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  1. They might rock when pressure is applied
  2. Is there a training mission to download?
  3. Thanks, do I have to have steam running to play, or will steam VR recognise DCS when I run steam VR?
  4. When I go to the per application tab, all I get are the various steam apps. I dont have DCS or the other combat flight sim run from steam. In fact the only program I had was Cliffs of Dover and I dont do that any more. Do I have to add DCS to my steam library and run steam as well to get them to show? Thanks in advance Reverb G2 8086K@ 5GHz 3090 32 Gig fast ram
  5. Try pressing Windows key + Y to use the mouse.
  6. I just need the box as I have been using PointCTRL for some time I will try on the website.
  7. Hello Miles. I now have a reverb G2, do you make the HMS body for it? Thanks
  8. Yes, trim seems to move slowly.
  9. Is the radio and trim rates being worked on? I would like to use Viacom, and I am struggling to trim on speed.
  10. Any tips for trimming when on approach? I get set up dirty config but have a very hard time trying to trim on speed.
  11. I love VR but it needs a top of the range graphics card to get the best performance. It might be worthwhile setting up your TrackIR as in this video or others on youtube.
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