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  1. The config folder in your saved games folder. It includes Input, View, OptionsPresets and DynamicRadios. Good Luck!
  2. That patch is for the Open Beta version, my guess is that a stable patch should be out soon. When they get the OB version stable, then they will post a stable patch. No need to stress, gives more time to learn what you have before learning something new.
  3. Are you using the open beta version of the sim or the stable version?
  4. I believe it's labeled "inten" .
  5. Look in single missions for F-18 and Super Carrier will be tagged. example PG-SUPERCARRIER-HORNET-CASE I RECOVERY.miz
  6. https://github.com/spencershepard/RotorOps/releases/tag/1.2
  7. Try using 7-zip, I had no problem. If that won't work, down load it again.
  8. Switch mod will cause this. I use JSGME to use the F-16 mod and remove it when I want F-16C.
  9. C:\users\your name\saved games\DCS or DCS.openbeta
  10. I can't help with log in issue, wish I could. Good Luck! The AH-64 has not been released yet but will be soon.
  11. Have you sorted this out? I have the same problem when I select the helmet sight! Looks the same.
  12. My wish is for the 432 out of Udorn AFB.
  13. Google link is up again!
  14. It goes in your save games, not the main game folder!
  15. Make sure nothing has changed and it is still allowed with your anti virus!
  16. https://www.military.com/air-force/f-16xl-why-america-didnt-get-best-f-16.html?ESRC=eb_211228.nl
  17. Check ASUS site! I found a bios update for my board, that I didn't expect, and it was to make it compatible with Win 11. I updated the bios and know it works because on reboot, OS wanted to update to Win 11. The Asus tools don't always find bios updates, that's why I go to support at the ASUS site. My last two bios updates were found by going to the site. Good Luck!
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