on ground and air with Simple Coms on. 12. F18 - No problem with menus 13. FC3 planes - No problem with menus 14. Fw190A8 - No Problem with Menus, but they don't do anything. They have to be selected with mouse to interact. This problem even with Easy Comms on. With easy Comms it can accept orders as "anapa, inbound" with realistic comms those type of orders won't be "heared" 15. Fw190D9 - No problem with Menus they appear, but they don't do anything. They have to be selected with mouse to interact. This problem even with Easy Comms on. With easy Comms it can accept orders as "anapa, inbound" with realistic comms those type of orders won't be "heared" 16. i16 - Works on Ground,but on air the menu don't show. With Easy Comms on, the menu appears on air, but after first second selection on nest options it dissapear 17. JF17 - No Problem with Menus 18. K50 - On Ground the menu disappears as soon as it it called - On Air, the menu appears, but after first selection in options, the second selection the menu disappears. With easy coms on it is worst, as in air, the menu just disappears once called. 19. L39 - No problem with menus 20. M2000 - No problem with menus. 21. Mig21 - No problem with menus 22. Mi24 - On ground no problem - On air the menu don't appears when called with Vaicom - With Easy Comms on, no problem. 23. mi8 - On ground the menus disappear just when called - On Air they are ok - With easy Comms on the menus on air also disappears as the ones on ground. 24. Mig15 - On Ground the menus disappears just when called - On air, the menu appears, but after first selection it disappears. Have to be operated with mouse or keys - With Easy Comms on, no problem with menus. 25. Mig19P - No problem with menus 26. Mosquito - No problem with Menus 27. P47D - No problem with menus 28. P51D - On Ground the menu disappear just when called - On air it appears once but if I choose anything it disappears - With Easy Comms no problem 29. SA342 - No problem with menus 30. Spitfire - On Ground the menu disappear just when called - On air it appears once but if I choose anything it disappears - With Easy Comms no problem 31. UH1H - On Ground the menu disappear just when called - On air it appears and I can make the first selection but the second one disappears the menu - With Easy Comms on, it is even worst as the menus just disappears when called on ground and on air. 32. Yak52 - No problem with menus.
  13. Thanks for the assist. In Norm or in Multi don't make any difference. It seems that is ok when I takeoff when engines running, so I can call the menus by voice on land or after takeoff, but if I make in the mission editor a single Apache just flying, then I try to call the menu options with Vaicom and it won't appear. As said, if I start from gound yes... and even after takeoff it appears. There is a quick mission in Marianas called Battle for Saipan: highway, that starts on ship and all menus appear right, Just when airborned we have the problem. Don't know why in one of the missions appears right and others not Here is the track of my built mission to try. ApacheNoRadioAirborned.trk
  14. Don't know what it is mean to set all the radios to 4 way switch. I already had it this way, and never worked. Only with simple communications..... and still no patch.
  15. I have this issue also. Both com knobs are up... but when contact with ATC, there is a reply but not audio. In backup radio the same, and the volume of backup radio is also maximun volume.
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