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  1. Except it shoots down mavericks Yeah I mention that in the video but it’s boring so I don’t record that lol
  2. I made a video on how to handle the SA-15 in the A-10. You may remember me from my 2019 smash hit "Not Another CDU Tutorial" give it a watch, if you would. or don't. Thanks.
  3. Did my own test, where I saw the worst FLIR performance with A-10 and had the Apache to compare NineLine, new flir may be there, appreciate the test but I'm not sure why the A-10 and other modules seem to be so "sensitive" to the ground when the Apache is so easily able to distinguish whats the ground and whats a vehicle... (Apache on left, hawg on the right)
  4. What map is this on? The issue is less with the vehicles and more with the terrain itself; if I could trouble you to run this test in Georgia you’ll see what I mean. I’m about to run it myself in an hour or so; I’ll post what I find.
  5. I get that new FLIR is WIP, but there needs to be a workaround in the interim. Right now, it appears that whats "hot" and "cold" is tied to color of whats being looked at; ever since caucauses got the new textures, everything is camouflaged in FLIR in the A-10. I have a test mission with some T-72's in a cornfield, and they're practically invisible, old or new FLIR system. I'm super happy ED wants to make new meshes for all vehicles, but in the mean time we need something that makes hot vehicles stand out so the FLIR is at least playable in the mean time.
  6. I'm guessing (hoping) it was a simple mistake, forgot to check the box for new API for hog, viper, and hornet and a soon to be released hotfix will actually deploy new FLIR API to these modules!
  7. Appears to be old FLIR model for me as well; at least insofar as the A-10 is. I compared to apache FLIR and the texture of the terrain still camouflages vehicles.
  8. What are some of the best things you've learned, seen, been told, read, or figured out about flying the hog? Everyone knows what a mark point is and how to auto lase, I'm talking things not in the flight manual. Tips. Techniques. Tricks. Share it here!
  9. well of course I dont because they didn't work, so I switched them to less than 64. When bound higher, like that but just shifted down, DCS will not see them
  10. well, that concerns me even more that my DCS can't see buttons greater than 64
  11. I appreciate the updated tutorial, I'm still using 61 through 64, because my DCS doesn't seem to want to see buttons higher than that for whatever reason.
  12. Figured it out. Must "create new profile" with proper model selected.
  13. Title says it all. My 20210102 Virpil software sees my CM3 throttle as a CM2. At first, I didn't see this as such a bad thing considering the throttles are near identical but others have reported their CM3's being seen correctly. Anyone else have this problem? I've tried everything to get the software to see my throttle as a CM3... it just keeps coming up CM2 no matter what I do
  14. Crap. So I might have flashed CM2 stuff to my CM3. Great... thanks for the replies, all! Will report back. EDIT: Figured it out. Need to "create new profile" with the correct model selected... that will fix it. THEN update firmware EDIT: AND NOW my finger slider and slew no longer work. Can't calibrate them. Wonderful! EDIT: Turns out you can't have the "5 way modifier" selected when creating a new profile. So that's fixed. But now still following your screenshots to the letter, I cannot for the life of me get DCS to recognize those buttons for the throttle cut off. I'm at my wit's end with this sucker. EDIT: Figured it out. DCS won't see buttons higher than button 64. When I used button 61 and 62 to be button 125 and 127 it worked... so that begs the question, how did you get buttons higher than 64 to work?
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