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  1. My grandest dream of DCS, has me hunting SAMs in a F-105G...
  2. We will see, Katdog. We will see.
  3. My thoughts exactly! Mind if I join you? I'm sure we will be able to find a fight somewhere, as well. Cheers
  4. Been using CH for a long time. They're great.
  5. Awesome! Going to sign up, for sure. Thanks for putting this together, guys!
  6. Already thinking about which squadron preference to use when flying your Alpha or Bravo??? I know, me too... For Alpha perhaps... VF-114 VF-33 For the Bravo (or A+)... VF-103 (1991) VF-11 VF-32 VF-142 I really dig the low-vis stuff. Perhaps you all have other preferences? Lets see them.
  7. X1000! Always stay positive. This has been a fun ride in supporting and watching DCS grow with development. E.L.E - Jackie Moon
  8. Any info on the HUD repeater Mod? Sounds interesting.
  9. Hi, check your camera views in controls options for A-10C. There may be conflicts there, I've seen this behavior before. Best
  10. If DCS: F/A-18C and the new map are related to a military contract, as some have suggested. I'd be willing to bet that NAS Lemoore or NAS Oceana and their surrounding fields would be in contention, being that both areas are very Hornet relevant to the USN. Just a thought :)
  11. Comprehension of why ED is taking longer to produce than you want them to is important. Pay attention to things that have recently been developed, like F-15 AFM (WIP). It was said a while back that AFM for fast jets, once finalized, will open up avenues for creation of more aircraft by ED and 3rd parties. Pay attention to 2.0.0, it is the next generation for DCS World. That being said, with "next generation" comes new capability and it's very important to most if not all of this. To me (my opinion), things are kept fairly simple at present because past tools are only provided and will allow only so much. It makes perfect sense why they aren't churning things out on a demand basis. It's not that ED only wants to build what they want because they don't care about you, they are building to what they are capable of doing at the present time. Let them get current with coding, engine, etc. then ask your questions. OT: Man, I feel for you Moderators within this forum. You are doing a great communtiy service with having to explain these development topics multiple times over. This thread like many...many others is quite tiresome to read. This thread doesn't have any meaning other than bitching about not getting what someone selfishly wants.
  12. "More modern aircraft PLEASE!" Quit your bitching, good things take time. Let them start simple and build on complexity.
  13. Remember to try and model your stick and throttle buttons to what plane you are setting up for. A HOTAS setup, button-wise, will simplify your workload throughout you flights. I model my CH controls according to the setup in the manual for both A-10C and F-15C. I'm typing this from my phone and would send you the manuals if I could. Hoping somebody will give a link before I can get back to the thread. Remember, no question is a dumb question;)
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