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  1. Same here. I removed all mods with OVGME and did a full repare and nothing works. I don't think that MODS are the issue...but the game itself (update)
  2. Hello. i installed latest version and DCS jamms as soon as SRS starts. It's the first time it happens. To run DCS correctly i must reinstall version to be ok. I ran autoupdater.exe........
  3. Why everytime i try to lock an ennemy my radar lock an aircraft farther than the closer ? I'm setted at right altitude and it always do the same everytime.... Help me guys i'm really bored of that...
  4. I have some functions that not working since this update….airbrake do Nothing on my thrustmaster and did worked very well before updating… What's going on ?? I cannot longer play now...sad situation, my joysticks are inoperable for some reasons...'marked in red' in game options and i can't re bind them they do Nothing now….
  5. Sorry guys ! It worked first time a started the game and went uncklickable after. Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. You're the coolest guy in the world !!! My screen is 55 inches in 4K and now works great with your .4k file!! Thanks so much !!! Simply put the file in user saved game config monitor and talaaaam !
  7. Same for me !!!! I tryed to repair the game but i still have the issue. Is there keyboard shortcut to go in options to remove scale for now ??? Thanks !
  8. Hello. I'm not very good in English and i'd like you just to write below the path where i can install it exactly. (helipads,hospital... is an executable...) Thanks !! Steff
  9. Open Conflict - Server Information Encore plus cool alors !! Donc tu comprends trois langues, c’est super! Tu fais de l’excellent travail et pour les hélicos et bien tu m’as fait ressortir ma Gazelle moi qui s’en servait plus ! Cette mise à jour est très bien fait et bien adaptée pour les hélicos. La météo puis la noirceur qui vient assez vite nous rend plus vigilants. J’adore ce que tu fais et ne lâche pas !!! Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. This is the best upgrade for helicopters too ! Greatly apreciated ! Ground objectives are fun to do. Mirknir you’re the best !!! Sorry if my english is not so good. Steff.
  11. Perfect ! Is that possible for me to try that mod ?? Seems very cool. I saw your videos on youtube..... ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL sir !!!! I'm your best fan ! Steff
  12. Perfect ! Is that possible for me to try that mod ?? Seems very cool.
  13. Hello. It could be interresting to know when we will be able to buy the F18. We see lot of videos and still not availlable to everyone. Is the a date planned for us to buy it ? Thanks. Steff. Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
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