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  1. I managed to (mostly) fix my fps issues with the latest patches (this applies mainly to VR). Here's what I did: Someone in my squadron suggested I rename my DCS saved games folder and let DCS create a new one. This helped immediately, I was almost back at pre-patch performance albeit at lower graphics settings (more on that later). I then started copying back folders from my previous saved games folder and when I copied the scripts folder my performance tanked. I managed to single out SRS as the culprit - a reinstall helped to regain performance. Now the biggest thing for VR performance was that I forgot about holger's openvr FSR mod that I used. Obviously the game overwrites the custom openvr_api.dll when you run an update. I completely forgot about that and reapplying the mod brought my performance back to (almost) pre-patch levels. There is still an issue with performance when looking at smoke that I had not experienced pre patch in this way but it is not unplayable anymore.
  2. Here's my log file and a track from SoW earlier today. Before the update I used to fly at +60fps in VR, now, at the same settings it's down to sometimes under 45fps, which is a massive drop. Track: https://we.tl/t-NfKnR2v7gM dcs.log
  3. Noticed this as well. Went from pretty much 60+ FPS in VR (Reverb G2) to something like 45-50fps. I will attach DCS.log etc in the morning
  4. Multiplayer tracks are automatically saved to your DCS World folder under saved games. \user\*yourusername*\saved games\DCS.openbeta\Tracks\Multiplayer
  5. Check this out regarding trim: As to your other points I don't agree. From what I have read the Mossie is actually quite tail havy, whether it is correct or overdone in DCS is not something I am qualified to judge. I have flown the Mossie quite a lot since release and I have to say she is a joy to fly in formation and also in combat. I would say it is actually an excellent gun platform. Very stable and precise, plus the 20mm cannons are absolutely wrecking everything that comes in front of your nose.
  6. While I have not done proper speed tests in the Mossie the numbers for the lower altitudes do seem quite close to what I see in-game. It might need some tweaking but it seems to be quite good already, you'd have to run some proper tests. Make sure you mod your trim sensitivity when you do this because the current sensitivity doesn't allow for fine enough adjustments to trim the aircraft properly.
  7. Returning from intercepting bombers Luftwaffe fighters find themselves a lonely Spitfire
  8. Remembered I hadn't done any autorotations in the past years so I've been practising for the last week: I arrested my sink rate a little too soon in the end but I still made it in one piece.
  9. +1 As this seems such a simple fix with good documentation and write-up I hope this can be fixed sooner than later.
  10. I would love to get a more detailed update on this as well.
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