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  1. You are welcome to use any and all assets for this, I like the campaign idea to the training too
  2. The keyboard diff was for the Gazelle only way back when I made the profiles back just after it was released. I have no real idea if it’s needed any longer. The zeros not iterating properly is something to do with the code of VA scripting. It’s something that plagued me for years with a zero value not working on and off in the back end of VA, and I grew tired of constantly coming up with new ways to fix it. This is the primary reason I’ve given them away for free now as I simply don’t have the patience to troubleshoot anymore. Sorry I can’t give you an answer with how to fix it, but it’s to do with the scripting that tracks the radio frequencies. I hope that leads you to the right location.
  3. Great script, really like how portable you’ve made is and it was easy to add the elements into our existing missions.
  4. Yahooo! I'm the sheet hotest fighter pilot baby
  5. ^^^ This ^^^ For some, Voice attack struggles to hear the word 'tune', it did for me, so I made another set of commands that is identical, just saying 'set' instead. I know I could have created an 'or' within the Voice recognition to recognize this, and I did try it initially, but it lagged quite badly. The Lua was for the Gazelle to change a couple of the default key mappings that caused issues for the profile, and at the time of creating them, some keyboinds were not mapped, which may have changed by now. See the last item in the list below. Please find the "read me" as such that I sent to everyone that paid for them; 1. You currently need to be Voice Attack Preview build or higher to use these profiles 2. The default mapping in the Huey for the UHF 1MHz Decrease (LCtrl + LShift + R) doesn't work in game for some reason. Please add a binding of LCtrl + LShift + N for this commands as that is what I setup in the VA Profile. 3. This profile is large and complicated. As such VoiceAttack will lag when it starts up with this profile, up to 15 seconds to load it. 4. Due to point 3, please ensure that you backup (Export) any existing profiles that you use before importing these commands to them 5. The first key command that VoiceAttack issues, if DCS is not your focused window, will be missed, if this happens, manually tune the radio to the correct frequency. 6. Please ensure that the default frequencies for the aircraft are set at mission start, as the scripts in the profiles rely on this. These are as follows; UH-1H - FM 30.00 - NAV 107.00 - UHF 251.00 - VHF 116.00 Mi-8 - ARC 1.50 - ARC UD Channel 1 - Jadro 02.0000 - R-828 Channel 1 - R863 127.500 Gazelle - ADF 430.0 & 214.0 - FM (doesn't matter) - VHF 124.000 - UHF (doesn't matter) 7. I have also posted up my keyboard mapping for the Gazelle, these add all of the necessary commands for the radios, but also change the default view center key to RCtrl + F12 as Numpad 5 is used for the radios
  6. Hey Guys and Gals, I’ve decided to open these up for everybody to have at them. I used to sell them for a few US$ each, and they’ve paid for a pack of beer so far, so I’m happy! That said, I don’t maintain them any longer as I haven’t flown the Huey, Gazelle or Mi-8 in quite a while, and some changes to VA have made some cases of recognising a Zero integer tricky, and to be honest, I can’t be bothered to troubleshoot them any more. So, without further ado, please find the link to all the profiles that I made for the DCS helicopters here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjB8XCqYiep2gaYA0JI2uLmF_rmeCg
  7. This stuff, is golden with helping to build a living world
  8. You sir, may like this mission I posted a few days ago Highway's Mach Loop - C-130 Edition (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  9. LOL, I'm actually the same way, but I've found that most people struggle (present company excepted) to find the options in the mission editor
  10. You must have easy comms on for the radio to work when Airborne. If you do, check that the mission you're flying doesn't have it forced off in the mission options. Option on the right is to allow (ticked), the option on the left is to enforce the option on the right (ticked)
  11. Are you using Easy Comms? That's the only thing I can think of if the missions prohibit it, but I don't think they do. From the way you've described the PTT tab, I don't think you are...
  12. I used VAICOM during all of the beta testing and never saw this issue presented and was able to use all Voice commands needed as required, primarily a command to press space rather than fumble for my keyboard in VR! I do not, and have not used SRS with it, or tried to integrate ED's own Voice Comms with it.
  13. Same here, it's been like that for quite a while now.
  14. Pretty sure there is one for the 737 in the base installation.
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