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  1. Hey MAXsenna, after reading your suggestion I pulled up speech settings and saw that speech recognition wasn't turned on. I started it and followed the prompts to the end, and that resolved the issue. This did indeed occur after a clean reinstall of Windows. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, I need to do keyword training, but pulling up the Editor page in the control panel and clicking on the microphone icon does not start the little MS voice recognition window with the blue microphone button. Instead, it starts this: I've already been here and set up my mic, and I have no idea why starting keyword training pulls up this window again instead of the MS voice recognition window. Windows 10: Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044 VAICOM: Any help would be appreciated, because I absolutely CANNOT make the speech engine recognize "Kutaisi" otherwise. Thank you!
  3. From what I read about TrackIR, there was something about its camera refresh rate being 60 Hz or something along that line, and what I experienced was that it's very laggy/skippy at 120 Hz even with smoothing cranked up. I'll play around with all this stuff some more tomorrow, for now I have to sign off - going on midnight here and I have to go to work tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the help! Hawkeye, I tried VR a while back, granted not before acquiring the 3080 Ti, but I found I still preferred my old Helios glass cockpit and TrackIR - maybe I'm just old:-) I guess it's just a personal preference, but thank you for the suggestion:-)
  4. OK, so I Googled LG C1 motion blur, and arrrrgh, I found a forum discussion where motion blur with LG OLEDs at 60Hz is a problem. Now that I think about it, I was running the LG at 120 Hz for the other games. I had to dumb it down to 60 Hz for DCS because TrackIR gets all wonky at 120 Hz. It was suggested to increase Black Frame Insertion and turn on True Motion, but that results in a dimmer screen. I guess I'll give that a try, but it doesn't sound promising. Yeah, LG OLED is one of the best for gaming, but apparently not at 60 Hz. I'll see if I can gather some additional info on this. Huge SIGH.
  5. I don't think there's a motion blur setting on the LG but I'll check, and other games at 4K are crystal clear. The HDMI is an Audioquest Pearl 48, rated at up to 48 Gb/s with HDR.
  6. That's the crazy thing, I thought Gsync would take care of all that with Vsynch off but it doesn't. Reading about it online, I saw where a number of folks had the same issue with stutters and used a combination of Gsync and Vsynch together, and that seemed to resolve that issue for me as well. I didn't have any heat issues even when running the LG at 120Hz and Vsynch off. Some areas I saw 100+ FPS, but the GPU never got above like 75 C, but there were stutters. The subwoofer brand is "Definitive". I don't remember what the specific model is without dragging it out of the enclosure, but it's big and the jet sounds are quite punchy. I need to redo my specs to reflect the new hardware, have not gotten round to it yet.
  7. Motion blur is off. I do have Vsync turned ON in nVidia settings because without it I get stuttering.
  8. I sure hope someone can help me with this issue. I've finally gotten my hands on all the parts for my dream system, and I pretty much have everything dialed in for relatively smooth performance while flying except for one last annoying problem. When looking out the front of the cockpit, everything looks clear and crisp, however, when I look out to the side while flying at say 1000 ft or so where the terrain is moving by faster, it's blurry like it's out of focus. There's no stuttering or lagging, it's just blurry and causes substantial eye strain because my eyes are trying to focus on a blurry image. My system specs: Asus Maximus X Formula Z370 I9-9900K@5.00 GHz 32 GB 3600 MHz ram EVGA 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra 55 inch LG C1 OLED 3480x2160 27 inch Acer touchscreen for Helios 1920x1080 EVGA 1000W PSU TrackIR 5 It took me quite a while to work through the all bewildering settings required for the PC, DCS, TrackIR and the LG to work properly together, and here is where I've ended up: LG refresh rate is set to 60 Hz Acer refresh rate is to 60 Hz G-sync is set to ON in nVidia settings for the LG for both windowed and full screen mode Frame limit is set to 60 FPS in the nVidia control panel for the DCS program settings V-synch is set to ON in the nVidia control panel for the DCS program settings Prefer maximum performance set in nVidia control panel Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias is set to Clamp LG has Game Optimizer ON and motion processing is turned off, but for some reason Game Optimizer shows "59 FPS" in it's settings and I'm not able to change this. Problem? There are a number of other hard coded settings in Game Optimizer that I'm not able to change but they don't appear to be related. The HDMI input on the LG is set to PC. Both screens are extended and are being rendered for DCS+Helios as 5760x2160. Nothing crazy is set in DCS system settings or maxed out, Visible Range is set to HIGH. That's about all I can think of right now, but if you 4K gurus ask for more I'll be happy to provide anything you ask for. I'm SO close to having all this working, and the blurry terrain is the last darn thing I'm dealing with. I'll be forever in your debt if someone has an idea of where the problem is. Thank you!
  9. Hey guys I just stumbled across this story moments ago and thought I'd share it with the community. Somehow an A-6 bombardier/navigator partially ejected during flight due to a malfunction, exposing the top half of his body to the 230 kt airstream outside the canopy. His pilot managed an emergency landing on the carrier, and the story is told both from the pilot's and BN's perspectives. Pretty darn scary. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did: Irish Luck - Surviving Partial Ejection from A-6 Aircraft (gallagherstory.com)
  10. Hey Snacko, was asking some questions of my own in this topic and saw your post. To the right of the brake handle you'll see the text "PARK BRK TURN PULL" and just to the lower right of that there is a button. Press it, and the brake handle should pull out:-)
  11. One more question, and someone asked this before and Capt Zeen said he was going to look into it, but I couldn't find where he replied about this later. The Pitot Heat switch will not stay in the ON position. It seems to be set as a momentary switch such as the one used for the warning lights test, i.e. I can move it to ON and as soon as I release it the switch flips right back to AUTO. Has anyone else experienced this issue and fixed it somehow? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, looking for a little help. Somewhere in the forums someone once asked how to remove the reflections from the bottom right gauge cluster on the center console. Capt Zeen said to delete any images in the profile that start with "Crystal". I did that, but now I get a red background with what looks like a black X where the gauges are supposed to be (see attached image). Does anyone know how to successfully remove the reflection overlays and still have the gauges appear as they should? Thank you!
  13. Thanks hornblower - something else I forgot to mention is that the Cloud II headset does not require any bloated driver software like Logitech or Razer for instance and is plug and play via USB. The USB option utilizes a mini inline sound card so that the headset registers as a separate device from any additional sound devices you might have in your system. That was important to me for VAICOM, because I use my main 7.1 sound card for the main audio in DCS and for general gaming, Realtek onboard sound is used for SimShaker output, and the headset is used for VAICOM radio communications and anything else that should go to the headset in DCS. The inline sound card can be bypassed by unplugging it from the headset and then inserting the 3.5mm headset plug directly into a jack on a sound card or receiver. The Cloud II has virtual 7.1 speaker capability, but only through the inline sound card while using the USB connection. I haven't tested the virtual 7.1 quality or bypassing the inline sound card because I only use the headset for VAICOM (thus far), but the options are supposedly there if you need them.
  14. When I fly the FA-18C I like to make things as realistic as possible, including having the cockpit sound level similar to the actual aircraft, like 80-90 db during flight. I know there's a "Hear like in helmet" option, but I like to actually "feel" the cockpit sound around me via my 7.1 surround receiver while wearing my headset to better simulate what it's like to wear a helmet in the cockpit. Now, if any of you are as crazy as I am in this regard, then you might have noticed that the external noise interferes with speech engine's ability to understand you. That's the issue I had with my old Logitech G35 headset - if I turned up the cockpit sound, the speech engine couldn't recognize a word I said. I recorded the G35 headset mic with Audacity while flying, and I could clearly hear a great deal of background noise even after turning on passive mic noise cancellation. I read some reviews of the HyperX Cloud II headset, and the consensus was that the mic noise cancellation with that model was very good so I gave them a shot. What a difference! Even with the cockpit sound running at 80-90 db as measured on my cell phone app and recording the Cloud II mic while flying, I could barely hear just a hint of a background noise under those conditions during playback and my voice was crystal clear. The speech engine had no difficulty recognizing voice commands in a normal speaking voice. Maybe there are other headsets available with even better mic noise cancellation, but for what I paid for these, they were excellent. I thought I'd pass along my experience in case any of you guys are as silly as I am...
  15. Found disassembly pics here: TM F/A-18C Hornet grip disassembly and OTTO upgrade - Page 3 - Thrustmaster - ED Forums (eagle.ru) I feel a little better about it now
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