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  1. Ah its ok, I redownloaded it and it works now, thanks.
  2. I have downloaded both and im going to try download data1 again.
  3. Hi, Im getting his dam message over and over. I have read the support before making this post bu theyre not helping. Could you people help me? This is what im getting, Jonny
  4. Its not the only movie he's made,
  5. Lomac works for me fine with vista ultimate 32bit.
  6. It was me! I hacked it! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SUCKERS!!!......................only joking lol! ;)
  7. I have vista ultimate and i dont like it due to the fact that its slower than XP:( Looks nice but performance lets it down.
  8. Have you turned of the User Account Controls in the security settings? If you havent, do so.
  9. Whats that black half ball thing on the front left of your desk Crazy Eyes?
  10. I have Vista and you need to turn off the 'User Account Control'. Once you have done this FC should be able to install sucessfully. But that is with Vista X32.
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