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  1. Anyone got any Hornet AAR missions to share please>? I have made my own but I bore of them.
  2. Only trouble is, I get about 60-90 minutes before it becomes uncomfortable and I have to take it off and have a break. Currently using the OC2 and Elite strap with custom padding on the back head strap. Mainly starts to hurt my forehead.
  3. "Changed the Electronic Countermeasures, ECM, such that when in XMIT it will use radar in priority rather than jammer in priority. This will allow the radar to operate with ECM transmitting, but at a lower radar detection capability. " Oh, excellent. The jammer will actually be useful now.
  4. On that I would disagree: other than formation flying and sstation keeping with the tanker, no other skills translate: in the Viper the probe flies to you.
  5. I am willing to bet the DCS dev team is actually quite small and, further, that noone is really assigned full time or as a priority for the Hornet. It has been 4 YEARS of EA now. The simple fact is the Hornet no longer generates much if any revenue andso is most likely on the back burner as somthing to finish "some day", much akin to me reflooring my bathroom.
  6. So now I have it, been using it for a week, its a GAME CHANGER for VR, a must-have for immersion.
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