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  1. just install DCS and see what happens, the benefit of a free2play core version ;)
  2. Skyraider. Not realy a fighter, but: - almost made it into WW2 - served in the Korean war - served in Vietnam - only aircraft that is said to have dropped a toilet in anger* - carrier capable - much more reasons happy flying, RR *source
  3. kann sein, dass ich es überlese, aber folgendes wäre wissenswert: - VR oder bildschirm - falls nur bildschirm, welche auflösung ist das ziel? ich selbst fahre 1080er auflösung, und habe 45+ FPS mit almost max settings mit 16GB DDR4 3200er, GTX1060 6GB und einem Ryzen 5 3600, DCS auf M2 SSD. mehr power ist sicherlich immer besser :D würde ich eine höhere auflösung nutzen, würde es eng werden, aber genau deswegen auch die fragen oben.
  4. the only way i made it work was opening up the Saitek X52 Flight Controll Properties in windows, while this window is open, you can asign anything as you like. however, you need to have that window open every time you fly DCS. dont know, if there is another way to do it. regards, RR
  5. the hornet will get another campaign, and i think there will be more in the future. teaser:
  6. totaly forgot this, that indeed would be realy great stuff. +1 request
  7. 1: Place AC anywhere, like Helos and Harrier, maybe only for client/player AC, as the AI cannot handle this atm. 2: FARP zone instead of FARP object 3: visible client AC before anyone joins a slot, if player leaves spawn AC back on startposition if not occupied by another player who parked there. makes airfields more believeable 4: a set of static objects without collision model, namely taxiway lines of different shape and size, so we can place them on airfields when placing ACs like in my point 1 above. 5: signs where you can enter numbers / letters, ie "F103" to mark parking positions.
  8. F-16 crash in Germany, pilot ejected. https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2019/10/08/world/europe/08reuters-germany-crash.html
  9. Has been mentioned in another topic somewhere, but for me, the E-2D would be a great addition for MP (SP functionalities would be a different beast there if you cant talk to folks). I would love to take off from the carrier ahead of most others, get to altitude, set my autopilot and then jump into the back to do AWACS coms, maybe mission commander role or whatever, and after the other players are home get back to the boat. Maybe some day, but sadly i guess it would be a toooo specialised airframe to generate much income. RR
  10. Funny, for all who missed those 5 minutes of TM fame :D
  11. https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/229297 Apache vs powerline, noone hurt.
  12. aye, dont know if someone posted it before
  13. Dont know if it was asked / answerd somewhere, but did ED think about asking the pilots from the Messerschmitt Foundation for FM tests, when the development is far enough? I know its different engines on that one, but the general characteristics of the flightmodel might be good enough for comparison?
  14. In the last 7 minutes of the podcast is a comment from Wags on the P-47 ;) https://www.fighterpilotpodcast.com/episodes/055-forward-air-controllers/
  15. 1) if you want to choose there, the x56 would be better with 2 throttles. for all hotas systems, you should read reviews, as especialy with the saiteks there has been some quality problems (madcatz). 2) take the hornet, its easy to fly and learn as long as you dont touch the weapons and other more complex systems, just learn rampstart, takeoff, airfield pattern, landing, some navigation first ;) just a personal opinion though, have fun ;)
  16. would it be "Push sensor select switch LEFT" if the FLIR page is on the LEFT DDI? cant test atm...
  17. @ED, do you plan to create a new SH-60 / S-3 model? The old ones do look a bit out of place on the new carrier pictures :D
  18. na auch staub muss man zurückhalten, nicht jeder hat nen leistungsfähigen staubsauge
  19. open beta? stable? zumindest in der openbeta sehe ich die nicht.
  20. Servus, hab mich mal gefragt, ob es hier auch Leute aus dem Südosten des Landes gibt, so Richtung Berchtesgadener Land, Traunstein, oder auch Rosenheim und über die Grenze Salzburg. Oder bin ich hier unten alleine? :D Grüße, RR
  21. Ja, wäre schön, meine erste "Berührung" mit nem Heli war Christoph 3 (Bo-105) quasi bei uns daheim im Garten....
  22. https://www.helisimmer.com/news/miltech-5-suspends-development-bo-105-dcs-indefinitely In den Kommentaren steht ein Funke Hoffnung, mal schaun...
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