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  1. Is the Hornet NATOPS really applicable to the DCS Hornet?
  2. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311708/
  3. Im getting "break away..." when I get near the basket, and Im flying slow and easing it in...is this a bug?
  4. Anyone got some good ones to share please? Preferably with target ranges and maybe AAR. Or, anything carrier based good too. Cheers.
  5. VR works quite well for me, took some tweaking and patience but the resolution and FPS is actually very good.
  6. I can post it all if you wish
  7. Any idea what that threshold number is?
  8. Absolutely worth it...just smoked a couple in my Hornet...
  9. Ah yes, self-loading baggage in your trunk.
  10. Oh excellent, I will do that, cheers brother.
  11. Oh that is HIDEOUS if so. The Viper slap switch fires program five which can be programmed. I usually set it to 1 flare and 1 chaff non repeated, so I can control their dispensing.
  12. AKA the "Dispense" red button on the left side panel? Cheers.
  13. "Runtime Error: Index out of bounds for: joy2 in MapKeyIOUMD ( line 362 in target.tmh )" In the target.tmh file this is what that line says: int MapKeyIOUMD(alias dev, int btnidx, int keyIU=0, int keyOU=0, int keyIM=0, int keyOM=0, int keyID=0, int keyOD=0) Can anyone tell me what the issue is please? I tried reinstalling the Script Editor and rebooting, no effect.
  14. I do not be cause my Warthog HOTAS is on my desk and the Hornet stick ergonomics would make it very awkward...it would need to be lower and between my legs to work well.
  15. Big deal: (a) still cant afford their stuff and (b) not going to improve their forever "out of stock" issues.
  16. Surely there’s a solution for oculus 2?
  17. Pinky button not relaying these commands... //Pinkie MapKey(&Throttle,PSB,0,PULSE+L_SHIFT+L_CTL+L_ALT+'s'); //SMOKE MapKey(&Throttle,PSM,CHAIN(PULSE+L_SHIFT+USB[0x17],D(),LED(&Throttle,LED_ONOFF,LED_CURRENT-LED5))); //EXT LIGHTS OFF usb code 't' LED5 OFF MapKey(&Throttle,PSF,CHAIN(PULSE+L_CTL+USB[0x17],D(),LED(&Throttle,LED_ONOFF,LED_CURRENT+LED5))); //EXT LIGHTS ON usb code 't' LED5 ON
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