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  1. Text-to-Speech is sorely needed. Currently mission designers use pre-recorded sound files. That works only for missions that follow a rigid script. It doesn't work in dynamic missions. How for example would a mission call out the coordinates of a dynamically generated unit, whose spawning location is determined by live lua script and depends on the exact mission state. What is needed is a trigger.action.outTextToSpeech() in analogy to trigger.action.outText().
  2. Is there any relationship between this avia simulator and DCS? Does it use the DCS core to produce the landscape and the flight dynamics of the aircraft?
  3. Give us a German level bomber, AI at least. As a counterpart to the B-17. Simplest way of doing that would be to enable the j u-88 to be able to drop bombs rather than only torpedoes.
  4. Good to see that the Anton can dog fight. I always thought it is almost useless in dog fights, because it is slow and it can't turn well. What's the secret to your success, Phil?
  5. I just don't get it why the current AI ju - 88 cannot be loaded with bombs.
  6. Awesome looking map. As far as I remember they'll add Cyprus later if the sales are strong. So, go out and buy it! That's actually a really good sales strategy, lol.
  7. Hi Bignewy, Thanks for your response. As I explained in my previous posts, it CANNOT be reproduced on a single machine, server and client must be two separate computers. Thanks!
  8. Since I couldn't elicit a response on the forums, yet, I twisted the arm of a friend of mine. He confirmed the bug, with server/client computers a 1000 miles from mine and therefore completely independent of my installs. Nevertheless, I still hope that others will test it too, because this is an important bug that currently makes MP WWII bombing missions involving wingmen an impossibility. Let's help ED in their stated goal of squashing MP bugs. Speaking of ED, is any of the moderators home, a quick acknowledgement of my bug report would certainly warm my heart... (since I spent many hours on isolating this bug)
  9. I now attach an even simpler mission to verify the bug. You don't need to own the Channel map or the WWII asset pack, only the P-51D module. How to reproduce bug: 1) Run the mission on a server. 2) Join the mission on a separate (important, same computer as server and client will not crash) computer as a client. 3) Fly around the target (at X-abandoned airfield) until the wingmen report tally of the armored vehicle. 4) Then use radio menu F2,F2,F1 (flight, engage, ground targets) to have them engage the armor. After a second or so the client will freeze/crash, the server doesn't crash. To avoid misunderstandings: This mission does not crash if played in single player, or in MP with server and client on the same computer. It does not crash if the wingmen are loaded with guns only, but no bombs. I also attached the latest crash dump. Any feedback will be appreciated, whether you could reproduce the bug or not, both types of info will be very helpful. Or even if there is any other info I could provide. Helping out will take only 5 mins.:helpsmilie: Muchas gracias, vielen Dank, merci beaucoup, spasibo.. simplfied Wingmen attack ground target test.miz dcs.log-20200702-204328.zip
  10. This time the client didn't freeze, but crashed. This has the advantage that a crash log was generated (to emphasize it again, this happens on in MP) Please help:helpsmilie: P.S. Of course I have already tried repairing both the server and client installs. dcs.log-20200702-180403.zip
  11. Thanks, that's what I suspected. Yes, indeed wishlist would be the right place for it (now that we know that it can only be achieved by a cumbersome work around)!
  12. P.S.: why was this moved to bugs and problems, I wonder, lol.
  13. Hi Marc, thanks for your reply, but I'm not sure if this is what I meant. Yes, I know sound files can be triggered in various ways. But if I trigger a sound file by a unit entering a certain location, every one will hear the sound file with the same loudness no matter where they are on the map, no? An air raid siren from airfield x should be very loud if a unit s on that airfield, less loud for a unit in the next village, and be completely silent from someone 100 miles away. Or did I misunderstand you?
  14. An important application would be an air raid siren. An airfield is attacked, then the siren will be played at the airfield. Units closeby will hear it loud, units further away will hardly hear it. Is this possible now, and if yes, how? If not, I think that would make WWII missions much more lively..
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