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  1. And check in Mission Editor each ship unit has "Late Activation" un-ticked for the mission. Cheers! Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks @Miguel21, working properly now. Cheers! Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  3. Hey guys, I installed the "Falcon over PG" campaign then made sure Scripts MOD NG was updated to the latest release (20.60.232) through DCE manager. The following errors show during creation of the first mission. So, should I re-install the Campaign with "Overwrite the NG folder (if present)" checked? To me that sounds like it will copy the old NG files back in rather than use the latest release. Many thanks. Scotch null
  4. Yes, I experienced this today also on SP in a BVR mission with an AWACS. This unfortunately resulted in me eating SD-10s that were launched well before I could lock a target (JF-17) and launch to get them on the defensive. No BVR for the F-16 unfortunately. Cheers! [emoji1634] Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  5. Looks pretty good from the previews. I'm glad the production has focused on real filming more so than CGI. The nice thing is, my brother took me to see the original when I was 11, and I get to take my 11 year old daughter to see the new film (pending classification of course [emoji1787]). Cheers! [emoji1634] Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  6. Hey folks, I did a search and couldn't find anything specific. I noticed the Sidewinder tone in the F-5 plays through my speakers with the general sim sounds. Is there a way to make the tone play through my headset? This works on the newer modules like Hornet and Falcon, so is this something that maybe added with a simple change? Cheers! [emoji1634] Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  7. Ok many thanks. Just wanted to provide you with some info if needed. Cheers! Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  8. G'day Surrexen, I've noticed in the latest Snowfox Escalation mission, that there seems to be no persistence for units destroyed which are recorded to the "staticunit...." list. eg, I have destroyed the Jask SA-15 several times, but on restart, the SA-15 is not taken out. Units recorded to the usual destroyed list seem to work ok. I have done the required modification to the mission scripting. Please see the attached screenshot. Cheers!
  9. Congratulations team for the release. I downloaded and tried the first mission: Wow that is difficult. The Greek Mirages just rip through the package with their radar AAMs. Anyway, I'll keep trying. Cheers! Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  10. I always get this (fps drop, which shows as stutters) on heavily scripted missions and missions with many units (including statics). I have also suspected that network/netcode transfer adds to this. When joining the server, check the network activity on Task Manager to see if it is spiking. Cheers! [emoji1634] Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  11. You will have to use the Windows "CTRL V" key command to paste into the Mission Editor. Cheers! [emoji1634] Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  12. Wow! These skins look beautiful @roughmaster. I wanted to ask though, can these be installed under the Saved Games directory, as I would rather not add skins to the Eagle Dynamics game directory? Many thanks [emoji1634] Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  13. Lol, on an MP server flying the A-4E, loaded up with bombs and pods, I was attacking a SAM site, and the friendly AI CAP flew straight over 2 enemy AI MiG-15s who shot me down. Sigh..... Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  14. Hopefully, someone could do these two Royal Australian Air Force skins for the F -4E when the new model releases. The Phantom was provided as a capability gap while waiting for the F-111 to be delivered. There is one at the museum at RAAF Point Cook. While I was doing Officer training, I sometimes helped at the museum, and wow, I didn't realise how big this aircraft was until standing next to it. Cheers! [emoji1634] Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
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